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Episode 138: The Final Face Off, Part 1 (The Final: Yugi vs Malik)

Yugi stares at the card Kaiba gave to him, the magic card, Fiend Sanctuary (Devil's Sanctuary. Kaiba told him it was something he'd need, but can he trust him? Kaiba tells him to use it wisely. (Japanese Mokuba wonders why his brother gave Yugi this card.) Yugi asks Kaiba what he means by this, but Kaiba only says that's for Yugi to figure out. (There's no dialog here in the Japanese.) Kaiba thinks that this is the only card that can defeat Marik's Winged Dragon of Ra. (The Winged Dragon of Ra card is added over the close-up of Fiend Sanctuary in the US version.)

But even if Yugi does figure out how to use it, his chances of winning are slim.

Kaiba tells Yugi that if he wants to win, he'll use that card, instead of counting on the support of his little fan club. (Japanese Kaiba says, "You said your friends' strength brought you victory. But in a duel, others' strengths are just a burden. This card will show you that.")

The gang all wonder why Kaiba would give a card to Yugi. Joey doesn't trust Kaiba, and advises Yugi to toss that card right off the Duel Tower. Kaiba says it's up to Yugi whether he keeps the card, and Yugi promptly shuffles it into his deck. (This shot of Kaiba watching Yugi add the card to his deck is cut from the US version.)

He and Kaiba might not always agree, Yugi says, but he still trusts him.

Marik tells Yugi that he's been waiting for this moment all his life. Soon the Pharaoh's infinite power will be his! (Japanese Malik says he doesn't know what card Kaiba gave Yugi, but it doesn't matter. It's all useless in front of Ra.) Yugi says he'll defeat Marik and free him from the darkness, and Marik goes all veiny and bug-eyed and says, come and get me!

Joey says he knows Yugi has two God cards, while Marik only has one, but Yugi's will be tougher to summon to the field. Yugi has to sacrifice three monsters to summon either Slifer or Obelisk, but Marik can summon Ra using only one card—Monster Reborn. Joey remembers facing Ra in his own duel with Marik. Ra has so many special abilities, it's almost impossible to beat. Then Joey turns to look at Kaiba, suddenly remembering that Kaiba said his computer had figured out all of Ra's secrets. Maybe the card he gave Yugi really can help Yugi defeat Marik!

Yugi and Marik shuffle each other's decks. Marik tells Yugi to shuffle well, and hope that Ra will end up at the bottom of his deck.

Ishizu thanks Kaiba, but he says for what? Even though he gave Yugi a good card, Yugi will still have to figure out how to use it. And he'll probably lose anyway. Maybe then she'll stop believing that fairy tales come true. Yugi is no Pharaoh, and he's not destined to save the world. Ishizu should stop living in the past. Kaiba realized a long time ago that the only way to succeed is to look ahead. Ishizu tells Kaiba that's not true, and before this duel is over, he will believe.

(Japanese Kaiba tells Ishizu that even though he helped Yugi as she wished, it was only to prove that there's no miracle. The stone tablet is only a meaningless relic to him. A three-thousand-year-old corpse has nothing to do with him. Ishizu says that the soul and spirit last forever. Part of this conversation is cut from the US version to fit the changed dialog.)

(She trusts Yugi, and she trusts that a friend's power is able to defeat God.)

Kaiba thinks that Yugi thinks he gave him the card as an act of friendship. That's ridiculous. Friendship is for the weak. (Japanese Kaiba continues to insist that Yugi's defeat will prove that a friend's strength is useless.)

Marik and Yugi give each other back their decks and slot them into their Duel Disks. Marik and Yugi make boastful noises at each other, and the gang encourage Yugi. Ishizu silently tells Yugi that the fate of mankind rests on his shoulders. The evil that controls her brother must be expelled, and Yugi is the only one who can do it. (Japanese Ishizu pleads with Yugi to defeat her brother's dark heart, and take back the key to his memory, and save her little brother.)

Roland tells them to commence dueling.

Marik laughs, saying to let the fun begin! (Cut from the US version is this shot of Malik licking the Millennium Rod.)

Darkness engulfs the Duel Tower, and the gang realize it's another Shadow Game. Marik tells Yugi this Shadow Game will be different—he's thrown in a few twists especially for Yugi. (Japanese Malik says he's prepared the Ultimate Dark Game for Yugi.)

On the ship, Serenity tells the unconscious Mai to hang in there. She sees the sphere of darkness enveloping the top of the Duel Tower, and says that this is their last chance to stop Marik.

(This shot of Malik sticking his tongue out is cut from the US version.)

Marik says it's time to show Yugi the first of his surprises, and the hourglass imprisoning Mai floats overhead. She's nearly buried in sand. Once this duel is over, Marik says, she'll be gone. Yugi insist he won't let this madness continue! But Marik says she's not the only one in danger. (Yet more of Malik's tongue action is cut from the US version.)

Little Yugi appears floating above and next to Yami, his wrists and ankles bound by rings of darkness. Marik tells Yami that if he loses the duel, Yugi will go to the Shadow Realm. Yami tells Marik to leave Yugi out of it, but Dark Marik says his weaker half is involved as well. Normal Marik appears, bound in darkness next to Dark Marik. If Dark Marik loses, the Shadows will take him.

Dark Marik draws, summons Vampiric Leech (500 ATK), and orders it to direct attack. Yami is hit for 500 life points, as Dark Marik says that this monster can attack instantly, even on the first turn!

Yugi screams in pain, and part of his body dissolves away. Dark Marik explains that when Yami loses life points, Yugi will lose a piece of himself to the darkness. When Yami's life points reach zero, Yugi will be gone forever! And the same rule applies to his own former self. Yami says he won't duel, but Yugi tells him he has to, and Dark Marik agrees. They're playing by his rules now, and he can banish Yugi to the Shadow Realm at any time.

