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Episode 136: Battle for the Bronze, Part 2 (Blue-Eyes White Dragon vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon)

Joey tells Kaiba that it looks like he's defenseless—and Kaiba said he didn't belong in his tournament! Tristan and Duke are both impressed by how well Joey is dueling against Kaiba, and Yami thinks that Joey has become one of the greatest duelists around. Little Yugi reminds him that Joey could have won the whole tournament if Marik hadn't set a Shadow Game against him. All he had to do was call out his final attack, and he would have beaten Marik. Yami agrees, and says that in his heart, Joey knows that he's a great duelist, worthy of the Battle City Crown. (Cut from the US version is a short bit where Yami says that after Battle City is over, he'll duel Jounouchi as promised. He's looking forward to it, and for that reason, he must defeat Malik in the final.)

Mokuba thinks Joey's dueling pretty well against Seto—but he'll have to do better than that to beat him. (Japanese Mokuba can't believe his brother's Virus combo didn't defeat Jounouchi! Jounouchi is really good.) Even Kaiba congratulates Joey on making one good move—there is a first time for everything! Then he reminds Joey that he's destroyed every powerful monster in his deck. Joey thinks Kaiba may be right. The only monsters he has left have less than 1500 attack points. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks of Panther Warrior—which the subtitles render as "Leopard of Inky Black"—and Rocket Warrior, which are both gone.) But he has to keep fighting. If he lets Kaiba get the best of him, Kaiba will never let him live it down. Yugi tells him he can do it, and he turns to his friend and thanks him. (Japanese Jounouchi is determined to beat Kaiba and keep his promise to Yugi. He looks back at Yugi, who nods and urges Jounouchi to go for it.)

Kaiba laughs, and says Joey doesn't have a clue. (Japanese Kaiba again says you can't cure a fool until he's dead.) But he'll give Joey a firsthand look at the difference in their skill levels.

Kaiba summons Blade Knight (1600 ATK), and attacks Joey's Swordsman of Landstar. (Japanese Kaiba orders his monster to to destroy the small fry. The subtitles keep saying "mingled fish," but what Kaiba's saying is "zakou," which means "small fish" or "small fry"—yet another of the names Kaiba likes to call Jounouchi.) With Swordsman of Landstar's destruction, Joey's down to 1100 life points, and has no monsters on the field. Tristan's horrified—Joey just lost half his life points! Duke says one more attack like that, and Joey's done. But Yugi says he'll pull through. (Japanese Honda says, the duel's turned around again! Was that one play just a coincidence? Yugi says no, Jounouchi won't go down like that.)

Kaiba sets a card and ends his turn. Joey says he's just getting warmed up!

Meanwhile, on top of the Duel Tower, Dark Marik is still wondering just what Kaiba and Yugi saw in the Millennium Rod's vision. He's pretty upset that the Rod would respond to them. It's his Millennium Item! He orders the Millennium Rod to show him the vision, but nothing happens. Angrily, he tosses the Rod away.

Téa, still controlled by Marik, picks it up.

Joey draws, and summons Little-Winguard (1400 ATK) in attack mode. Tristan and Duke are surprised that Joey would play a 1400 ATK monster in attack mode, with Kaiba's Blade Knight on the field. He just broke the most basic rule of Duel Monsters. (This shot of Yugi looking on grimly is cut from the US version.)

Even Kaiba asks Joey what he's thinking. Is this some lame attempt at a strategy? (Japanese Kaiba asks, Is this a bonkotsu strategy for a bonkotsu duelist?) Maybe, Joey says. Then he plays the magic card, Legendary Sword, to power up his monster by 300 points. Yugi thinks that's a great move. Now Joey can strengthen his Winguard and destroy Kaiba's Blade Knight.

But Kaiba activates his set magic card, Absorb Spell, which takes the power-up from Joey's monster and gives it to his own, raising Blade Knight to 1900 points. Kaiba says it was a third-rate strategy from a third-rate duelist. Joey could never defeat a duelist with real talent. Joey says next time he's dueling someone with talent, he'll remember that. (Japanese Kaiba says no matter what tricks Jounouchi tries to play, it's useless. "You're only a bonkotsu duelist." Jounouchi finally gets a little tired of all the insults. "Bonkotsu, bonkotsu. How dare you call me bonkotsu all the time!") He sets one card and ends his turn.

Duke says Kaiba is a tough customer. But Tristan says Joey is, too. Look at his eyes—Joey is determined to win this duel no matter what.

