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Episode 139: The Final Face Off, Part 2 (Devil's Sanctuary Called)

As the gang watches Yugi from the sidelines, Joey tells the others that the Winged Dragon of Ra is not a monster to be messing with—especially in its Phoenix mode. Tristan says that Yugi's got a God monster on the field, too—doesn't that mean that Yugi and Marik are even? But Joey says they're not even close! Ra is in a class by itself, and he ought to know. When Marik attacked him with that monster, he was knocked out cold. (Japanese Jounouchi explains that by paying 1000 life points, Malik can invoke Ra's God Phoenix form and burn up all of Yugi's monsters—even Osiris. Honda asks, no matter how powerful the monster? Jounouchi doesn't know, but what he's worried about is the God's attack burning out the strength of players.)

Yami tells Marik that Slifer's special ability will destroy Ra, and orders Slifer to attack with its second mouth. But Slifer's attack is repelled, exploding harmlessly away from Ra. Marik laughs, saying that Ra is invincible.

Marik says that now his divine creature will unleash its fiery wrath! (Japanese Malik begins the chant to invoke Ra's third ability.) Kaiba sees that Marik is about to invoke Ra's Phoenix ability to destroy all of Yugi's monsters. But Yugi has Slifer on the field. Will Yugi's God monster be incinerated by Marik's?

Dark Marik pays the 1000 life points to activate the Phoenix—but it's light Marik who suffers the cost, as part of his arm dissolves away. Now, Marik says, behold the rage of Ra as it rids the field of Slifer! Ra attacks, and the field is engulfed in flames.

Yami and Yugi both cry out in the fire. (This close-up pan of Yami and Yugi screaming in flames is cut from the US version.)

Joey says that's what happened to him, and Téa calls out to Yugi to stay strong. Slifer is consumed by Ra's Phoenix attack. But Marik says this is just the beginning—he plans to prolong Yami's anguish as long as he can. Yami asks Yugi if he's all right, and Yugi tells him not to worry, he'll be fine. Yami must concentrate on defeating Marik, or the entire world will suffer! (Japanese Yami tells Yugi to hold on. Yugi says he's okay, but their God monster is destroyed. Yami says they only have one God left.)

At the end of the turn, Ra goes back to the graveyard, since it was summoned using Monster Reborn. But Marik says the worst is yet to come! He'll destroy Yami's life points one by one, as the darkness consumes his body.

Then Marik activates another trap card, Zombie's Jewel, which allows him to take an opponent's magic card from the graveyard. Laughing evilly, he taunts Yami, asking if Yami knows which card he'll take. Naturally, he takes Yami's Monster Reborn again, stroking it lovingly, telling Yami it will allow the Winged Dragon of Ra to continue its onslaught. (Japanese Malik says he'll use it to summon Ra in his next turn, and destroy Yami with Ra's One Turn Kill.) Zombie's Jewel also allows Yami to draw another card. Marik wonders if it will be the card that can save Yami. Perhaps he'll draw the card Kaiba gave him. (The shot of Kaiba throwing the card to Yami is superimposed over Marik's face in the US version.)

Of course, nothing will truly save him in the end. (Japanese Yami looks at his deck, thinking that his fate is sleeping in these cards.)

Mokuba says that maybe Yugi can win, if he draws the card Kaiba gave him. Kaiba doubts it, but it should be interesting to see. Téa worries that Yugi doesn't have even one monster on the field to protect him. Tristan says that if Marik brings back Ra, Yugi will be crushed. Duke points out that if Marik revives Ra with Monster Reborn, it will have zero attack points, and won't be able to damage Yugi's life points, but Joey thinks Ra's got a whole bag of tricks they haven't seen yet.

(Japanese Kaiba watches intently, thinking that unless Yugi draws That Card, he can't stop Ra's One Turn Kill. Anzu says that Yugi has no monsters on the field to protect him, and Otogi says the God Phoenix can only attack the opponent's monsters, right? Jounouchi says that's right, but he thinks Ra has another hidden power. Is there any way to defeat it? he wonders.)

