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Episode 134: Clash in the Coliseum, Part 6 (Defeat Hatred! Black Paladin)

Joey's eyes open. Serenity and Duke encourage him to say something. Joey looks around, asking what's going on. Did someone get hurt? Tristan says yes, someone was knocked unconscious! Joey realizes that he's the one who passed out. (Japanese Honda emotionally asks Jounouchi if he's really okay, and Jounouchi finally notices that Honda's holding him up, and asks Honda what he's doing.)

Serenity rushes to hug her brother, and Joey holds her, while Téa and Duke both get choked up to see Joey conscious again. The doctor is astonished that Joey's awake. Someone in his condition could never recover this fast!

(Cut from the US version is this bit where Jounouchi says he remembers the tournament in Domino, and then he was watching Yugi duel. Was he just dreaming? Honda slaps Jounouchi, asking him what the hell he's talking about.)

Tristan grabs Joey by the shirt, ordering him never to pull this again! Bursting into tears, he tells Joey he had the girls really worried—of course, he knew all along Joey'd be okay. (Japanese Honda calls Jounouchi an idiot for making him worry, telling him he can't die!) Joey is a bit taken aback by Tristan's outburst, not realizing how much danger he was in. Finally, Joey remembers his duel with Marik. He was fighting to save Mai. He turns to look at her, still lying unconscious in the bed next to Joey's, while the others stand by, silent.

Joey rushes to her, shaking her and telling her to wake up. He was sure that beating Marik would save her! Serenity has to tell him he lost the duel. But he remembers summoning Gearfried the Iron Knight and crushing him! Serenity reminds him that he was playing a Shadow Game, and Marik was draining his strength. He managed to summon a monster strong enough to defeat Marik, but before he could call his attack, he passed out. Joey tears up, apologizing to Mai for not saving her.

The Kaiba Corp helicopter finally arrives.

The score stands at Yugi 1500, Kaiba 1900. Kaiba tells Yugi he's at a big disadvantage. Yugi points out that they both have two monsters on the field, but Kaiba's two Blue-Eyes White Dragons are more powerful than either of Yugi's monsters. (Japanese Kaiba says that against his two Blue-Eyes White Dragons, Yugi's two monsters can only defend. This shot of Kaiba standing by his Blue-Eyes, and Yugi staring up at Kaiba's monsters, is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba sets two cards and ends his turn.

Yugi draws, telling Kaiba that they've got a long way to go. He draws a magic card, thinking it will come in handy later. (Japanese Yugi thinks that no matter what card he draws, as long as he has life points left, there's a chance. He has to believe.) He sets one card, and switches the Red-Eyes Black Dragon to defense.

But Kaiba activates his trap card, Final Attack Orders, which requires all monsters on the field to be in attack mode. (Final Attack Orders is given a slight redesign in the US version.)

It also requires both players to choose three cards from their decks and discard the rest of the cards to the graveyard. Kaiba chooses three cards he believes will assure his victory, telling Yugi he might as well give up now, because Kaiba's strategy is unstoppable! (Japanese Kaiba tells Yugi he will break his illusion of the past in a flash!)

Yugi studies his cards, wondering which three he should choose.

Joey grabs Serenity by the shoulders, asking what's happening with Yugi. Téa tells him that Yugi's dueling Kaiba, and Joey says, he has to get up there right now! Téa tells him he can't go, but Joey hurriedly pulls on his shoes, saying Yugi needs him. He runs from the room, while the doctor shouts at him to get back into bed.

In the hallway, Joey meets the medical team from the helicopter, who ask him where the patient is. The rest of the gang catch up with him, and the doctor reluctantly admits that the patient is standing right there. He explains that Joey was nearly in critical condition a minute ago, but Joey says it was five minutes ago, and he's fine now! He puts on his fierce face, saying he's in the best shape of his career. But the doctor insists it's too dangerous for him to leave now. He needs to be examined. Joey says he's all right and starts to run off.

