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Episode 135: Battle for the Bronze, Part 1 (The Ordinary Duelist's Road of Flame: Jounouchi vs Kaiba)

Kaiba's three Blue-Eyes White Dragons are destroyed. Yugi tells Kaiba this duel is over. Marik laughs, while Joey smiles for his friend's victory. Mokuba is shocked by his brother's defeat.

Yugi tells Kaiba that hatred never triumphs. Kaiba can't believe he's lost. He had the perfect strategy! Yugi says his Dark Paladin wouldn't agree. He thinks that Kaiba was fighting for all the wrong reasons, and in the end, it was his own anger and jealousy that did him in. (There's no dialog here in the Japanese. Yugi thinks that there is no real victory in hatred, and although Kaiba has been defeated, he still must defeat his hatred.)

Kaiba thinks Battle City is his tournament! The entire event was designed so that he would be victorious! He wanted to put the memory of his adopted father behind him and be crowned the world's best duelist atop his Duel Tower. But it's Yugi who won. He was so close, but somehow his victory slipped away. It's over, Kaiba says. I'm nothing.

Yugi is declared the winner and the dueling platform lowers. Yugi's friends run to him, and Yugi is surprised and happy to see Joey recovered from his coma. He asks him how, and, as they shake hands, Joey says he'd never let a freak show like Marik get the best of him! Besides, he promised Yugi he'd help him beat Marik, so here he is. Little Yugi appears beside Yami, weeping, saying it's awesome! The gang's together again. (Japanese Yugi says he always believed Jounouchi would wake up. They shake hands, and Jounouchi tells him he won't fall before he's become a True Duelist and battled with Yugi.)

Joey says that was some ending, the way his Red-Eyes Black Dragon came through and helped Yugi win. Tristan says Joey was snoozing, but his Dragon wasn't, and Joey laughs and says that either way, he was there for his pal. Yugi agrees—if it weren't for Joey, he would never have beaten Kaiba. He remembers when Joey appeared to him and reminded him to consider all his options. He and Joey won the duel together. (Japanese Jounouchi asks everyone if they saw his Red-Eyes protecting Yugi on the field. Honda says it's not Jounouchi's card any more, but Jounouchi just laughs, saying he'll get it back soon, and Yugi says silently, "Thank you, Jounouchi-kun, from the bottom of my heart.")

Mokuba, meanwhile, falls to his knees, heartbroken by his brother's loss. Kaiba stands alone, staring at his Duel Disk, wondering how his cards and strategies could have failed him.

Yugi walks up to Kaiba, and tells him that this was the most challenging duel he's ever fought. Kaiba tells Yugi to save it, but Yugi says that destiny may have chosen him to be the victor, but Kaiba fought well. Kaiba tells Yugi he doesn't need the pep talk. Yugi says Kaiba hasn't learned anything from their duel. He can never truly be a success until he's conquered the monsters in his heart. He was doomed from the start, fueled by his anger and hate, and by his denial of his past. But Yugi was fueled by his faith in his destiny and his friends. Even though Joey was unconscious for most of his duel, he thinks, it was like Joey was right there with him. He couldn't have won without him. He glances back at Joey, who smiles. Yugi says that he didn't win the duel alone. He and Joey did it together, using the card Joey gave him. The Red-Eyes Black Dragon is no ordinary card—its strength comes from the bond of his friendship with Joey, and it means that he never duels alone.

(Japanese Yugi tells Kaiba that their power is equal. Kaiba doesn't want to hear it, rejecting what he thinks is Yugi's pity. Yugi says that he admits Kaiba's strength as a duelist, but Kaiba was defeated by the monster in his heart called "Hatred." In a duel, Yugi says, the enemy is not only the monsters in the cards, but the anger, hatred, and desire in one's own heart. When all of these enemies are defeated, the road to becoming a True Duelist will open up. Yugi thinks of his own Battle City: the promised duel with Jounouchi. The shot of Yugi and Jounouchi facing off in their own Battle City duel is replaced in the US version by a shot of Joey unconscious.)

