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Episode 142: The Final Face Off, Part 5 (The End of Battle City)

Odion continues to stagger towards the Duel Ring. Dark Marik taunts him, saying they were doing just fine without him. If Odion can stay on his feet a few moments longer, Marik says, he'll be able to witness Marik's triumph over the Pharaoh and the demise of his weak side. (Japanese Yami Malik says that that even though Rishid is alive, he won't change places with his other self. The fragments of light Malik still hanging onto existence whisper Rishid's name.) Odion stumbles, and Joey is about to go help him, but Ishizu stops him, saying that this is something Odion must do. It may be the only way to save Marik. (Japanese Ishizu says, this is Rishid's hope. Let him go.)

Odion stops at the edge of the Duel Ring, telling Dark Marik to release his master now. Dark Marik, standing in Ra's forehead, says that Odion has come too late. Dark Marik has taken his body, and the Shadow Realm has almost taken his soul. Odion says that's not true. He's returned to ensure that Marik's gentle spirit prevails. (Japanese Yami Malik says it's useless. The spirit of his other self is like a candle in the wind, without the strength to come out, or even to live. Rishid says that the sad fate of the Tomb-Keepers has caused many tragedies for the Ishtars. Resentment and hatred have occupied Malik's heart and let evil stay. He recalls Dark Malik's attack on his father. This flashback of Malik's past is cut from the US version.)

Angrily, Dark Marik tells Odion that's enough, and uses the force of the Millennium Rod to throw him back against the wall. But Odion gets up again, urging Light Marik to fight the evil within. They've conquered his evil side before. (Japanese Rishid tells Malik that he is trying to seal himself into hopeless darkness.) Again, Marik blasts Odion with the Millennium Rod. Ishizu goes to Odion, but he says he's fine and struggles to his feet. He pleads with Marik, telling him that he has the power to stop his dark side. Marik is the one who created him, and he can destroy him. (Japanese Odion tells Malik that even if he lingers in the darkness, he must live. It's not only the Tomb-Keeper's fate, but the fate of all humans.) Light Marik realizes that Odion is right, and he fades away. Just as Dark Marik raises his Rod for the third time to finish Odion off, Light Marik combines with him.

Marik grabs his face where the missing part of him was, and lets the Rod fall. Odion urges Light Marik to fight his evil side with all his might. (Japanese Rishid tells Malik that people do not live because they are chasing hope. People have hope because they live.) Marik struggles, shouting that he's come too far to lose his grip now. He's the true Marik, and won't be overpowered by his weak side. (Japanese Yami Malik screams, why does this fellow have so much strength?) But when he lowers his hand, Light Marik's eye has become part of his face. (A golden glow is added around Light Marik's eye in the US version.)

Light Marik's voice calls out to the Pharaoh to attack him now. Yami refuses, but Light Marik pleads with him to attack. He can't hold on much longer, he says, and he needs the Pharaoh's help to banish his dark half. He apologizes for everything he's done to Yugi and his friends. As a Tomb-Keeper, he was raised to serve the Pharaoh, but he always resented this task, and from his resentment and hatred his dark half was born. But he's ready to take responsibility for his actions and correct the wrongs he's committed.

Light Marik continues to press Yugi to attack, while Dark Marik struggles with him. Yugi tells Yami they can't attack—it's too risky. They might end up sending the good Marik to the Shadow Realm. But Yami says they have no choice. They must trust him. (Japanese Yugi tells Yami that Malik is serious. He wants to bet everything on this attack. Yami says that he can feel Malik's determination.)

Yami activates his magic card, Ragnarok, with Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. By removing all the monsters in his hand, deck, and graveyard from play, Yami can destroy all of his enemy's monsters.

The spirits of all of Yugi's monsters rise onto the field. There's Slifer and Obelisk, Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, King's Knight and Queen's Knight, and the Magnet Warriors. The gang watch, stunned, as Yugi's monsters all circle the field, and little Kuriboh sails past them, waving its little arms. Mokuba tells a stone-faced Kaiba that he's never seen anything like this! And Yami tells Marik that he and his Egyptian God card are through.

Slifer wraps its coils around Ra, and Obelisk's huge hand grabs Ra around the neck. Marik protests, telling Yami to let him go, and Kuriboh peeps at him. The monsters lift Ra off the field. Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl cross their staffs, and a magic circle appears in the sky. (Cut from the US version is this bit showing the Black Magic Attack hitting Ra, and Yami Malik's face being blown away by the attack.)

