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Episode 130: Clash in the Coliseum, Part 2 (Three Knights to Call a God)

Yugi thanks Kaiba for helping him bring his God card, Slifer the Sky Dragon, into his hand. Kaiba thinks that eventually, all three God cards will belong to him. His own Obelisk, currently sealed out of play by Yugi's Lightforce Sword, will be returning to his hand in two more turns. Meanwhile, he'll use the XY-Dragon Cannon to destroy all of Yugi's monsters to make sure he doesn't have the sacrifices he needs to summon Slifer. (This close-up of a self-satisfied Kaiba is cut from the US version.)

Then he'll be ready to summon Obelisk to the field to finish Yugi off.

Yugi's thinking that he's in a tough spot. The good news is that he's got Slifer in his hand. The bad news is that he had to use his Exchange magic card to do it, which also helped Kaiba. Kaiba was able to take any card he chose from Yugi's hand, and the card he took was the trap card, LIfe Shaver. Depending on how many turns it's on the field before it's activated, it could force Yugi to discard most of his hand. Slifer's attack points depend on the number of cards Yugi has in his hand, so if Kaiba wipes out Yugi's hand, Slifer will be worthless. (Slifer was added over the close-up of Yugi in the US version.)

Kaiba asks Yugi if he's going to stand around all day. He's getting bored. Yugi draws, and summons Big Shield Gardna (2600 DEF) in defense, then sets one card face down, ending his turn. Kaiba taunts him that the move seemed pretty desperate—all the defense monsters in the world can't save him now. (Japanese Kaiba says if Yugi can't do anything but defend, he's going to lose the advantage his Lightforce Sword gave him.) Marik, watching through the holographic wall, thinks the duel seems hopeless for the Pharaoh. Soon Kaiba will be free to summon Obelisk, and unless the Pharaoh can bring out Slifer, he'll be crushed by Obelisk. And even if the Pharaoh manages to beat Kaiba, he'll then have to face Marik, who'll have the pleasure of feeding his soul to the Shadows. (Japanese Malik wants Yugi not to disappoint him. He thinks Yugi should increase his life points and devote himself to the darkness—it's boring to kill boring people. He wants to make Yugi feel the ultimate pain. This shot of Malik licking his lips as he thinks of Yugi's pain is cut from the US version.)

Back on the ship, Serenity is still worrying about her brother. Téa promises that he'll get help—Tristan and Mokuba are working on it now. (Japanese Anzu says she has a bad feeling, then when Shizuka asks her about it, she says it's nothing. But she wonders where Honda is.) Gloomy Duke says if they've been gone this long, something must be wrong. Téa says he's not helping, and Serenity is even more worried. Then Téa gives him a nasty look, and Duke changes his tune, saying Joey will be on his feet in no time. Téa agrees, saying they have to have faith. But then she goes to the window to look out at the Duel Tower, hoping that Yugi's all right.

Joey is still dreaming about dueling at the state championship. (In the Japanese, this was the National Championship, referred to back in Episode 2. The duel is taking place at Kaiba Land.)

He plays Axe Raider (1700 ATK) to destroy his opponent's Petit Dragon (600 ATK) and win the duel, but when he looks around for Yugi and the others, they aren't there. He steps out of the dueling station to look for them, and all the spectators change into ghostly white figures. (Clothes have been added to the ghostly figures in the US version.)

Mokuba continues to try to reach headquarters, but the radio isn't working. Tristan wonders if it wouldn't be faster to just fix the engine. Mokuba says the crew is working on it, but it's in bad shape.

Ishizu visits the unconscious Odion, saying she wishes he were awake to witness this moment. The Pharaoh's ancient struggle is playing itself out again. Everything is happening just as the ancient scriptures predicted. She remembers meeting Kaiba at the museum and showing him the stone carving with the Pharaoh and Sorcerer, the Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon above their heads. She told Kaiba that it was no coincidence that Yugi was his greatest opponent—the two had battled in the ancient past. She told Kaiba about the three God cards, and the legend that whoever controlled them would have ultimate power (Japanese Ishizu said he'd become the King of Kings), then gave him the Obelisk card.

Ishizu thinks that it's Yugi and Kaiba's connection to the past that allows them each to wield an Egyptian God card. But no one now knows the outcome of their the ancient duel. All she can do is wait and hope that light will shine once again. (Japanese Ishizu says that no matter what happens, they should witness it.)

Kaiba's virtual crowd cheers for him. (A short bit is cut from the US version where Kaiba thinks that the only way Yugi can beat him is by summoning Osiris. But it won't be that simple—he'll summon his God first.)

