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Episode 131: Clash in the Coliseum, Part 3 (Clash! Osiris vs Obelisk)

Kaiba tells Yugi that his (Yugi's) Egyptian God card is no match for his (Kaiba's). Yugi says they'll see about that. The score stands at Yugi with 3000 life points, Kaiba with 2000. Yugi says that Obelisk might be more powerful than Slifer now, but that can change in an instant. (Japanese Kaiba says "Look, Yugi. This is my God, Obelisk," and Yugi thinks, "Finally, Obelisk appears.")

Mokuba arrives at the top of the tower, running through the virtual coliseum walls, hoping he hasn't missed all the good stuff. He's astonished to see both God monsters on the field. In the streets of Domino, the other Battle City duelists stare in awe at the legendary God monsters on the giant TV screens. Rex Raptor says he's heard these are the strongest creatures in Duel Monsters. Mako thinks they're incredible! He's sailed around the world and never seen such beasts.

Joey is still unconscious. (Yet another close-up of Jounouchi's chest is cut from the US version.)

Serenity, sitting at his bedside, urges him not to give up. (This shot of Honda arriving behind a close-up of Mai's chest is cut from the US version.)

Tristan returns to the infirmary to tell the others that the helicopter is on the way, then Duke points out the God monsters encircling the Duel Tower. They can see them through the Duel Ship's porthole windows. Duke says it looks like the God cards are about to brawl—he just hopes Yugi's is stronger.

(This long shot of the Duel Ring is cut from the US version.)

Marik says, let the chaos and destruction to begin!

Kaiba says his Obelisk will send Slifer to the graveyard—Yugi has only two cards in his hand, so Slifer's attack is only 2000, while Obelisk's is 4000. Slifer is powerless against Obelisk. But Yugi reminds him of Slifer's special ability—since Kaiba has summoned a monster, Slifer's second mouth automatically attacks, reducing Obelisk's attack to 2000. Yugi's safe this turn, but the effect will only last for one turn. (This scene is cut from the US version, in which Kaiba and Yugi glare at each other across the field.)

Kaiba tells Yugi stalling is a sign of weakness. He sets two cards and ends his turn.

Yugi draws. With three cards in his hand, Slifer's attack is raised to 3000, but Obelisk's is back to 4000. Yugi activates his face-down card, Pot of Greed, which allows him to draw two more cards, raising Slifer's attack to 5000. Yugi attacks.

Kaiba activates his face-down card, Command Silencer. It sends out sound waves that prevent Slifer from hearing Yugi's attack order, so it doesn't attack. The card also allows Kaiba to draw another card from his deck. He tells Yugi to finish his turn, so he can end this. Yugi says Slifer is still more powerful than Obelisk, but Kaiba points out that he still has a face-down card on the field.

Yugi wonders if Kaiba's second face-down card is Life Shaver. If Kaiba uses it in the next turn, Yugi will have to discard cards from his hand and Slifer's attack will be lowered until it's weak enough to destroy. What should he do? (This shot of Yugi with Osiris behind him is cut from the US version.)

Yugi sets two cards face down and ends his turn. Now Slifer's attack is 3000.

Kaiba wonders what Yugi's thinking, lowering his monster's attack by 2000 points. The Battle City crowd watching the duel on TV wonder, too. Rex Raptor says Kaiba has to attack.

Kaiba draws. But Yugi activates his face-down magic card, Card Destruction. Both players must discard their entire hands, and then draw the same number of cards from their decks. Yugi still holds three cards, so Slifer's attack is the same. Then Yugi activates the trap card, Disgraceful Charity (Mercy of Fallen Angel), allowing them to take back into their hands cards they've discarded. Now Yugi has six cards in his hand, and Slifer's attack rises to 6000.

Kaiba says it was an impressive move, but Yugi will have to do better than that. (Japanese Kaiba says, "You have something, Yugi. I do appreciate you. But I've seen through your strategy.") Yugi's move helped him, too. Now he has just the cards he needs to win. Kaiba plays the magic card, Thirst for Compensation (The Price of Desire), which allows him to summon two monsters from his hand, and he summons Sword of Soul and Blade Knight. Yugi says Kaiba's wasting his time—Slifer can easily destroy them. Slifer attacks both monsters with its second mouth, but Kaiba activates Card Guard, discarding two cards from his hand to guard his monsters from attack. (In the Japanese, he says he's discarding one card, and you can see that he's only discarding one.) Then he sacrifices the two monsters to Obelisk, triggering its special ability to do direct damage of 4000 life points to everything in its path, including Yugi!

