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Episode 140: The Final Face Off, Part 3 (Immortal Wall: God Slime)

Marik is thrown to the ground by Obelisk's direct attack. He loses 4000 life points, bringing him down to 700. As Marik's eye twitches, Yami tells him he's only one attack away from defeat. On the sidelines, the gang cheers. Joey says Marik didn't even know what hit him! He's in a complete daze. Duke agrees—kind of like Joey is every day. Mokuba exclaims that that was so awesome! (Japanese Mokuba says that Yugi is great!) But Kaiba thinks something's not right. Why would Marik allow Obelisk to attack him so easily? Ishizu also thinks it seems as though Marik wanted this to happen. He must be planning to use his face-down card to counterattack. She urges Yami to be careful. Marik's evil side prefers to prolong his opponent's suffering for his own amusement.

Téa says Yugi's not looking so good, and Joey agrees, wondering what Yugi has to worry about. He's one step away from winning the Battle City Tournament.

Marik struggles to his feet, a grotesque look on his face. (This shot of Malik sticking his tongue out is cut from the US version.)

Impressive, he tells Yami, but it will take more than that to keep him down. It's his other self who really suffers when he loses life points. Much of light Marik's body has faded away. (Japanese Malik laughs, saying it hurts, but Yugi shouldn't forget that the other Malik hurts worse than he does.) Marik taunts Yami, telling him he's supposed to save mankind, not destroy it. To think Marik was once the Pharaoh's loyal servant—it's nice to see his other self being repaid by his exalted king! (Japanese Malik says the irony is very amusing. The Pharaoh's hateful spice can roast a delicious sacrificial offering.)

Yugi warns Yami to be careful. They have to protect Marik's good side, as they promised Ishizu. Yami agrees—but if Marik's evil side prevails, the whole world will be destroyed. Yugi insists there must be a way to save the good Marik and the world. They're destined to stop this madness, just as Yami did five thousand years ago. Yami nods his agreement. (Japanese Yugi warns that if Yami continues to attack, Malik's other self will disappear. But Yami says that if he loses, Yugi will be taken by the dark. Yugi says he's still okay. The real enemy they have to defeat is Malik's dark heart. For Ishizu's sake, they must save Malik's true self. Yami agrees, but he doesn't know how to do it.)

Marik tells Yami he should feel honored—of all the lives he's destroyed, Yami's has been the most amusing. And the worst is ahead. (Tongue!)

Ishizu thinks it's just as she suspected—Marik's planning to use his face-down card to devastate the Pharaoh. (A card is added panning across the screen over Ishizu's face in the US version.)

Marik thinks he's been stringing Yami along since the duel began. (Japanese Malik thinks he'll show Yugi that summoning the God was only a trap he'd set for him.) What's left of light Marik opens his eyes, moaning. (Japanese light Malik says Rishid's name.)

On the ship, Odion lies in a coma. Marik's spirit speaks to him, telling him that his dark side grows stronger as he slips into the Shadows. Before he's gone forever, he wants to say that he's sorry. Odion has done nothing but protect him since the day he was born, and Malik has repaid him with anger and disrespect. He'd like to take it all back, but it's too late. The evil within him is about to prevail—the evil that he created out of his own hatred now threatens to destroy him. Odion was there the day Marik's dark side was born—the day he received the Tombkeepers' initiation. Marik recalls receiving the initiation, and Odion scarring his own face in order to prove his loyalty. Marik says that Odion that was always loyal to him, even when Marik betrayed the Tombkeepers and used the ancient scriptures for his own selfish purposes. Now he understands why Odion stood by him, even when he knew what Marik was doing was wrong. Odion was the only one who could control Marik's dark side. But when Odion was hurt, Marik's dark side took over. Now Marik is drifting away while his evil side's power increases. He tells Odion goodbye, and apologizes again as his spirit fades away.

(Japanese light Malik tells Rishid that he's going to the dark world soon, but before he goes, he has something to tell him. He broke the rules of his Tribe and committed a horrible crime. In retribution for his father's murder, even if he suffers punishment forever, he can never be forgiven. He thinks of the day when his evil side killed his father. This flashback is cut from the US version.)

(Even though it was his dark side that committed the deed, it was his own twisted heart that created that evil, in hatred of his fate and the Pharaoh. On the day that his Tribe's ritual was done to him, Rishid suffered as he suffered. This shot of Malik's father holding up the knife after sterilizing the blade in a candle flame, along with a few other shots, is cut from the flashback in the US version.)

