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Episode 133: Clash in the Coliseum, Part 5 (Promise to a Friend: Red-Eyes Black Dragon)

Using Monster Reborn, Kaiba has brought Obelisk back to the field. The gang stare out the ship window at the huge monster on the Duel Tower, wondering how Yugi will stand up to Obelisk without his own God card. Tristan runs to Joey on the bed, lifting him up by the shirt, shouting at him to get up! Serenity protests, but Tristan tells her to trust him. (This shot of Honda holding Jounouchi up and demanding that he cheer Yugi on is cut from the US version.)

With tears in his eyes, Tristan insists that Joey needs to see this. It might make him wake up. (Japanese Honda tells the others to shut, saying that Jounouchi wanted to watch this duel, too.) Pulling Joey free of the electrodes monitoring his condition, Tristan drags him over to the window, holding him up, telling him to open his eyes and look. Yugi's in trouble and he needs Joey's help now. (Japanese Honda tells Jounouchi, "Open your eyes and look! Yugi—our Yugi—is fighting.")

Yugi tells Kaiba his God card won't be around much longer. Kaiba says it doesn't matter—Obelisk has served his purpose. (Japanese Kaiba tells Yugi he's haunted by the past.) Clutching his shoulder, still sore from Obelisk's block of his attack, Yugi sets one card and ends his turn.

The effect of Monster Reborn ends, and Obelisk returns to the graveyard. Kaiba tells Yugi to start living in the moment, and forget about the past. The stone tablet appears behind him, cracking to pieces. But there's nothing Yugi can do, anyway, Kaiba continues. As soon as Kaiba makes his next move, Yugi will be history. (Japanese Kaiba tells Yugi he is going to defeat him in this turn, and smash the stone tablet in his memory. "After I win the final, my future begins.")

Yugi thinks it can't end like this! He has to defeat Kaiba to get to Marik and stop his evil plan. (Japanese Yugi thinks maybe Kaiba is right. But if he doesn't recover his memory, he won't be able to move on. The Millennium Torque showed him a vision of himself and Jounouchi in the future. In order to fulfill his promise, he can't lose. The close-up shot of Yugi thinking that he must recover his memory and the vision of Yugi and Jounouchi meeting in their promised duel is replaced in the US version by flashbacks of the three God cards and the images of the past Yugi and Kaiba have just seen.)

On the ship, Joey hangs from Tristan's shoulder, still unconscious and dreaming. He's walking the streets of Domino, looking for his friends. He sees Yugi, Grandpa, and Téa, and runs to them, asking them where they've been. Téa says it's not their dream! Grandpa reminds Joey that he has an important duel to fight. He's made it to the finals. Joey says he's going to duel his way straight to the top! Yugi tells him that everything he needs is in his deck. He just has to believe in his cards—and a little luck wouldn't hurt, either. Joey says who needs luck, with skills like his! (Japanese Anzu congratulates him on being in the top eight of the tournament, and Grandpa says it's because he's a good teacher. But to be honest, Grandpa says, he didn't believe Jounouchi could do it. He tells Jounouchi he was incredible! Jounouchi blushes, then says he's not content to be number eight. He wants to be Number One! Yugi urges him on, telling him there's always a possibility. He should believe in his cards and follow his dream. Maybe Number One isn't just a dream. "What do you mean by 'maybe'?" Jounouchi asks.)

Back at the tournament, Joey is about to face his next opponent, a young boy. The referee reminds them that they'll each start with 2000 life points, and direct attacks are now allowed. (These were the rules at the beginning of the series, when the actual tournament Jounouchi's dreaming about took place. The Japanese referee also says there are no monster-summoning tributes required.) The boy begins by summoning Neko Gal #1 (Cat's Fairy) (1100 ATK). (Neko Gal's skimpy costume has some leggings added in the US version.)

Joey draws M-Warrior #1 (Magnet 1 Warrior), which only has 1000 attack points. He remembers Grandpa teaching him that the key is combining magic and monster cards. He summons M-Warrior #1, equipping it with Legendary Sword to power up its attack by 300 points. He attacks, and destroys his opponent's Neko Gal #1.

The boy says it's his turn now, and Joey's going down. He sets one card, and then summons Lesser Dragon (1200 ATK). Joey is pretty cocky, thinking he's got the duel in the bag, and attacks the boy's monster. But the boy activates his trap card, Reinforcements, which powers up his monster by 500 points. Joey's M-Warrior #1 is destroyed.

