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Episode 132: Clash in the Coliseum, Part 4 (Inherit the Destined Duel)

The power of the God monsters, Obelisk and Slifer, is equal at 4000 points. The monsters face each other, neither one giving way. Yugi says that neither monster will give up the fight, and Kaiba thinks it's a holographic malfunction. (Japanese Yugi says both Gods are powerful, and Kaiba says, "What!" You can hear the sound of the God monsters cracking to pieces.) Mokuba calls out to his brother, asking if he's okay (Japanese Mokuba says, "Osiris! Obelisk!"), and Marik says it's the ultimate power struggle—both Egyptian Gods have been pushed to their limits.

Light shines out between the monsters, growing stronger, and more intense. Kaiba says it's stronger than anything his machinery can produce! In the ship, the gang watch the Duel Tower become enveloped in a ball of light. Then the Millennium Rod begins to glow. Marik remembers that this is exactly what happened during Kaiba's last duel. Suddenly, Yugi and Kaiba are both sucked into a vortex of flashing light.

The Millennium Puzzle also begins to glow, as Yugi flies through the vortex. He realizes that the battle between Slifer and Obelisk must have sparked something inside—but where is it taking them? Yugi and Kaiba find themselves floating above the dark ruin of an ancient city. Yugi thinks it looks familiar somehow, and Kaiba says it looks like ancient Egypt. But that doesn't makes sense! They're on his Duel Tower. Yugi wonders if it's a vision created by his Puzzle. But it if is, how can Kaiba see it, too? Kaiba doesn't have a Millennium Item. (Japanese Kaiba wonders where they are, and Yugi thinks it's Egypt.)

They fly across the sky, and come to huge ruined statues of the two Egyptian Gods, Obelisk and Slifer. Yugi wonders if it really is them. But how were they turned to stone? The Eye in Yugi's forehead glows, along with his Puzzle, and lightning flashes.

They hover over another ruin, blanketed by smoke. Yugi notices that the darkness seems to be coming from inside a nearby palace. The ruin shifts (in the Japanese it pulses several times), and Yugi and Kaiba dissolve in gold light. (Cut from the US version is a brief scene where Yugi and Kaiba reappear upside-down over the ruin, visible only in the glowing lights of Yugi's Eye and Puzzle, then dissolve again.)

They reappear hovering over a large hall, where the ancient Pharaoh and the sorcerer face off. The sorcerer, holding the Millennium Rod, laughs and tells the Pharaoh to look at himself now! His kingdom has crumbled at his feet, and is now at the mercy of the Dark One. How does it feel to be virtually powerless? (The Japanese priest tells the Pharaoh he's powerless in the face of the darkness. This land will meet the fate of its destruction soon.) Yugi tells Kaiba that these are the figures they saw on the stone tablet, but Kaiba says that's ridiculous. Yugi points out the Millennium Puzzle the Pharaoh is wearing.

The Pharaoh asks why the sorcerer has joined the forces of evil, and the sorcerer says the Pharaoh is wrong. He and his followers have no allegiance to the Dark One—but they have no allegiance to the Pharaoh, either. He's there to finish their battle, and prove that no one can overpower his Millennium Rod. ("I have to beat you with my own hands," the Japanese priest says, echoing Kaiba's words to Yugi earlier in their duel.) The Pharaoh vows to defeat him, the duel begins.

The sorcerer summons the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which rises from the stone tablet, and the Pharaoh summons the Dark Magician. Yugi says this is the ancient conflict that Ishizu spoke of—and these are ancient versions of themselves. Kaiba thinks it must be one of Marik's hocus-pocus mind tricks. (Japanese Yugi wonders if this is part of his lost memory, and Kaiba is just dumbfounded.) A vision of the ancient stone tablet rises behind the duel.

Yugi and Kaiba are sucked into the vortex again. Marik stares at his glowing Millennium Rod and wonders who invoked its power.

The gang watches the Tower as the light fades, and Yugi and Kaiba find themselves back on the Duel Tower on their knees, gasping in shock at what they've seen.

Kaiba asks what just happened, and Yugi tells him that they were shown the origins of their destiny. Now does he believe in his connection to the past? (There's no dialog in the Japanese, just more gasping.) Mokuba is happy to see his brother, but wonders what happened to the Egyptian God cards.

Marik stares at the Millennium Rod, wondering what's going on. He fears that Kaiba's past intersects with the Millennium Rod. But Kaiba will never get his hands on it! (Japanese Malik says that both Gods are gone. The Millennium Rod has sealed their memory. He wonders what happened between Kaiba and Yugi. A bit more of Kaiba's gasping is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba thinks he knows who he is—he's Seto Kaiba, president of the world's largest gaming corporation! But no matter what he does, he can't get those images out of his head. This ancient fairy-tale keeps coming back to haunt him! (Japanese Kaiba wonders what the image is that's flashing across his mind. It's impossible! The fight between the Priest and the Pharaoh seemed so real! And the fighting spirit was so real! He looks up in shock at Yugi. The shot of Kaiba looking up, and Yugi standing looking back at him, is cut from the US version.)

Ever since Ishizu tried to brainwash him, his mind's been playing tricks on him. First it happened during his duel with Ishizu, and then again when he could read the text on the Winged Dragon of Ra. And now these visions! But he will not lose his grip on reality! (This part of Kaiba's flashback was added to the US version. It replaces Yugi's flashback in the Japanese version. In the Japanese, Yugi thinks that the Pharaoh and the Priest looked just like him and Kaiba. The three-thousand-year-old battle recorded on the stone tablet is part of his lost memory. That's right, he thinks, as he and Kaiba stand. Kaiba is part of his memory. )

Yugi asks if Kaiba understands the significance of what they saw, but Kaiba insists it was all an illusion. Yugi says it's fate—they've been destined to duel each other for five thousand years! Whatever, Kaiba says. Let's end this. (Japanese Kaiba asks if Yugi had the same vision as he did. Yugi says their duel is related to the duel three thousand years ago, and Kaiba says their duel is destined.)

