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Episode 141: The Final Face Off, Part 4 (Obelisk's Anger: Soul Energy—MAX)

Marik's magic card has allowed him to take Monster Reborn back from the graveyard. One more turn is all he'll need, he says. Then he'll activate Monster Reborn, and he's sure Yami knows what happens after that! The Winged Dragon of Ra will return to the field.

Yami insists he'll break through Marik's defense. Not only will he defeat Marik, he'll save Marik's good side from the Shadow Realm. Marik says it's impossible. Every time he loses life points, his other self loses a piece of himself.

(Japanese Yami doesn't know what to do. As long as Malik has the Immortal God Slime on his side of the field, he can't beat any of Malik's monsters. But the real problem is Malik's other self—if he attacks Malik's evil side, he's also attacking the other Malik.)

Marik sets one card face down, and summons Swallowtail Spike Lizard in defense (700 DEF). As long as it remains in defense, Marik's life points increase by 1000 each turn. He'll use the extra life points to strengthen Ra and destroy Obelisk the Tormentor. Once Yami's Egyptian God card is gone, Marik will use his to finish him off.

Duke and Tristan encourage Yugi to finish Marik off, but Joey points out Yugi's dilemma. If Yugi beats Marik, then Marik's good side goes to the Shadow Realm. He tells the other Marik, still in Téa's body, that this is all his fault. Ishizu objects, but Marik-controlled Téa says Joey's right. He's done nothing but cause them pain and they have a right to be angry. Joey tells him to get out of Téa's head so Yugi can kick his butt once and for all! Marik explains that he was only trying to help Yugi defeat his evil side, and he needed Téa's body to speak to him. There's still a way for Yugi to win the duel, and he hopes Yugi finds it. Everyone agrees, and shouts encouragement to Yugi. Malik leaves Téa, and she returns to herself, wondering if she dozed off or something.

(Japanese Jounouchi says he thinks Yugi is hesitating to attack, or to be attacked. Light Malik, in Anzu's body, says it's true, and that the others can't see the dark game Yugi and Malik are fighting. Yellow lights are added to Téa's eyes in the US version.)

(Jounouchi asks Malik to please tell him—it's not about connecting the players to their monsters with a rope, like Malik did to him, is it? Malik says that they've both taken their other selves as sacrifices for the duel. When a player's life points reach zero, his other self will be lost in the dark forever. So will the pieces of himself that Malik left within Anzu. Then Malik leaves Anzu and she wakes up, wondering what she said.)

Marik asks Yami what he's waiting for. It's his turn. Light Marik realizes that Yugi is hesitant to destroy him, and he wonders why, after he caused him so much misery. He sent his Rare Hunters to fight Yugi, and took control of Yugi's friends and turned them against him. How can Yugi can be so forgiving? (Marik's flashback has been changed in the US version to show Marik on his ship, then Lumis and Umbra and various Rare Hunters, before showing mind-controlled Téa and Joey. In the Japanese version, the flashback shows Pandora, then the Silent Puppet.)

Yugi tells Yami that he has an idea, and reminds Yami of how Marik fused himself with the Winged Dragon of Ra. He's sure Marik's planning to do that again. But when he does, Marik will become a monster himself, with all the weaknesses of a monster.

(Japanese Yugi tells Yami that their real enemy is Malik's dark heart, and there must be some way to beat this evil heart. Yami agrees, but he doesn't know how. Parts of this scene, showing Yami and Yugi talking, are cut to fit the changed dialog.)

(Yugi suggests that Malik's weakness is hiding in the power of Ra. Ra has three modes of fighting, he says. One is the ability to fuse with the player. But even if Ra is a God, he's still only a monster. After fusing, the player will become a monster. Yami says this is so, and thanks Yugi for reminding him.)

Yami draws, sets two cards face down, then summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in defense mode (1200 DEF), and ends his turn.

Marik reminds Yami that Boganian will now take 300 life points from him, and the monster shoots Yami with its missile. Yami's down to 700 life points, and Yugi's body has mostly disappeared. Yami promises he won't let Yugi slip away, but Marik says he has no choice—in a few more moments, Yugi will be gone. (Japanese Yugi reminds Yami that he must beat Malik's evil heart. Yami says he won't let Yugi die, but Malik says to stop struggling—this will be the last turn.)

Kaiba watches, thinking that now Marik will use Monster Reborn to revive Ra. Yugi doesn't stand a chance. (Japanese Kaiba wonders if Yugi has a way to seal the God.) Yugi's friends shout encouragement. Marik draws, and laughs at the sight of the magic card in his hand. First he has other things to take care of, he says, then he'll send whatever's left of Yugi to the Shadow Realm with this. (Japanese Malik says this card will make Yugi a sacrifice to the darkness.) He gains 1000 life points by Spike Lizard's effect. Then he activates Monster Reborn to call the God Phoenix. (Japanese Malik recites the chant to call Ra in its God Phoenix form.) He pays 1000 life points to activate Ra's special effect to destroy Obelisk.

Yami activates a set card. Marik says Yugi's life points are wide open for attack, now that Obelisk's destroyed—but Obelisk is still standing after the attack, with Slifer standing before him as a shield. Yami has activated his own Monster Reborn, and brought Slifer back from the graveyard. The gang cheer, and even Kaiba says it's impressive—Yugi's saved himself, at least for now. (Japanese Kaiba says that Yami is using Obelisk as the sword and Osiris as the shield to fight the God.)