Dark Marik tells Téa to give back the Millennium Rod, saying she's meddling with forces beyond her control. He goes over to take it back, but the Rod glows and rejects him, throwing him down. He wonders what's going on. No one can use the Millennium Rod but him.

Yugi's Millennium Puzzle glows in response. He wonders what's causing it, suspecting that it's not good, and sees a brief glimpse of Téa in the Puzzle. Something's happened to Téa, and he has to go find her now. With a word of encouragement to Joey, he runs off to the Duel Tower.

(Okay, you can't tell by looking at these two screencaps, but what's happening here is that this short clip of Jounouchi facing Kaiba across the field has been reversed—the scene is panning from right to left in the US version, but it's panning left to right in the Japanese. I don't think I've ever noticed them them do that before.)

(Then a short scene is cut from the US version, where Jounouchi worries about Kaiba attacking him now, followed by Kaiba announcing his turn.)

Kaiba draws, saying Joey may think he's going to attack his pitiful Winguard, but he's got other things planned for him. He plays his magic card, Enemy Controller, which can control an enemy's monster at the cost of 1000 life points. His life points go down to 1800, as he takes control of Little-Winguard. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Otogi and Honda wondering that Kaiba is willing to pay 1000 life points to steal Jounouchi's monster. He must want to finish him off in one turn.)

Then Kaiba plays Cost Down, which reduces the level of a monster in his hand by two stars. Now he can summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragon with only one sacrifice—and the sacrifice he uses is Joey's Little-Winguard! Joey faces Kaiba's dragon with no monsters of his own on the field.

Kaiba says now Joey's defenseless. One attack by his Blue-Eyes, and Joey will lose the duel. Joey should have quit when he had the chance. (Japanese Kaiba says it's a waste to use it on a bonkotsu, but Jounouchi should take the experience of being killed by the Blue-Eyes as an honor. This shot of Honda and Otogi watching and exclaiming that Jounouchi has no monsters on the field is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba direct attacks Joey.

Joey activates his face-down card, Scapegoat. One of the little goats takes the Blue-Eyes White Dragon's attack, protecting Joey's life points. Tristan says it's awesome! (Japanese Honda chides Jounouchi for always making people worry about him!)

Kaiba sends Blade Knight to destroy another of the little goats, its power increasing to 2300 as it attacks. He explains that Blade Knight's effect is to increase its attack by 400 points when he only has one card in his hand. Now Kaiba has the Blue-Eyes White Dragon with an attack of 3000, and Blade Knight with 2300. And because of the Crush card virus, Joey has no monsters with more than 1500 attack points. And Joey is forced to agree—how can he take down two of Kaiba's heavyweights with a deck full of wimps?

Joey draws, but only gets another weak monster, Battle Warrior. He sets one card face down, then plays Battle Warrior in defense mode and ends his turn.

Kaiba says that pathetic monster won't slow him down! But Joey just says they'll see about that.

Marik-controlled Téa backs Dark Marik up to the railing of the Duel Tower with the Millennium Rod. Dark Marik realizes that his other self has taken refuge within Téa. Marik says it's his responsibility to stop Dark Marik. Dark Marik says Marik doesn't exist any more—it's his body now. Marik says he knows, and he's returned to reclaim it from him. Dark Marik says Marik is too weak, and he's the real Marik now, thanks to Odion's accident. (Japanese Malik is intent on forcing his dark side over the railing off the Duel Tower. Yami Malik reminds his other self that it's his own body he'll be destroying. Malik says he knows, but this is the only way. Yami Malik says Sister will be very sad, and so will Rishid.) Thinking of Odion distracts Marik long enough for for Dark Marik to grab Téa's arm and toss her aside, while he snatches the Millennium Rod away. Now it's Marik backed against the railing, while Dark Marik menaces him/her with the Rod, threatening to send him to the Shadow Realm. But he/she leaps up onto the railing in a handstand, turns and somersaults across the tower away from Dark Marik.

Dark Marik activates the Millennium Rod and knocks Marik down, saying he's just prolonging his demise. It's time to end their little game. (Japanese Yami Malik says Malik is only pieces of memory. He's the one who should fade quietly away.) Dark Marik begins to use the Rod to wipe out the spirit of his other self, when suddenly Ishizu appears, ordering him to stop!

Dark Marik tells Ishizu to stay out of it, and threatens to banish her as well. She tells him to begone! He's not her brother. Marik tells her it's too late for him. She must stop Dark Marik, and forget about him. Then he fades, and Téa passes out.