Now it's the boy's turn to be cocky, saying if that's the best Joey can do, he'll destroy him one-two-three. (The Japanese boy calls Jounouchi "Onii-chan," a rather familiar way of saying Big Brother, and asks how Jounouchi could ignore his trap card. Did he just get into the finals by luck?) Joey summons Tiger Axe in attack mode (1300 ATK) and ends his turn. The boy isn't impressed, asking Joey if that's all he's got.

Back at the Duel Tower, Yugi tells Kaiba to make his move, and Marik thinks this duel has grown tiresome. No matter who wins this duel, he'll be the ultimate victor. (Japanese Malik wonders, who is the lucky man to be offered to the darkness? He's out of patience, and wants his next victim.)

Kaiba draws, telling Yugi that if he wants to believe they dueled five thousand years ago, that's fine. But don't waste his time trying to convince him it's true. He only believes in one thing—his supreme dueling skills. Everything else is meaningless. He wants to get on with the duel so he can reclaim the title Yugi stole from him as the world's greatest duelist!

Kaiba switches Lord of Dragons to defense mode, then plays Flute of Summoning Dragon, allowing him to summon two more dragons to the field. He brings out two more Blue-Eyes White Dragons. Three of the mighty dragons hover over the field behind Kaiba, and Yugi wonders how he can fight three Blue-Eyes.

(This shot of Kaiba Land, where Jounouchi's dream is taking place, is replaced in the US version by a shot of the unconscious Joey.)

In Joey's dream, the boy summons Steel Ogre Grotto. Its 1400 attack points are greater than Joey's Tiger Axe's 1300. Joey doesn't like that—this is his dream! The boy doesn't know what Joey means by that, but he tells Joey that the worst is about to come. (Japanese Jounouchi wonders if the boy is going to attack now and destroy his Tiger Axe with Steel Ogre Grotto. The boy says Jounouchi's too soft. That's too simple a strategy for him.) The boy uses Polymerization to fuse Steel Ogre Grotto and Lesser Dragon to form Metal Dragon, with an attack of 1850. Metal Dragon destroys Tiger Axe, and Joey's down to 1050 life points.

It's Joey's turn, and he draws Flame Swordsman. Its attack is 1800, 50 less than the Metal Dragon. He decides to hang onto it, and plays Hero of the East in defense (1000 DEF).

The rescue helicopter is on its way to Kaiba Corp Island. (This close-up of the helicopter is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba points out that he has four monsters on the field, while Yugi only has Dark Magician and his pathetic Magnet Warrior. He says he is going to win! And Yugi worries that he's out of options. (Cut from the US version is a short scene of Mokuba saying that even Yugi can't get out of this situation. His brother is going to win.)

The gang continues to watch the duel from the ship, wondering what's going on. Téa hopes Yugi will win so that this nightmare will end! (Japanese Anzu says that no matter who wins, she hopes no one will die. Cut from the US version is Otogi saying that maybe Kaiba and Yugi will just have a fair duel.)

Tristan says everything's going to be all right, and asks the still-unconscious Joey if that isn't right. (Japanese Honda says he's on Yugi's side, along with "this guy"—Jounouchi.)

In Joey's dream, the boy plays Stop Defense to force Joey's Hero of the East into attack mode (1100 ATK). Then he attacks with Metal Dragon, destroying Joey's monster and reducing his life points to 300. Then the boy sets one card and ends his turn, telling Joey next turn he's a goner. Joey says he's got a plan (Japanese Jounouchi tells him to shut up), and draws Shield & Sword (Shield in the Left Hand, Sword in the Right Hand), a magic card that can reverse the attack and defense points of all the monsters on the field. (Shield & Sword's Japanese characters have been changed to English words for the US.)

How can he use it? Metal Dragon's defense is 1700. If he has a monster with a defense of more than 1700, he can defeat it. But none of his monsters is that strong. What would Yugi do right now? He hears Yugi's voice telling him to consider all of his options. (Japanese Yugi says there must be a possibility in his cards.)