(He remembers the Pharaoh's memory being carved into his back, and Rishid cutting his own face in order to share Malik's pain. Because of Rishid, he was able to suppress his dark side, but now it's enough. The writing is removed from the wine bottle in the US version. You probably can't read it at this size, but it says [in English], "Bruce Lee is God.")

(Malik doesn't know where Rishid's soul is wandering, but he tells Rishid he doesn't have to take Malik's pain any longer. He urges Rishid to keep chasing the light, and thanks him.)

Atop the Duel Tower, the Shadow Game continues. Marik tells Yami that his his trap card, which Yami activated with his last attack, is powerful enough to stop an Egyptian God card. Yami says that's impossible, and Joey exclaims that there's no way Marik has a trap card powerful enough to stop Obelisk! Marik says it's time for him to reveal his secret weapon, which he was able to activate it when he lost more than half his life points. (Japanese Jounouchi says, how can it be? Trap cards are ineffective against Obelisk. Malik agrees: traps can't be used against the God, but this trap was activated when Malik's life points dropped.) The trap, Metal Reflect Slime, creates a plasma creature which takes on the shape of the attacking monster. The creature becomes a shiny reflection of Obelisk, a God Slime. Everyone stares in horror as the two Obelisks face off.

Duke says Marik made an exact copy of Yugi's Egyptian God monster! Tristan asks if they're equal in strength, but Joey says no. Marik's is just a cheap copy of the original, with a defense of 3000 points. The real Obelisk can destroy it with one blow. Mokuba says Yugi will destroy that thing with his next attack, right? But Kaiba says no. He's sure there's more to Marik's monster than meets the eye. Just keep watching.

Yami tells Marik that his carbon copy pales in comparison to the original. But Marik says his God Slime is more powerful than Yami thinks. Yami sets a card face down and he ends his turn.

Marik draws. He's drawn the exact card he needs to make his God Slime unstoppable. He tells Yami that soon his Winged Dragon of Ra will return to the field and wipe Yami out. In the meantime, his Egyptian God Slime will serve as a wall to protect his life points. (Japanese Malik thinks that he doesn't have any cards that can bring Raise Dead back from the graveyard, so he can't summon Ra again yet. He'll use the God Slime for now, and destroy Obelisk as soon as he can bring back Ra. He tells Yugi that the theme of his deck is Immortality. He created it to continuously revive his God, and the God Slime is no exception.) He summons Revival Jam, reminding Yami of his last encounter with it, when he dueled Marik's mind slave, Strings.

Yami remembers that in that duel, all of his attacks were blocked by the Revival Jam. (This time, Marik's tongue is shortened in the US version.)

Now, Marik activates Polymerization, and fuses Revival Jam and the God Slime. (Cut from the US version is this scene where Honda says it's still the God Slime, but Otogi says no, something must have changed. Then, Malik says that his fusion monster can't attack in the same turn it was summoned.)

The God Slime appears unchanged, but Marik assures Yami that it has transformed into a new, more powerful beast.

Marik ends his turn, daring Yami to attack. Yami draws, and plays Big Shield Gardna in defense, then attacks the God Slime with Obelisk. The duel arena is splattered with slime, and Yami thinks he's beaten it. But Marik laughs, saying he told Yami that the God Slime was indestructible. It regenerates itself—the fusion has given it Revival Jam's ability. Now, Marik says, his plan is complete. Thanks to his invincible defense monster, his life points can't be damaged. It's impossible to defeat him, and this was his plan from the start.

Joey says he's not worried. Yugi will figure out a way to take that big slimeball down. Duke says it doesn't look too promising.

Kaiba realizes that Marik allowed Obelisk to attack him in order to create the God Slime. Now Obelisk's attacks will be useless.

Yami ends his turn, and Marik draws, telling Yami it's over. All he can do now is wait for the return of the most powerful Egyptian God card, the Winged Dragon of Ra. And even if Yami could attack, it's Marik's weaker self who'll pay the price. Marik's wanted to get rid of him for some time now. (Japanese Yami realizes that Malik will use the Immortal God Slime to protect himself until he can get Raise Dead back into his hand. Then he'll summon Ra and destroy Obelisk. Even if Yami manages to get rid of the Immortal God Slime, he doesn't dare attack Malik any more, or light Malik will be destroyed. What can he do? This close-up of Yami sweating as he wonders what to do is cut from the US version.)

Light Malik, who's been reduced to only part of a face and hands, asks the Pharaoh to defeat his dark side at all costs. (Japanese light Malik says there's no reason for Yami to worry. All he can do is wait for the darkness to consume him. That's his fate.)