Yugi says he's dueling for much more than a tournament victory! He's dueling to save the world! Kaiba tells Yugi to believe whatever he wants—it will all be over soon. (Japanese Yugi tells Kaiba that he's dueling in Battle City not only to become a True Duelist, but to regain his lost memory.) Marik thinks Kaiba's right, but he has to insure that Kaiba's link to the Millennium Rod doesn't interfere with his plans. He must win and gain infinite power! (Japanese Malik says that with both of the Gods gone, do they start all over again? He wonders if Kaiba and Yugi's memories are sealed inside the Millennium Rod and Puzzle. And what did they see?)

Yugi tells Kaiba it's still his move. Kaiba thinks now Yugi's making some sense. (Cut from the US version is a short bit where Yugi says the duel with Kaiba will open the first gate of his memory. Kaiba laughs and says he doesn't know what happened, and he doesn't care. All he wants to do is beat Yugi.)

Kaiba sets one card and ends his turn, thinking that he doesn't need a God card to win. He has a more reliable card in his hand now—the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Yugi draws Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts. He can't wipe out Kaiba's life points with this—it's too weak. Marik sees that Kaiba has no monsters on the field—he's wide open for a direct attack. Yugi plays Gazelle in defense (1500 ATK/1200 DEF), and Kaiba activates his trap card, Clone, which makes a copy of Yugi's Gazelle on his side of the field. Yugi sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Kaiba taunts Yugi, telling him he's just made his final move. (Japanese Kaiba asks Yugi why he's so serious.) He says next turn he'll sacrifice the clone to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the field. But the Blue-Eyes is a Level 8 monster—it requires two sacrifices, and Kaiba only has one monster on the field. How will he summon it? Kaiba says that things aren't always as they seem.

It's Kaiba's turn. He draws, telling Yugi he was right. Summoning the Blue-Eyes usually takes two sacrifices, but thanks to his magic card, that rule no longer applies. He plays Cost Down, reducing the Blue-Eyes from an 8-star monster to a 6-star monster. Now it can be summoned with only one sacrifice. He sacrifices the Gazelle clone and summons his Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the field.

Mokuba cheers, telling his brother that nothing can stop him now! Marik thinks maybe he'll be facing Kaiba in the next round after all.

Telling Yugi that it's time to put an end to this feud (Japanese Kaiba says that Yugi lost to him in ancient times, and now he'll lose again), he destroys Yugi's Gazelle with the Blue-Eyes and ends his turn.

Yugi knows he only has one chance to win. If the images of the past they saw are true, he has to summon his Dark Magician. He draws, saying he knows that Kaiba saw the same visions he did, and he's about to prove it. (Cut from the US version is a short bit with Yugi saying he doesn't care about the fight between the Pharaoh and the Priest. What the stone tablet shows is the fighting spirit.)

He and Kaiba battled each other five thousand years ago, and now destiny has brought them together once again.

He plays Monster Reborn, calling his Dark Magician back from the graveyard, where he'd discarded it when Kaiba played Life Shaver. Kaiba's horrified, but he insists that Yugi's move doesn't prove a thing. Yugi says it's time for Kaiba to accept his destiny. But even he realizes that there's a lot they still don't know about their ancient past. What were they fighting about, and who won? Kaiba thinks real duelists make their own destiny.

Yugi sets another card face down, hoping his plan works. Dark Magician's attack is 2500, lower than the Blue-Eyes' 3000. One of his face-down cards is Magic Formula (Magician's Spell Book), which can raise Dark Magician's attack by 500 points. That would make their attacks equal, and destroy both monsters. Thinking that it's all up to destiny, Yugi ends his turn.

Kaiba tells Yugi he's disappointed that Yugi would put all his faith in some old folk story. He tells Yugi he's no Pharaoh, so he should stop playing make believe. Yugi's concentrating on the past instead of the here and now, and that will be his downfall. Kaiba draws, sets one card, then activates the magic card, Card of Demise (Kill Card). This card allows him to draw until he holds five cards in his hand, but after five turns, he must discard his entire hand. (The card was redesigned for the US version.)

Kaiba thinks he's observed Yugi's past duels carefully, and he knows what Yugi's up to. He thinks Yugi will use one of his face-down cards to power up his Dark Magician, and the other to stop the Blue-Eyes' attack. (These close-ups of Kaiba and Yugi staring at each other are cut from the US version.)

He tells Yugi his strategy isn't going to work. He summons Lord of Dragons (1200 ATK). As long as it's is on the field, magic and trap cards won't work against the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Yugi points out that Dark Magician is much more powerful than Lord of Dragons, and Kaiba tells him to go ahead and attack it.

It's Yugi's turn. He plays Beta the Magnet Warrior in defense (1600 DEF), then attacks Lord of Dragons with Dark Magician. Kaiba activates his trap card, Magical Trick Mirror, which can activate a magic or trap card from Yugi's graveyard. He chooses Monster Reborn, and revives Obelisk! It can only be revived for one turn, but it can block the Dark Magician's attack. (In the Japanese, Kaiba explains that Obelisk can't attack, but he can use its effect to protect his other monsters. Obelisk is brought back in defense position.) Yugi takes 1500 points of damage from the attack, and his life points are down to 1500.

Kaiba laughs, telling Yugi it's over.

To Be Continued

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