Ra, still in the grasp of the other two Gods, is taken into the sky where it disappears into the circle with a great explosion of light.

Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl return to Yami's field. The gang cheer that Yugi got rid of Ra! Téa asks, does that mean Yugi won? Joey answers, not yet. Kaiba says that Marik still has one life point, so the duel's not over.

Yami tells Yugi that destroying the Winged Dragon of Ra should have destroyed Marik's dark side as well. Yugi wonders what about his good side? Yami says they'll see, and they watch the swirling smoke on Marik's side of the field to see if he'll appear.

The smoke clears, and Light Marik—the original Marik—stands there, trembling and clutching his chest. Yami tells him it's over, while the gang watch in wonder. Is this really the good Marik? But Odion smiles, knowing that his master has succeeded.

Marik tells Yami there is still one more task the the two of them must complete. He throws off his cloak, saying that he still has one life point left. Now Dark Marik's eye appears hovering over the field. The two Mariks have changed places. Dark Marik tries to convince Light Marik that they should work together to defeat Yugi and have their revenge. They can still take the infinite power of the Pharaoh and rule the world together! (A bit of the Maliks' arguing is cut from the US version, where Light Malik tells his dark half that he can't have his consciousness, and he'll bury him with his own hands.)

Light Marik ignores his dark half, and apologizes to the Pharaoh again, saying it was his duty to help him, but instead he turned his back. He can't change the past, but he can start over. He's proud to be a Tomb-Keeper, and he's proud of his sister and his brother. Odion thanks him. Marik says his family has waited five thousand years for the Pharaoh's return, and now he must fulfill his destiny, by helping the Pharaoh fulfill his. Over Dark Marik's protests, he says he holds the key to helping the Pharaoh unlock his true powers. The secret is written on his back. But first, the Pharaoh must have all three Egyptian God cards. He will honor the Ishtar name by surrendering the duel. He lays his hand on his deck. (The flashbacks shown as Marik raises his hand to surrender are changed in the US version to show the stone tablet and Malik's back. In the Japanese version, the flashbacks are more scenes of Malik's past, as he says that he has to finish this himself, as some reparation for the crime he committed. This will be his first step toward the future.)

Still protesting that Marik needs him, what's left of Dark Marik disappears along with Marik's single life point. The Shadow Game fades, and Yugi's spirit is restored and freed. Ishizu thanks the Pharaoh for saving mankind, and Yami says it was all of them—he wouldn't have been victorious without their help. (Japanese Yami tells Malik that he won the battle in his heart.)

Roland announces that Battle City is over, and the winner is Yugi Mutou. Joey and the others cheer, then run to climb up onto the dueling platform. Joey says it was amazing the way every monster in Yugi's deck showed up. (Japanese Yami looks at his deck, thanking his faithful monsters and his friends.) Joey and Yami high-five.

Marik apologizes to his sister, who says that all that matters is that he's safe and has returned to the way he was. He's fulfilled his destiny and ended the mission of the Tomb-Keepers. (Cut from the US version is this short bit where Ishizu tells Malik that their family has been entrusted to guard the Pharaoh's memory, and now it's time to pass this message to the Pharaoh. Note that "Ishtar" is rendered as "Ethudale" by the wacky subtitles, and "Pharaoh" is "Farrow.")

Marik asks if the three of them can start over and build a new life for themselves, and she says yes. It's time for their family to start living in the light with the rest of mankind. Odion is overcome at the thought, as Ishizu tells Marik she's glad he's back. (Japanese Malik asks if the can cast off the chains of darkness and live. Ishizu says the three of them aren't only members of the same tribe, they're family. Rishid gasps and gets teary as she calls him family.)

Kaiba steps onto the duel platform. As the organizer of the Battle City Tournament, he guesses he should congratulate the winner, even though Yugi only won the duel due to Marik's forfeit. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Yugi, you've won the title of Battle City Duel King. As the host of this tournament, I praise you for this proud honor.") Yami smiles, thinking that if Kaiba hadn't given him the card he needed, he would have lost the match right away. Mokuba reminds him of the ante rule—he can now take Marik's rarest card. Ishizu tells Marik that the Pharaoh is going to need that card soon.

Marik walks over to Yugi, telling him that everyone who was banished to the Shadow Realm by his dark side will return. Joey and the others are overjoyed by the news. Thank you, Yugi says, and Bakura's spirit appears over his shoulder, saying, thank you, indeed. (Japanese Yugi says, "Mai," and Bakura's spirit laughs, saying, "Me too.")