(Yugi says that Jounouchi has been fighting continually toward that road, which makes Jounouchi smile. Yugi points out that if he hadn't had the Red-Eyes Black Dragon in his hand, he would have lost. It was the strength of his friendship, and the card his friend entrusted to him, that allowed him to win.)

Kaiba clenches his fist in anger. Every single one of them is alone in the world, he insists. He's never had to ask for anyone's help. (Japanese Kaiba says the strength of friendship is nothing to him. One can only gain victory by his own strength. He will never need a friend's strength!)

Yugi thinks that's not true. He's helped Kaiba plenty of times, and Kaiba's helped him. He wouldn't be the duelist he is today if Kaiba hadn't pushed him to be his best. Kaiba may be one of his toughest rivals, but he also considers Kaiba a friend. Deep down, he believes that Kaiba feels the same way. He's just too caught up in his need for power to realize it. He asks Kaiba if he doesn't consider anyone his friend.

(Japanese Yugi remembers his past duels with Kaiba, knowing that his rivalry with Kaiba enabled him to fight harder and reach a higher summit. It should be the same for Kaiba. "Rival" or "friend"—where is the boundary? The flashback is changed in the US version from scenes of Yugi's three duels with Kaiba to scenes of Yugi and Kaiba helping each other, and then shots from their first and last duels.)

Kaiba says friendship is for fools. He duels alone. Depending on others is for the weak, and his future is in his own two hands. He's not interested in having any pals to slow him down. Then he says that it's time for him to accept his defeat like a man. Since there's no one else he relies on, there's no one else he can blame. (Japanese Kaiba says that making noise is the privilege of the winner. "My Battle City is over. Now I leave in silence.")

Kaiba flings his God card at Yugi, then starts to walk away, telling Mokuba, let's go. Mokuba runs after him. Joey and the others watch as Kaiba walks stiffly by.

Joey tells Kaiba to wait, and challenges him to a duel for third place—unless Kaiba's scared of losing to him. (Japanese Jounouchi says he feels sorry for Kaiba that he lost, but how about a duel for third place?) But Kaiba just walks on.

Joey runs in front of him and stops him, accusing Kaiba of thinking he's too good for the rest of them. Joey says he used to be a stubborn jerk, just like Kaiba. He picked on everyone else, but inside he felt alone. Then he was in a tough situation, and Yugi stuck up for him. He realized that looking out for other people actually makes you stronger. Yugi changed his life that day. And he's seen Yugi stick his neck out for Kaiba lots times, but has Kaiba ever said thank you? Take away his Kaiba Corp flunkies, and who's he got on his team?

(Japanese Jounouchi says, "You say you don't need friends? That's what I said before. I'd be very angry when I heard that." Jounouchi remembers stealing the piece of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle and tossing it into the pool. "But I changed since I met Yugi." He remembers Yugi getting beat up while trying to protect Jounouchi and Honda from the bully, Ushio. "Something you can see but you can't see... It's friendship. I realized it after I met Yugi." Yugi says Jounouchi's name as Jounouchi continues. "Because of this friendship, I want to beat Yugi in a duel and become a True Duelist—this is my Battle City. I'm no different from you, because you also lost one duel.")

Kaiba asks Joey to please tell him he's done! All this nonsense about friendship is starting to bore him. Mokuba jumps in to say that's right—the last thing his brother needs is a lecture from Joey. Joey asks Mokuba how he can defend Kaiba after what he said. If Kaiba's happy being alone, he doesn't need Mokuba. Mokuba doesn't know what to say. (Japanese Kaiba says he can ignore the advice of a "bonkotsu" [ordinary] duelist. Mokuba tells Jounouchi not to look down on his brother. But Jounouchi asks Mokuba, what's the difference between the way Jounouchi and his friends feel about Yugi, and the way Mokuba feels about his brother?)