Marik tells Yami to pick wisely, for Yami knows what becomes of those Marik defeats—their souls are banished for eternity, and their treasures become his. (Japanese Malik says he'll show Yugi something interesting.) He pulls the Millennium Ring out of his cloak. Tristan and Joey realize that Marik must have sent Bakura to the Shadow Realm. (Japanese Jounouchi demands that Malik tell them what he's done with Bakura.) Malik says the Millennium Ring is his trophy, and when he wins this game, he'll add Yugi's Millennium Puzzle to his collection. Yugi will face the same downfall as Bakura. A flashback shows Bakura's defeat by Ra's attack. Marik says Yugi will enter the Shadows screaming, just as Bakura did, and join the ranks of his other victims. (Japanese Malik says he wants to show Yugi how Bakura died, and presents a vision of Bakura being struck down by the God Phoenix. He says that next turn, he'll kill Yugi the same way. Yami also remembers Malik using the Millennium Rod to seal Mai's mind in darkness, and attacking Jounouchi with Ra. How dare Malik hurt his friends, he tells Malik, and vows to have his revenge. But Malik thinks there's nothing he can do.)

(This shot of Yugi looking at Yami has been added to the US version.)

Yami's hand hovers over his deck, as Yugi tells him that they can do this—they just have to draw the card Kaiba gave them. It could be their only hope of stopping Marik's Egyptian God card. Kaiba put his faith in them, and now they have to put their faith in him. (Japanese Yami thinks that the fateful card he's about to draw is something he can see, but can't see. He remembers Kaiba giving him the Devil's Sanctuary card, and knows that this is the card he must draw.) As Yami's hand touches his deck, his eyes close, and light flashes across the sky. Ishizu thinks that the Pharaoh's faith in Kaiba has invoked the energies of ancient Egypt. There is no doubt he has drawn the card he needs. (Japanese Ishizu thinks that Yugi's deck is where the souls are gathered.)

Yami draws and, without opening his eyes, slots the card into his Duel Disk, saying he will set this card and end his turn.

Marik stares in astonishment. Tristan and Duke wonder what's going on—Yugi didn't even look at that card! Joey's never seen Yugi do that before—Yugi has no idea what he just played! Téa wonders what Yugi's thinking. Mokuba asks Kaiba what card he thinks Yugi drew. And Kaiba thinks this is ridiculous. There's no way Yugi can know what card he put on the field. Ishizu stares at Kaiba, silently urging him not to deny his destiny. It's Fiend Sanctuary. Fate has allowed the Pharaoh to draw the card Kaiba gave to Yugi. (Japanese Ishizu doesn't have any dialog here. Japanese Kaiba wonders, how can Yugi know what he drew without looking at it?)

(Cut from the US version is a scene where Kaiba wonders if Yugi will summon a miracle. Then Isono attempts to stop the game, telling Yugi it's against the rules to set a card without knowing what it is—if it's a monster card, it's in the wrong slot. But Kaiba thinks it's interesting, and tells Isono to let them duel.)

Marik laughs, telling Yami that the impending threat of the Shadow Realm has clouded his thought processes. Why else would he play a card without looking at it? Yami says Marik wouldn't understand. (Japanese Malik asks Yugi if the pressure has driven him crazy. It's the last draw of his life, Malik says, and Yugi should take a good look at his card as a souvenir. Yugi just tells Malik it's his turn.)

Marik draws, thinking that it's time for his Egyptian God card to return to the field in all its glory, and wipe Yugi out forever. (Japanese Malik thinks he won't let Yugi lose by breaking the rules. He'll send him to hell with ultimate pain!) He plays Monster Reborn, bringing Ra from the graveyard once more. Then he says he'll activate Ra's most devastating ability, making it completely indestructible and sealing the Pharaoh's fate. (Japanese Malik begins to chant, activating Ra's special ability. "Open your eyes and let this scene be sealed in your mind," he tells Yami.) Yami watches in astonishment as Marik's body begins to dissolve. Marik tells him that he's transforming his life points into Ra's attack points.

A single eye of Marik's remains on the field, while the rest of him has fused together with Ra, appearing within the huge jewel on the Winged Dragon's forehead. This is the same tactic he used to attack Bakura, Marik says, by giving up all but one of his life points to increase Ra's attack. Ra's attack rises to 2999, while Marik's life points go down to one. Then Marik sacrifices his other monster, Juragedo, to absorb its attack points into Ra as well. Now Ra has an attack of 4699, more than enough to finish Yugi off. Just one attack, and this duel is over. (This is the One Turn Kill, Japanese Malik tells Yami. You're finished.)

Joey says that monster is way too powerful! If he attacks Yugi directly, Marik will win. (Cut from the US version is a scene where Mokuba turns to his brother saying that if this goes on, Yugi will... Kaiba thinks that if Yugi drew That Card, he wants Yugi to show him a miracle. Ishizu looks on intently.)