Téa stops him, telling him he has to listen to the doctor. He was just in really bad shape and everyone was worried sick about him. She's upset because so many people have been hurt in this tournament.

Joey apologizes for worrying everyone, but says he has to go and be there for Yugi. He came back for a reason, he says. He made a promise to Yugi to help him defeat Marik. Téa realizes that Yugi does need Joey. She remembers Yugi telling her, as he left for his duel with Kaiba, that Joey vowed to help him defeat Marik and save the world. Joey says his mind's made up; he's going out there. (Japanese Jounouchi says he and Yugi promised to duel each other. "Our Battle City is not over." In order to become a True Duelist, he and Yugi came here to this tournament. No matter what happens in Yugi's duel, it's related to their future, so he has to watch it.) Téa understands. Telling Serenity to take care of Mai, he turns and runs down the corridor. The doctor continues to call out to Joey to stop, as Téa and the others follow.

Yugi tries to figure out Kaiba's strategy. He thinks Kaiba will use Monster Reborn to bring back his third Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and fuse the three of them into the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. (Monster Reborn and Polymerization are added to float across the screen in the US version.)

Yugi selects his three cards and ends his turn, thinking it's all up to destiny now.

Kaiba says it won't matter which cards Yugi chooses, he won't be able to beat him! He draws Monster Reborn, and uses it to revive his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Then he activates his set card, Polymerization, and summons the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Nothing will stop his three-headed beast! Yugi knows he has nothing on the field that can stop it. He'd better think of something fast. Kaiba says this is the creature that will strip him of everything he has once and for all!

Kaiba says he's got Yugi exactly where he wants him. He's played out this moment in his mind over and over again. Now here they are at the top of his tower, and all Yugi has to hang onto is some rock from five thousand years ago. This duel is about the past—but it's not about an ancient battle Yugi thinks they fought. It's about burying the past for good! Once he defeats Yugi and wins this tournament, he'll be Number One. Then he can close the book on his past and concentrate on his future.

Ever since he was dropped off at the orphanage, Kaiba says, he had to fend for himself and toughen up to protect Mokuba. Then they were adopted by the tyrant, Gozaburo Kaiba, who taught him to crush his enemies and trust no one. But nothing he ever did satisfied Gozaburo. Using the ruthless business techniques Gozaburo taught him, he outsmarted Gozaburo and took over his company. Now Kaiba Corp belongs to him. But there's one conquest left for him—to beat Yugi. Once he's done that, he can forget the past for good.

(Japanese Kaiba says he is going to beat Yugi and take his God card, but not for revenge. "Why do I insist on fighting with you? Now I have the answer. Yugi, you are fighting for your lost memory.... That's meaningless. For me, the past is past." He remembers being sent to the orphanage when his parents died. "We were adopted by Gozaburo and lived an ugly life.... My past is full of hatred and anger. I am different from you—I'm only interested in the future. The past for me is a target to be smashed. Yugi, you represent the past. After I smash your illusion and become the Duel King, then my future begins.")

Mokuba watches with tears in his eyes. He didn't know his brother felt this way about their past. He knows things weren't easy at the orphanage, but they did have each other. Seto wants to forget everything, even the person he used to be—but Mokuba liked Seto back then. Mokuba looks at the picture of his brother in his locket, and thinks that his brother actually used to smile! Seto needs to realize that being at the top doesn't have to mean being miserable. (Japanese Mokuba looks at the picture of his brother in his locket, and asks, "Do you want to forsake the pure smile you have shown me?")

Kaiba tells Yugi that his reign is over. Yugi smiles, saying that Kaiba never ceases to amaze him. Kaiba asks if it's his superior dueling skills that Yugi finds so amazing, but Yugi says it's Kaiba's stubbornness and lust for power that he finds puzzling. Kaiba will never defeat him with a heart full of hatred and mistrust. (Japanese Kaiba he can't believe Yugi can still smile in such a situation. Yugi tells Kaiba he's a good duelist, but he's a little disappointed in him. "You won't be able to beat me with hatred and anger.")