Slifer's great head crashes to the ground, and Obelisk roars. Mokuba says that Slifer was hit by Ra, and Obelisk escaped without a scratch. He wonders what Yugi will do now. Kaiba thinks that if Yugi's smart, he'll tap into the true power of Obelisk. (Japanese Mokuba tells Kaiba to look—Obelisk is angry now. Kaiba wonders if Yugi knows the real power of Obelisk's anger.)

Ra goes back to the graveyard, but Marik says he'll be back. He plays the magic card, Surprise Attack from Beyond, which allows him to replay his attack. Joey says it's a cheap move, and Kaiba thinks that now Marik will have another chance to wipe out Yugi's defense with the Winged Dragon of Ra.

Meanwhile, Odion has gotten up, and is weakly making his way down the steps of the ship. He looks up at the Duel Tower, thinking that he must save Marik before it's too late.

Ra revives yet again. This time, it floats above the Duel Tower as a huge sphere. (Japanese Malik says that Ra isn't ready to fight yet. Which mode should he use? And once again, Malik's tongue is cut from the US version.)

Marik begins to chant his spell, and Ra transforms into its dragon beast form. Then Marik merges with Ra, transferring his life points to Ra's attack points. (This shot of Kaiba watching is cut from the US version.)

Marik appears in Ra's forehead. His life points go down to one, while Ra's attack increases to 699. (This shot of Yugi and Yami is cut from the US version.)

Yugi says this is their last chance to stop him. Yami adds, and save the world from his evil.

Marik says that now he'll sacrifice his monsters on the field to increase Ra's attack to 6899. Obelisk's attack is only 4000. Marik and Ra will have enough power to destroy Obelisk and win the duel. No one can escape the fury of the Winged Dragon of Ra!

We'll see about that, Yami says. (This shot of Yami saying that he was waiting for the moment when Malik became a monster is cut from the US version.)

He activates his set magic card, Soul Taker. Kaiba explains to Mokuba that Soul Taker will grant Marik 1000 life points, while allowing Yugi to take one of Marik's monsters as a sacrifice. But which one will he choose? Suddenly, Marik realizes—Yugi means to take Ra as a sacrifice. Kaiba points out that since Marik is fused with his monster, when it goes, so does he. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Ishizu saying that since Marik still has one life point, the other Malik will be spared.)

But Yami isn't using Ra as the sacrifice. He takes the God Slime instead. Since it's made up of two monsters, it serves as a double sacrifice to power up Obelisk to infinite power. (In the Japanese it's Soul Energy MAX!) Kaiba thinks that now Yugi can destroy all of Marik's monsters. (Japanese Kaiba thinks this is a miracle of the God's anger—his attack power rises to infinity!) Marik says Yugi will never take down his Winged Dragon of Ra! But Yami says it's too late.

Yami orders Obelisk to attack. Marik sacrifices his other two monsters, Boganian and Spike Lizard, to increase Ra's attack. Adding the 1000 life points he received from Soul Taker's effect raises Ra's attack to 4899. Kaiba wonders why Marik would bother powering up Ra—Obelisk's attack is infinite! Joey agrees that the glowing eyeball in Marik's forehead must be frying his brain.

The two Gods clash with terrible power. But when the smoke clears, Ra still stands. Marik has activated a magic card, Class System. Now Ra can only be destroyed by a monster with more stars than it.

Obelisk's attack returns to 4000 points. Kaiba says that Yugi has missed his chance. Marik prepares to attack.

Odion reaches the base of the Duel Tower, thinking that he must save Marik from the wrath of his dark side. (Japanese Rishid tells Malik that he cannot make this mistake.)

Marik and Ra attack. But Yami activates another set magic card, Magical Dimension. He needs a Spellcaster to activate it, and he'll use Dark Magician Girl. It allows him to sacrifice two of his monsters in order to escape the Ra's attack. He uses Obelisk and Gazelle, leaving Dark Magician Girl his only monster on the field.

In the elevator, Odion thinks that it was Marik's words that allowed him to awaken. He remembers Marik telling him that he was the only one who could control the evil within him. Odion thinks that it's his sworn duty to protect Master Marik. He must not allow his dark side to prevail.

Marik tells Yugi he was a fool to sacrifice Obelisk. Without his God, Yugi has nothing left.

Yami says he has plenty left. He still has every one of his friends to support him, and the heart of the cards to give him strength. A golden cask rises from the field, and Yami explains that Magical Dimension also allows him to summon a Spellcaster from his hand. Dark Magician emerges from the cask. Kaiba smiles, thinking that it looks like Yugi's smarter than he thought.

Now Yami activates the magic card, Ragnarok (Dusk of all Gods), which can only be used when there are two magicians on the field. This card will destroy all the monsters on Marik's side of the field, including the Winged Dragon of Ra. And since Marik is fused with Ra, he will also be destroyed. But Marik says that if Yami destroys him and Ra, the other Marik won't be able to survive with only one life point. Yami hesitates.

The elevator continues up, while Odion recalls his vow to serve Marik. All his life he has longed to be a Tombkeeper, and this is his chance to fulfill that wish—by saving his master.

Marik taunts Yami to go ahead and attack and break his promise to Ishizu. Yugi wonders if their attack will send the good Marik to the Shadow Realm. Marik laughs, telling Yami to attack, and crush an innocent soul.

Odion climbs the steps to the dueling platform, hoping he's not too late. If he were to let Marik slip into the Shadows, he'd never forgive himself. (Japanese Rishid tells Malik that he's wrong to think he must die.) As he reaches the top, he calls out Marik's name. Marik sees his faithful companion standing at the top of the steps.

Odion tells the good Marik not to give up. There's still time. But evil Marik says there's no turning back now!

To Be Continued

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