Ra attacks.

Yami activates his set card, Fiend Sanctuary. Kaiba is astonished. That is the card he gave Yugi! But Yugi placed it on the field without even looking at it. How could he have known he'd played the right card? It doesn't make sense! It must be some sort of a trick! Now let's see if it works. (Japanese Yami thinks that the moment he touched that card, he felt Kaiba's soul. Kaiba can't believe Yugi drew that card. Is this the strength of friends? he wonders. Is this a miracle?)

A magical symbol appears on the field (more points are added to the star in the US version),

and from it rises a shiny monster made of reflective beads. It's a Metal Fiend Token (Metal Devil Token). Thanks to his magic card, Kaiba says, Marik's Winged Dragon of Ra will attack the metal token instead of Yugi's life points. Marik stares at it—and sees his own eye reflected in it. Yami says that he's no longer the target of Ra's attack—now it will attack Marik, through his reflection in the metal token. And Marik only has one life point. He'll be destroyed by his own monster.

The gang cheer Yugi, while Marik thinks he must stop the Winged Dragon of Ra's attack, or he'll lose the duel. Ra attacks the Metal Fiend Token, and Yami thinks he's won. But as the smoke clears, Yami sees that the Metal Fiend is still on the field. Marik laughs, telling Yami he was a fool to think he could win that easily. Marik stands unharmed before his God monster, his life points at 4700. Joey doesn't understand it! Marik should have lost the duel.

Yami asks Marik how he escaped. Marik explains that he activated the magic card, De-Fusion—the card he took from Yami's hand when Yami played Exchange. De-Fusion released the fusion between himself and Ra, ending the attack and transferring all of Ra's attack points back to his life points. Yami's strategy failed, and Marik is stronger than ever.

Kaiba chuckles to himself, thinking that just as he suspected, Yugi wasn't able to use the card he gave him to defeat Marik. But there is one more thing Yugi can gain from the card. He'll see if Yugi can figure it out. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that Devil's Sanctuary isn't just for stopping Ra's attack. Will Yugi know what to do with it? This pan of Malik's side of the field is cut from the US version.)

Marik points out that now that he's regained his life points, his weaker half has regained his body from the Shadow Realm—for now. (That guy is pretty tough, Japanese Malik says.) Hanging in his bonds, light Marik calls to Odion for help.

Ra returns to the graveyard once more, along with Monster Reborn. Marik plays one card face down and ends his turn. Joey knows that Marik plans to bring back Monster Reborn to summon Ra again. Tristan urges Yugi to stop this guy!

Marik tells Yami that in order to maintain the Metal Fiend Token on the field, he has to pay 1000 life points each turn. Yami turns to Yugi, knowing that as he loses life points, he also loses part of Yugi to the Shadows. Yugi urges Yami to do whatever it takes to defeat Marik. Yami draws, and, apologizing to Yugi, pays 1000 life points to keep the Metal Fiend Token on the field. Yugi's body is eaten away by the loss of life points.

Marik laughs, saying it's Yugi who suffers, just so Yami can maintain a useless creature on the field. But Kaiba smiles, thinking perhaps Yugi does know the second function of Fiend Sanctuary after all. Yami silently thanks Kaiba, thinking that he knew Kaiba's card would save him the moment he gave it to him. Their spirits are connected. (Japanese Yami thinks to Kaiba that when he drew Devil's Sanctuary, the meeting of their souls passed the knowledge to him.)

Yami activates his covered card, Multiply, which allows him to increase the number of Metal Fiends on the field from one to three. Marik is horrified, knowing Yugi's going to sacrifice them! Kaiba says it looks like Yugi did it—he figured out how to make the most of his magic card. Ishizu realizes that Yugi is going to summon his second God card.

Which he does. Yami sacrifices the three Metal Fiend Tokens to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. (In the real game, monster tokens can't be used as tributes to summon monsters.) The huge God monster appears on the field behind Yami, as he thinks it was summoned with the help of two of his friends—Kaiba and Yugi. (Kaiba and Yugi are added to the shot of Yami in the US version.)

Exclaiming that this is awesome, Tristan grabs Duke around the neck to celebrate. Téa says she knew Yugi would turn things around, and Joey says get a look at Marik! He's so scared his hair is standing up. Oh, wait, he always looks like that. (Japanese Jounouchi says that Malik has no monsters on the field, so Yugi can attack him directly with Obelisk.)

Yami orders Obelisk to attack, and Marik is hit by the God's giant fist.

To Be Continued

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