Kaiba draws, and smiles, thinking that this is exactly what he needs to complete his strategy. He sets one card face down, and Yugi thinks that it must be Life Shaver, but it isn't. Then Kaiba summons Z-Metal Tank (Z-Metal Caterpillar) (1500 ATK). It combines with the XY-Dragon Cannon to form the XYZ-Dragon Cannon (2800 ATK). (This sequence is cut from the US version, in which the XYZ-Dragon Cannon brings out its guns and points them at Yugi. Yugi thinks that he has no monsters that can fight it, and knows that Lightforce Sword will disappear next turn, bringing Obelisk back to Kaiba's hand, so that Kaiba can sacrifice the XYZ-Dragon Cannon to summon it.)

Marik thinks Kaiba's most impressive. Now he sees how Kaiba was able to defeat his sister. (The shot of Yugi facing the XYZ-Dragon Cannon's guns is moved here in the US version.)

Kaiba attacks Big Shield Gardna with the XYZ-Dragon Cannon and destroys it. That's one monster down and one to go, Kaiba says, and next turn he'll sacrifice his Dragon Cannon to summon his God card. But Yugi thanks Kaiba, saying that this was just what he was hoping Kaiba would do. He plays his trap card, Soul Rope, which allows him to pay 1000 life points when one of his monsters is destroyed to summon a level 4 monster from his deck to the field. He chooses King's Knight (1600 ATK). When the King and Queen are both on the field, he can special summon Jack's Knight (1900 ATK) to the field as well. Now he has the three sacrifices he needs to summon his God card.

Kaiba is horrified! Yugi can't summon his God card before Kaiba plays his! He's been in control of this duel from the start.

Not anymore, Yugi says, and draws, then sacrifices his three Knights to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon. The huge red dragon encircles the entire tower with its snakelike body. Téa, watching the duel from the window of the ship, tells the guys to check it out! Ishizu sees that the Pharaoh has summoned the first Egyptian God, and Marik says this is so unexpected—he never thought Yugi would be able to call his God first!

Kaiba says he's not impressed. He points out that Yugi only has three cards in his hand, making Slifer's attack and defense 3000 points. But the XYZ-Dragon Cannon's attack is 2800—Slifer is stronger. Yugi says that if he destroys it, Kaiba won't have the sacrifices he needs to summon Obelisk. Kaiba laughs, telling Yugi to go ahead and attack. Yugi wonders why Kaiba is so confident. He suspects that Kaiba's set card is the Life Shaver trap card. Since it's been on the field for one turn, Kaiba can use it to remove one card from Yugi's hand, reducing Slifer's attack to 2000. Marik thinks Kaiba's got Yugi questioning his strategy. Kaiba taunts Yugi, saying he'll win whether Yugi attacks or not.

Yugi knows that if he doesn't attack, Kaiba will surely summon Obelisk next turn. But if he does attack, and Slifer is destroyed, he'll never win the duel!

Yugi attacks. Kaiba activates his trap card, Interdimensional Matter Transporter, which moves the XYZ-Dragon Cannon into another dimension, safe from Slifer's attack. (The Japanese Interdimensional Matter Transporter is a magic card, while in the US version it has been changed to a trap card, which is what the real card is.)

With no target, Slifer's attack explodes in the sky, causing lightning to flash and waves of energy to engulf the tower. (A short bit is cut from the US version, showing the lights flickering inside the ship, and Shizuka and Otogi at Jounouchi's bedside look around wondering what happened.)

On the bridge of the ship, lights come on, and suddenly the radio comes to life, saying that an emergency helicopter is being dispatched immediately. Mokuba says that the helicopter is on its way, and Tristan runs off to tell Serenity. Mokuba then transmits the duel to TV screens all over the city so that everyone can watch his brother's duel, and runs off to watch it in person.

Kaiba explains that his trap card took the XYZ-Dragon Cannon out of play for one turn. Yugi laughs, saying Kaiba's plan to save his monster from attack worked. But he's also got a plan. He sets one card (Pot of Greed) and ends his turn. Now he has only two cards in his hand, and Slifer's attack is down to 2000. Kaiba doesn't understand why Yugi would intentionally weaken his God monster. Yugi tempts Kaiba to attack, saying that even the XYZ-Dragon Cannon might be able to beat Slifer, but Kaiba's not biting. He's already made up his mind. Lightforce Sword's effect ends and Kaiba's God card returns to his hand. He sacrifices the XYZ-Dragon Cannon, and summons Obelisk the Tormentor.

Kaiba laughs, telling Yugi it's over! The second God monster appears in the sky, flying down to land behind Kaiba, spreading its mighty wings. The battle of the Gods has begun, Marik says. But which one will prevail? Yugi hopes he can hold his own against the power of Obelisk, but it's not going to be easy. Obelisk is twice as powerful as Slifer. It's time for the Gods to clash, Kaiba says. But only one will remain standing. Now it's time to find out which one. (Japanese Kaiba says he'll beat Osiris and win all the God cards, and the name of Duel King will be his!)

To Be Continued

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