(Cut from the US version is this bit where Yami worries that if he wins, the other Malik will be the sacrifice, and wondering what he should do. Malik tells him that they are both owners of Millennium Items, and it's a fair fight.)

Dark Marik thinks that Yami may not realize it, but when Yugi's body is consumed by darkness, the Pharaoh will also cease to exist in this world. Without a body, he'll just be a wandering spirit. (Japanese Dark Malik thinks that he's lied to Yami—if Yami loses, he'll go to the Darkness along with his other self. But if Dark Malik loses, his other self will be lost, but he won't!)

Yugi urges Yami to fight, saying that ever since they first met, they've faced everything together. He's right there next to Yami, and they'll defeat Marik together. Yami agrees. The future of so many depends on their victory. If Marik wins, he'll gain all three Egyptian God cards, and four innocent souls will be lost. He's now certain that the reason he and Yugi were brought together were so that they could win this one duel. (Japanese Yugi says he'll fight with Yami side by side to beat Malik's evil heart. Yugi was chosen by the Millennium Puzzle to lend his strength to Yami. Yami thanks him, and vows to continue to fight and defeat Dark Malik, thinking that there must be a way to save Malik and Yugi, Mai and Bakura. This shot of Yami vowing to save both Yugi and Malik is cut from the US version.)

Dark Marik says it's still his turn, and he activates another of Vampiric Leech's special abilities. By discarding a card, he can switch it to defense position at the end of the turn. He's already got Ra in his hand, and sends it to the graveyard. Now all he needs is Monster Reborn, and he can summon Ra to the field. He switches Vampiric Leech to defense, sets one card, and ends his turn.

Yami draws Exchange, and summons Queen's Knight (1500 ATK). Dark Marik knows this is part of Yami's strategy to summon three monsters to sacrifice for a God card. Yami attacks Vampiric Leech with Queen's Knight and destroys it, but Dark Marik takes no damage, since it was in defense. Then Yami sets two cards and ends his turn. (And Malik wriggles his tongue around some more.)

Dark Marik draws and laughs. Joey watches worriedly from the sidelines, thinking that Marik is going to summon his God card the same way he did in their duel. Marik says he's drawn just what he needs. But first, he summons Juragedo (1700 ATK), and uses it to destroy Queen's Knight. Yami's life points go down to 3300, and a piece of Yugi's arm disappears, but Yugi says he'll be fine. Then Dark Marik sets two cards and ends his turn.

Yami draws, but Dark Marik activates a trap card, Left Arm Offering, which allows Dark Marik to add a magic card from his deck to his hand, at the cost of discarding all his other cards. And the card he selects is Monster Reborn. But Yami activates Exchange, allowing each of them to take one card from the other's hand. Yami chooses Dark Marik's Monster Reborn, while Dark Marik takes De-Fusion from Yami's hand. Kaiba says too bad—now Marik can't bring back his God card. (Japanese Kaiba notes that even though Dark Malik lost Raise Dead, he's still calm.)

Yami plays Monster Reborn, bringing back Queen's Knight, then he summons King's Knight. With both of them on the field, he can special summon Jack's Knight. Now Yami has three monsters on the field. Dark Marik knows Yami plans to summon Slifer, but when he does, Marik will be ready. Tristan and the others cheer for Yami, and urge him to attack. But Téa points out that Marik still has those two face-down cards on the field. Yugi had better be careful.

Dark Marik laughs (and sticks out his tongue some more, but I'm not going to cap it this time), and asks Yami what he's waiting for! Come and attack him! (Cut from the US version is this sequence where Yugi thinks there is a terrible trap waiting for him.)

Yami ends his turn without attacking.

Tristan wonders what's wrong—why didn't Yugi attack? Joey says Yugi did the right thing. He's got great instincts, and knew the time wasn't right.

Dark Marik draws and sets one more card. He says he could end this duel shortly, but it would be more amusing to extend the game and prolong Yami's suffering. Since Yami's going to lose when Marik plays his God card, Marik's decided to give Yami some assistance so he can play his. (Japanese Malik tells Yami he knows he doesn't have the God cards in his hand. He says he feels sorry for him, waiting impatiently for God. If Yami draws Osiris but only has a few cards in his hand, its attack will be nothing. So, he says, he'll give Yami a present. This shot of Malik picking up a card in his teeth is cut from the US version.)

He plays the magic card, Card of Sanctity (Godsend). Both players draw until they have six cards in their hands. Then Marik switches Juragedo to defense and ends his turn.

(Cut from the US version is this bit where Kaiba thinks that Battle City rules allow the player to have only one Raise Dead per deck. But as long as you have that terrible card....)

Yami draws. Now he has seven cards in his hand. He sacrifices his three monsters on the field to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon, its attack 6000. His friends cheer, thinking Yugi will win! Yami orders Slifer to attack.

But Marik laughs, telling Yami his monster is nothing! He activates his set magic card, Dark Spell Regeneration (Revival of the Dark). Kaiba tells Mokuba that this card allows Marik to move any magic card from the graveyard back to the field. Dark Marik plays Monster Reborn from the graveyard, using it to revive Ra in its God Phoenix form. Slifer's attack is deflected harmlessly. In this mode, Dark Marik says, Ra is immune to all attacks for one turn.

Thanks to the fiery wrath of Ra, Marik says, little Yugi will be consumed by Darkness and absolute power will be his! (Japanese Malik says the God Phoenix Ra will burn Yugi and Osiris into ashes.)

To Be Continued

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