Joey looks at his hand, and gets an idea. If he uses this magic card on Metal Dragon first, he should be able to send it to the graveyard. He summons Flame Swordsman, saying to the boy that his Metal Dragon is a wind monster, right? He equips Gust Fan to Metal Dragon, increasing its attack to 2250, while reducing its defense to 1500. The boy doesn't get why Joey would waste a magic card powering up his opponent's monster. He thinks the pressure must be getting to Joey.

Then Joey plays Shield & Sword, reversing the monsters' attack and defense. Now Flame Swordsman's attack is 1600, greater than Metal Dragon's 1500. Joey attacks, but to his shock, Flame Swordsman is defeated! The boy activated his trap card, Castle Walls, increasing Metal Dragon's defense by 500 before Shield & Sword was activated, so that the points were switched to its attack. (The real Shield & Sword only affects a monster's original ATK and DEF, before any power-ups or -downs are added. So lowering Metal Dragon's defense points before using it wouldn't have worked. But what Joey could have done was play Shield & Sword first, then summon Flame Swordsman afterwards. Metal Dragon's ATK would be switched to 1700 by Shield & Sword, but Flame Swordsman's ATK would remain 1800, since it wouldn't be affected by magic cards played before it came onto the field. Then Flame Swordsman would have been able to destroy Metal Dragon.)

Joey loses the duel. But he's done his best, and he's content. Joey and the boy shake hands, congratulating each other on a good duel. The boy tells Joey that he played a good combo, and apologizes for saying mean things about him. Joey says it's all good. The boy thanks him for the awesome duel, and Joey wishes him luck in the finals. (The Japanese boy asks if Jounouchi wants to duel again, and Jounouchi says sure, but he'll win next time!) Jounouchi goes to join his friends.

On the Duel Tower, Kaiba is still going on about how he's going to win, saying there's no way Yugi can avoid the devastation of his three Blue-Eyes. (Japanese Kaiba says, "I'm going to brand my name on your mind." Ouch!) Yugi knows that with three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, Kaiba can easily wipe out his monsters and the rest of his life points. What can he do? Marik thinks it looks like Kaiba will be the next casualty of the Shadow Realm.

Kaiba sends his three Blue-Eyes to attack.

Joey's spirit appears to Yugi. Yugi says he's about to lose the duel, but Joey tells him to guess again. He reminds Yugi that Yugi once told him to consider all his options. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Yugi there is always a possibility in his cards. "Show me the spirit of a True Duelist.") Yugi looks at his cards and realizes what he can do.

Kaiba is astonished to see the Red-Eyes Black Dragon appear on Yugi's side of the field! Yugi reminds him that the effect of Flute of Summoning Dragon works for them both (the real card doesn't), so he was able to summon a dragon to the field, too—the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, a gift from a very close friend. (Japanese Yugi calls it Jounouchi's Soul Card.)

In the ship, Tristan watches, the unconscious Joey still at his side. (In the Japanese, we hear the heartbeat of the Red-Eyes.)

Kaiba is furious that Joey's dragon is on the field, but he says it doesn't change a thing. He'll destroy Yugi and his Red-Eyes. Marik says Kaiba shouldn't be so sure of that. (Japanese Malik says Kaiba is soft.)

Kaiba continues his attack, his first target Yugi's Dark Magician. Yugi activates his trap card, Magician Selection, which protects the Dark Magician by deflecting the Blue-Eyes' attack to the weakest monster on the field—Kaiba's Lord of Dragons. Kaiba says Yugi won't escape his other two attacks! Beta the Magnet Warrior, in defense, is destroyed by the second Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Kaiba says the Red-Eyes is next. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Disappear, spirit of Jounouchi!" and Yugi says Jounouchi's soul won't be destroyed.) Yugi activates another trap, Spellbinding Circle, stopping the Blue-Eyes' attack and lowering its attack by 700 points. Now the Red-Eyes can counterattack and destroy it. Kaiba seethes, saying it's not over, as Yugi thanks the Joey in his mind for his help. Joey says all he did was give Yugi the same advice Yugi gave him, and urges him to win this fight.

On the ship, Joey's eyes slowly open.

Kaiba tells himself he will still be the winner. Yugi thinks that as long as he has faith in the heart of the cards, and his friends, he can win. (Japanese Yugi thinks that for his lost memory, and his promise to his friend, he must win.)

The light returns to Joey's eyes.

To Be Continued

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