Dark Marik tells Ishizu to prepare to join her father in eternal darkness. He begins to activate the Rod, when Yami's voice orders him to stop. Dark Marik sees the glow of the Millennium Puzzle in the Duel Tower elevator, and says he's become quite popular today! Yami walks out onto the Duel Tower, telling Marik he's gone far enough. Both of their Millennium Items glow, and darkness begins to envelop the tower.

Then the light returns, as Dark Marik calls off his attack. That would be too easy, he says, and he has something more fun in mind. When next they meet, the Pharaoh's power will be his. (Japanese Yami Malik says, never mind, it's too boring to kill him like that. Their fight deserves a better stage. "Just wait with your clean neck," he says.) Dark Marik walks away, laughing.

Yami, with little Yugi in spirit form beside him, runs to Téa. Ishizu says it's okay, Téa should be fine soon. Yami wonders why Téa came here in the first place. Ishizu tells Yami that the good side of her brother still lives in Téa's mind. But soon he'll be gone forever! (Japanese Ishizu begs Yami to save her brother.)

Kaiba's turn. He plays his magic card, Card of Demise, which lets him draw until he has five cards in his hand, at the cost of discarding his entire hand five turns later. But he plans to destroy Joey long before that.

He summons Kaiser Seahorse, ordering it to attack one of the Scapegoats. Then Blade Knight destroys the other. Finally, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon destroys Joey's Battle Warrior.

Tristan and Duke know that if Joey doesn't do something quick, he'll lose. Kaiba ends his turn, telling Joey to go ahead and try to get himself out of this mess. Unless he's come to his senses, and is ready to give up.

Joey laughs. He guesses Kaiba doesn't know him very well. Joey Wheeler doesn't quit, especially when he's up against stuck-up rich punks like Kaiba. Kaiba says fine, this will all be over soon enough. Joey says, as soon as he wipes Kaiba out. (Japanese Jounouchi raises his Duel Disk and says that as long as there are cards in his deck, he'll never give up. Kaiba's again with the bonkotsu. Jounouchi tells him to shut up.)

Joey draws Pot of Greed, which he plays, drawing two more cards. Now he's got the card he wants! He activates his set card, Graverobber, stealing Enemy Controller from Kaiba's graveyard. He uses another of its abilities to destroy Kaiba's Blue-Eyes (Japanese Jounouchi calls it the "Blue-Eyes Baka" or "Blue-Eyes Idiot"), at a cost of 1000 life points. He's down to 100 life points, but now he plays Monster Reborn to revive the Blue-Eyes White Dragon on his own side of the field!

Duke and Tristan cheer, while Mokuba sadly says, "Seto!" Kaiba seethes while Joey uses the Blue-Eyes to destroy Kaiba's Blade Knight, muttering that Joey will regret it. His life points go down to 700. Then Joey summons Hayabusa Knight in defense, sets one card face down, and ends his turn. He taunts Kaiba about stealing his favorite card from him, saying that the Blue-Eyes looks good standing there behind him.(Japanese Jounouchi says, See, no one can predict what will happen in a duel. That's why we should keep fighting, and never give up.)

Kaiba is outraged that Joey dared to summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragon! He tells Joey he made a big mistake by taking his Blue-Eyes. Now it's time for him to end this duel. He draws, still muttering under his breath that this is unacceptable. There's no way he'll allow a third-rate duelist like Joey to use his Blue-Eyes. He says that when Kaiser Seahorse is sacrificed, it can serve as a double sacrifice for a light monster, so he sacrifices it to summon a second Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He laughs. Now they each have a Blue-Eyes. (Japanese Kaiba says, "How's that, bonkotsu? Now, you go to hell!") Kaiba attacks Blue-Eyes with Blue-Eyes, and the dragons destroy each other.

Joey thinks Kaiba needs to chill! Who knew he'd get so worked up over one little card!

But Kaiba's turn isn't over yet. Kaiba activates his own Monster Reborn, bringing his Blue-Eyes White Dragon back to the field. He's the only one with the skills necessary to wield a Blue-Eyes! he says. Now it's time for him to finish Joey off, and expose him as the failure he truly is! (Japanese Kaiba says to his dragon, "Come back to your real owner!" He tells Jounouchi that a guy like him can never use a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Now he'll taste the power of the Blue-Eyes, back in the hands of its real owner!)

To Be Continued...

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