Mokuba cheers, and Kaiba orders Obelisk to attack. (This shot of Kaiba ordering Obelisk to attack, shouting, "Go to hell by the hand of God," is cut from the US version.)

But Yugi discards Kuriboh from his hand, protecting his life points with a wall of Kuribohs. The gang watch from the ship as the sky lights up around the Duel Tower, and they wonder what's going on. Not believing that Yugi's Kuriboh can save him, Kaiba thinks he's won, until the smoke of Obelisk's attack clears and he sees Yugi still standing. Yugi thanks Kuriboh for saving him, and Kaiba clenches his fist, furious that his God monster could be foiled by that puny Kuriboh. He sets one card face down and ends his turn. (These close-ups are cut from the US version, showing Yugi and Kaiba staring daggers at each other, while Yugi thinks that Kaiba has no cards in his hand, and next turn he'll destroy Obelisk.)

Yugi draws, and Slifer's attack goes back to 6000. He attacks. Slifer's coils wrap around Obelisk, and Mokuba calls out in horror, while Marik says Kaiba's about to lose.

Kaiba activates the trap card, Power Balance, forcing Yugi to discard half the cards in his hand, while Kaiba can draw the same number. (In the Japanese, Kaiba also explains that this card can only be activated when the player has no cards in his hand, which Kaiba doesn't.) Yugi now holds only three cards, reducing Slifer's attack to 3000. Kaiba orders Obelisk to counterattack.

Then Yugi plays the magic card, Necromancy. Slifer's attack goes down to 2000, and Necromancy randomly summons four monsters from Kaiba's graveyard—Blade Knight, Sword of Soul, Kaiser Seahorse, and X-Head Cannon—to the field in defense position. Each time one of these monsters is destroyed, the attack of the remaining monsters on Kaiba's field will be reduced by 600 points.

Summoning the monsters activates Slifer's special ability, and all four of the new monsters are destroyed, reducing Obelisk's attack by 2400, to 1600 points.

Slifer continues its attack. But Obelisk's attack rises to 2600. When Sword of Soul is sent to the graveyard, it raises the attack of one of Kaiba's remaining monsters by 1000. Now Obelisk is again more powerful than Slifer. Obelisk's mighty fist slams into Slifer.

But the monsters separate, both of them unharmed. Yugi explains that when Kaiba activated his Power Balance trap card, Yugi discarded Electromagnetic Turtle, leaving behind a small electrode attached to Slifer, which allowed Slifer to end the battle at will. Yugi sets a magic card and ends his turn. Now Slifer's attack is 1000.

The watching crowd is amazed. This duel could take all day, Rex says. Neither God card can be destroyed. Mako says it's a whale of a duel! (Japanese Kajiki urges Yugi to fight.)

Kaiba laughs and shakes his fist, thinking that this is the duel he's been waiting for—the ultimate battle of intellect and power! Every time he duels against Yugi, he's pushed to his limit in every way. Even though he defeated Yugi at Duelist Kingdom, Yugi's known as the world's greatest duelist. But that title belongs to Kaiba, and when he wins the Battle City Tournament, he'll get it back. (Japanese Kaiba thinks how exciting it is! He feels this way every time he duels with Yugi. "When fighting with you, my spirit and strength are pushed to the limit! Your existence excites and thrills me! But we don't need two kings in the world. I have to beat you with my own hands!")

Kaiba points out that Yugi only has one card in his hand, so Slifer's attack is only 1000. It's time to show the world that he's superior to Yugi!

He draws, calling out to Obelisk to annihilate Slifer! Yugi activates his face down card, Spell Textbook, which allows him to discard his hand, and draw one new card, activating it immediately if it's a magic card. (It's kind of hard to see in these caps, but Spell Textbook's five-pointed stars are given extra points in the US version.)

Yugi discards his last card, and Slifer's attack goes down to zero. Obelisk attacks, and Yugi prepares to draw his card, knowing that if he doesn't draw the right card, the duel is over. He thinks of Joey, calling upon his friend to help him. He draws.

Yugi's card is Card of Sanctity, which requires both players to have six cards in their hands. Yugi draws six cards, raising Slifer's attack to 6000! But Kaiba activates the trap card he took from Yugi, Life Shaver, forcing Yugi to discard two cards. Slifer and Obelisk's attacks are equal at 4000.

The two Gods collide with a monstrous crash. Kaiba exclaims that Kaiba Corp holograms aren't programmed to do this! TV screens all over Domino explode. Tristan, Téa, Duke, and Serenity see a terrible bright light blot out the Duel Tower.

To Be Continued

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