Marik sets one card face down and plays Boganian in defense (1000 DEF). As long as this monster remains on the field, Yami will lose 300 life points per turn. Yami turns to Yugi, who nods, promising he'll be fine.

Yami draws. He sets one card face down, and sacrifices Big Shield Gardna to summon Dark Magician Girl. (Japanese Yami thinks that he must destroy Boganian in this turn. He can't let his aibou [partner] suffer. This close-up of Yami is cut from the US version.)

He attacks Boganian with Dark Magician Girl, but Marik activates his trap card, Jam Defender, which redirects all attacks to the God Slime. Now none of Marik's other monsters can be attacked.

Dark Magician Girl is thrown down as her attack on the God Slime fails, and Yami loses 1000 life points, taking his score down to 1300. Yami watches in horror as more of Yugi's body dissolves away. Then Boganian's effect takes another 300 life points. Yami gasps as the effect hits him, and Yugi's chest dissolves away. Yugi asks if Yami's all right, but Yami says it's Yugi he's worried about. Yugi says he's all right—but for how long?

Marik tells Yami that the Shadows are feasting on little Yugi. Lose a few more life points, and Yugi will be completely gone. Then Marik will gain all three Egyptian God cards, and the whole world will bow down before him. (Japanese Malik tells Yami that the powers of the God and the Pharaoh are nothing to him. Yami can only worship him and keep silent.) Light Marik opens his eye. (Japanese light Malik mutters Yugi's name.)

Joey urges Yugi to come on! He knows Yugi can beat this guy.

Then, light Marik's spirit enters Téa. (A golden glow is added to Téa as Marik takes over her body in the US version.)

The gang wonder what's happened to her, as he/she asks Yugi to overpower his dark side at all costs, and don't worry about protecting him. (Japanese light Malik tells Yugi not to hesitate. He's already prepared to die. Marik's eyes are superimposed over the shot of Téa in the US version.)

Joey takes her by the shoulders, telling her to snap out of it. She/he says there's no time. He urges Yugi to destroy his dark half, and let the Shadows take him. Dark Marik thinks his weak side doesn't know when to give up. But soon he'll be out of the way for good. (Japanese light Malik asks Yugi to destroy his evil heart and himself. Yugi realizes it's Malik talking to him, and Dark Malik grumbles that the spirit of his true self still inhabits that woman's body.)

Light Marik says that he and his family were charged with protecting the Pharaoh's tomb, and he always resented this task. (Japanese light Malik tells Yugi that he swore revenge on him for his father's death. But now he knows the truth.) Pushing Joey aside, he points at Dark Marik, saying that his dark side was born as a result of his anger. Now he must be destroyed, and light Marik will go with him. (Japanese light Malik says that the one who killed his father is his other self, his evil heart.) Poor Joey still doesn't get it, waving his hand in front of Téa's face.

Dark Marik laughs, saying what a pathetic sight! His other side protected the Pharaoh all his life, and now he begs for forgiveness? It's too late for that. Light Marik is a mere shadow of the person he once was, and can never stop his dark side. (Japanese Dark Malik says no matter what, light Malik has to die. Light Malik says he'll take Dark Malik with him, but Dark Malik says no one can destroy him. And, tongue!)

Joey, Duke, and Tristan crowd around Téa, realizing that she's under Marik's control. Ishizu runs over, begging her brother not to surrender his life to stop his dark side. She/he apologizes, saying there's no other way. He calls out to Yami to take down the evil force that controls his body. And if destroying dark Marik means destroying him, so be it. (Japanese light Malik tells Yugi to bury his evil heart in the dark. This is the Pharaoh's final test.)

But Dark Marik says it's all just a waste of time. There's no way he can lose. (Again, tongue! although it's hard to see in this image.)

He draws, his face growing even more veiny, and laughs. Now he has the card he needs to retrieve Monster Reborn one more time. Marik plays Mining for Magical Stones, allowing him to discard two cards in order to transfer one magic card from the graveyard to his hand. And the card he chooses is, of course, Monster Reborn. In one more turn, he'll bring back the Winged Dragon of Ra!

Yugi says he thought so! But Ra is impossible to destroy. Yami says there's one chance left, but it won't be easy. Bug-eyed and gloating, Marik tells Yami he's done. Victory is his now. (Japanese Yugi tells Yami that there must be a way, and Yami agrees, but Malik tells him to clean his neck, for death has already come.)

In his bed on the ship, Odion's eyes open.

To Be Continued

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