Yugi activates his set magic card, Double Spell (Double Magic). It allows him to use any magic cards that Kaiba's played in this turn. So he uses Monster Reborn to summon Buster Blader, which he'd discarded to the graveyard, and Polymerization to fuse Dark Magician with Buster Blader to form Dark Paladin. Dark Paladin inherits Buster Blader's effect of gaining 500 attack points for every dragon on the field, so the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon power it up by 1000 points, to an attack of 3900.

But Kaiba just laughs. Dark Paladin is still 600 points less than the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. (Japanese Kaiba says that fused monsters can't attack in the turn they're summoned, and ends his turn.)

Yugi draws, and sets one card to end his turn. (Japanese Yugi vows to use this card to smash Kaiba's hatred and anger.)

Kaiba draws, laughing, telling Yugi he can now put and end to his past and move on. Yugi tells Kaiba that the past makes us who we are today. Kaiba must remember what happened before, so he can learn from it. It's our history that shapes our future.

Kaiba says it's time to more forward and not look back, and Mokuba clutches his locket. Kaiba repeats that the past is over, and nothing will change his mind. He needs to take Yugi down. Only then will he attain true greatness.

(This shot of Yugi is cut from the US version.)

Yugi says that the Duel Tower, surrounded by rubble and destruction, represents Kaiba's heart—a strong object surrounded by anger and hatred. As long as he's fueled by hate, he can never defeat Yugi. (Japanese Yugi tells Kaiba that if he stands at the top filled with hatred, he won't find real victory. He'll only have to find new hatred, and his future will be filled with endless hatred.) Kaiba says it's his inner rage that pushes him forward, and it's what he'll use to crush Yugi.

"Then go ahead and direct all of your hatred towards me, and strike me down with your rage."

Kaiba attacks with his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Yugi waits for the attack, thinking that he has to believe in his friends and trust in himself. If he's truly destined to face Marik, there's no way Kaiba will win. His faith in the Heart of the Cards will overpower Kaiba's hatred any day. (Japanese Yugi thinks that he believes in his friends and himself. He will become a True Duelist, and he will beat Kaiba, as a rival and as a friend.)

Yugi activates his set magic card, Magician Formula. Kaiba counters with Absorb Spell, which takes the power-up away from Yugi's monster and gives it to his own. Now the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's attack is 5000! Kaiba tells Yugi he's history, and the attack waves begin to reach Yugi and his Dark Paladin. Marik laughs, thinking it's over.

Mokuba leaps into the air, cheering. Joey and the others arrive at the top of the Duel Tower in time to see the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's attack. Joey shouts Yugi's name. Kaiba smiles, saying, "I win."

But Yugi doesn't agree. He still has one face-down card left. He's been destined to defeat Kaiba for five thousand years. (Japanese Yugi says, "Kaiba, your power is from hatred. That power is very weak. Hatred and anger... isn't the weight of victory too heavy for you?") Yugi activates his set card, De-Fusion. The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon splits back into the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, and the attack is stopped. Now there are two more dragons on the field, and Dark Paladin's attack increases to 4900.

Yugi draws, telling Kaiba the card he holds will conquer the darkness that surrounds Kaiba's heart. He plays Diffusion Wave-Motion, paying 1000 life points to allow his Dark Paladin to attack all the monsters on the field. All three of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragons are destroyed in one attack, wiping out Kaiba's life points. Kaiba has lost. Mokuba falls to his knees, as Kaiba stands on the field in shock. Joey and the others cheer.

Yugi says, "I told you your hatred and your lust for power would never prevail." But his toughest battle is still ahead, when he faces Marik in the final duel.

(Japanese Yugi says, "Kaiba, you lose to me, but you have to defeat your hatred.")

To Be Continued

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