Joey says Kaiba's done nothing but bust his chops about his dueling skills ever since he met him, but now it seems he's afraid of losing to him. Kaiba makes threatening noises, and Joey says he'll take his chances. Kaiba thinks dueling Joey would be a waste of time—he'd crush him. Joey says prove it. So Kaiba accepts, over Mokuba's objection, telling Joey that all the friends in the world won't save him.

(Japanese Jounouchi tells Kaiba he thought he was a better man than this. Kaiba tells him to stop messing with him. But Jounouchi says it's decided, then—let's duel. Kaiba says dueling Jounouchi is a meaningless waste of time, but he never backs down from a challenge. This pan of the gang is cut from the US version.)

(Kaiba intends to teach Jounouchi a lesson. A True Duelist doesn't need a friend's power. Jounouchi says he begs for it! )

On the ship, Ishizu says that the ultimate battle is fast approaching. Soon the Pharaoh will face her brother in a duel, and the fate of the world will depend on its outcome. She leaves the room where she's been watching over Odion.

Outside, at the foot of the Duel Tower, Joey and Kaiba face off. Kaiba says he'll destroy Joey even without his Egyptian God card. Joey tells him to take his best shot. Kaiba says he won't need his best shot, and Joey tells him to take his worst shot for all he cares. He's got a duel to win. (Japanese Kaiba thinks he'll show Jounouchi it's impossible for him to be a True Duelist. Jounouchi says he's ready.)

(Cut from the US version is a bit where Anzu wonders what's up with Jounouchi, and Honda says Jounouchi was always like this—he only fights with someone who's stronger than he is. Flashbacks show Jounouchi in a fist fight.)

Duke says he's never seen Joey look this confident. (Japanese Otogi says Jounouchi has become stronger.) Yugi agrees, saying Joey's come a long way to get where he is today. He knows he can win. He remembers Joey's duels with Roba, Weevil, and Odion, and says that even Marik quivered in fear when faced with Joey's skills. With everything Joey's learned in Battle City, he has a good chance of finally beating Kaiba. Tristan adds, and earning the respect he deserves from that stuck-up punk.

Téa's eyes go blank, and she hears Marik's voice, asking her to take him to his sister. She walks away. (There's no voice-over in the Japanese, and Anzu doesn't glow.)

Kaiba goes first, thinking it's time to show this third-rate wannabe what real dueling is all about. He summons Ryu-Kishin Powered (Gargoyle Powered) (1600 ATK), sets two cards and ends his turn. He thinks Joey will never survive his Shrink and Crush Card combination.

Joey tells Kaiba he'll have to do better than that. He draws Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800 ATK). (Cut from the US version is this shot of Jounouchi thinking that Gearfried's attack is higher than Kaiba's monster's.)

Joey summons Gearfried, telling Kaiba he knows all about his strategies. He was probably all jazzed up about his face-down cards, but magic cards won't work on Gearfried. (Japanese Jounouchi says that he thinks Kaiba's set card is something to weaken the attack of the opponent's monster, but it won't work because equipment cards can't be used on Gearfried.) Tristan says it's awesome! He thinks Joey's using his head out there! Duke says that's something new—Joey'd better not think too hard, or he might hurt himself. Then Duke notices that Téa's gone, but Tristan thinks she just went to the bathroom.

Joey attacks Ryu-Kishin Powered with Gearfried. Kaiba smiles, telling Joey not to be so sure about that. He activates his set magic card, Shrink, telling Joey he can use it to reduce the attack of any monster on the field by half. But he's not going to use it on Gearfried. (Japanese Kaiba tells Jounouchi he's pretty good for a bonkotsu. One of his set cards is a magic card to weaken a monster—but not Jounouchi's monster.) He uses it on his own monster, reducing Ryu-Kishin Powered's attack to 800. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Gearfried stabbing Ryu-Kishin Powered.)

Kaiba takes damage of 1000 life points, but now that his monster's attack is less than 1000, he can use it to activate his Crush Card trap, destroying Gearfried, along with all the monsters in Joey's hand and deck with an attack of 1500 or more. (The real Crush Card only destroys all the monsters with an attack of 1500 or more on the opponent's field, in his hand, and any he draws for the next three turns. It's still a pretty devastating trap card. It hasn't been released in the US.)

Joey mourns his Jinzo and Gilford the Lightning as he sends them and all the rest of his powerful monster cards to the graveyard. Kaiba laughs, saying a weak duelist should have weak monsters. He tells Joey to just admit that he's in over his head and leave before he hurts himself. Joey tells him to forget it. The duel's just getting started, and he's got strategies Kaiba's never dreamed of. Kaiba asks if Joey doesn't know when to quit, and draws. (Japanese Kaiba sighs, saying, what a boring duel, then wearily says, "Ore no turn. Draw." ["My turn. Draw."])

But Joey's sweating. He doesn't have any monsters on the field to protect him. Kaiba summons La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (1800 ATK) and direct attacks.

Ishizu meets Téa at the foot of the steps leaving the ship. Téa tells her the time is near, then calls her "Sister," and Ishizu realizes that Marik's good side is back.

Joey's down to 2200 life points. Kaiba asks if he's had enough, while Tristan encourages him to hang in there. He looks at his monsters, all weak ones, and wonders what to do. Then he draws Graceful Dice. He summons Swordsman of Landstar (500 ATK) and plays Graceful Dice to increase its attack, depending on the roll of the dice. Yugi tells him that's a good way to increase the power of his monsters. He can turn the duel around. Tristan agrees, saying that now all Joey has to do is roll a high enough number to beat Kaiba's monster. Duke points out that Graceful Dice has to roll at least a four in order to power up the Swordsman enough to defeat La Jinn.

Joey starts the roll, saying Joey needs a new pair of shoes! (Japanese Jounouchi calls on the Goddess of Luck to help him as the die rolls.) He rolls a four! And the Swordsman of Landstar's attack is increased to 2000, enough to destroy La Jinn. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Honda exclaiming that Jounouchi rolled a four, and Otogi agreeing that Jounouchi is really lucky.)

Kaiba says Joey can't win a duel with luck, but Joey says it sure gave his Swordsman enough attack points to cut Kaiba's Genie down. Kaiba's life points are down to 2800. But he just says Joey might have won the battle, but he hasn't won the war. (Japanese Kaiba repeats the saying, "A fool can't catch a cold.")

Ishizu remembers when Marik's good side first appeared to her on the ship to warn her to protect Odion. Marik says that he's been in Téa's mind long enough to learn the truth about their past. He heard what Ishizu told the others about their family. Now he knows that it was his dark side that sent his father to the Shadow Realm, and realizes that Ishizu came here to save him from himself. Despite everything he's done in his quest for power, she knew there was still good within him. But now that good is almost completely extinguished. Ishizu fears that if the evil Marik wins the final, his good side might be gone forever, and the entire planet will suffer greatly. Marik says he can't let one duel decide the fate of the world. It's time for him to step in and reclaim his body.

(Japanese Malik says he learned that he's the one who killed their father, and asks Ishizu why she didn't tell him the truth. The flashback is changed in the US version to show the good Marik trapped in Dark Marik's hourglass, then Téa with Marik hiding in her mind, followed by scenes from Dark Marik's first emergence. In the Japanese, the flashback begins directly with the scene of Ishizu telling her family's story to the gang on the ship, and includes the shot of Yami Malik about to kill his father with the dagger in the Millennium Rod.)

(Malik asks if the Millennium Torque showed her his destiny. She says that even if he is controlled by the need for revenge, as long as he's alive, she'll follow their destiny. But Malik says he's not strong enough to control his dark side without Rishid. He can't let his dark side run rampant anymore. He's got to stop him!)

Marik-controlled Téa runs to the Duel Tower, Ishizu calling out after him.

To Be Continued...

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