Marik gives Yugi the God card, the Winged Dragon of Ra. Now, Yami holds all three of the God cards. But now that they have them, Yugi wonders, what are they supposed to do with them? (Japanese Yugi wonders what Yami's memory is.)

Marik says he has one more task to perform before his Tomb-Keeper's mission is complete. He takes off his shirt to show Yami the scars carved onto his back, saying this is the secret to the Pharaoh's power. These markings were passed down through his family for five thousand years. Ishizu says that they were taught that when the Pharaoh saved the world from destruction, he wiped his own memory clean. But he knew that some day he would need his memory back, so he entrusted one family with the secret of unlocking his mind and his power. Now that Yugi has the three Egyptian God cards and the Millennium Puzzle, all he needs to do is read the words on Marik's back. (Japanese Ishizu explains that the words were written by a fortune teller three thousand years ago. Whoever holds the three God cards is proven to be the host of the Pharaoh's soul, and can be told how to find the Pharaoh's memory.)

Joey asks if Yami can read the words on Marik's back, and he says he'll try. He doesn't know the ancient language, but something has come to him through the three Egyptian God cards. He remembers the stone tablet Ishizu showed him, and realizes that the Pharaoh's secret is sealed in the stone.

Marik says that his mission is complete. He gives the Millennium Rod and Millennium Ring to Yami.

Eyes flashing, Kaiba says this victory celebration has gone on long enough. The Battle City Tournament is over, and if they'd like a free ride home, they'd better board the aircraft right now. If anyone's left on the island, Kaiba Corp won't be responsible for their safety. In one hour, he says, this island will explode. (Japanese Kaiba asks Yugi if he's tasted enough glory already. Then he announces, "The Battle City Tournament has ended. Yugi, the title and pride of Duel King are yours for now." He goes on to say that the Duel Tower is useless to him now, so in one hour he will blow it up.)

Joey and Tristan freak out. Kaiba tells everyone that the Duel Tower will self-destruct in one hour, so get on the ship and go home. Téa protests that the ship's engines weren't working, but Mokuba says it's all right, they've been repaired. Nervously, Roland halfheartedly begins to disagree.

Kaiba says goodbye, and walks away. Joey says can you believe that sore loser! Tristan agrees—Kaiba loses the tournament, so he decides to trash the place!

Kaiba and Mokuba go to a control room in the tower. Kaiba tells Mokuba to activate the detonators, and they begin to enter commands at the consoles. Mokuba asks if one hour is enough time, and Kaiba says the ship leaves now. Mokuba agrees that everyone should be a safe distance away. (Japanese Mokuba asks if Kaiba is ready. Kaiba asks Mokuba if it's okay, and Mokuba says he's always on his brother's side.) They input codes (the "Danger" sign on the key card access cover is changed to a red bar in the US version),

and press their fingers to fingerprint readers. Finally, they take off their lockets and use them as key cards to start the countdown. (Japanese Kaiba says goodbye to the ghost of Gozaburo as he does so.) A computer voice announces that the detonation sequence has begun. (The countdown proceeds in a more realistic fashion in the Japanese version, reading 59:57:11 when the scene changes. In the US version, the countdown is already down to 56:13:23, having counted off nearly four minutes in about three seconds.)

Everyone runs to the ship. Joey goes to Mai's room, where Mai is still lying motionless in bed. Serenity, who's sitting at her side, says that Mai's not up. As the others gather around, Joey pleads with Mai to wake up, telling her that Yugi won the duel so she's supposed to be all right. He throws himself across her bed, saying he'd give anything to have her back. Serenity covers her face, sobbing.

But then Mai opens one eye. Serenity's sobs are really laughter. The gang gasps in shock as Mai giggles, pointing at the flummoxed Joey. That expression is priceless, she says. Did Joey say he'd give anything to have her wake up? (Japanese Mai says, "Were you crying? I can't believe you worried about me so much." Furious, Jounouchi calls her names.) As she continues to rumple Joey, Mai congratulates Serenity on playing her part. Serenity giggles and says she just couldn't resist. Téa pretends she knew they were kidding all along, but Duke says that wasn't cool. Mai says it was all in good fun. (Japanese Mai congratulates Yugi on his win.)

Yugi says let's go, and the gang head out to the hallway. They find Bakura in the kitchen (the "Kitchen Room" sign has been changed to a picture of a plate with fork and knife in the US version),

sitting in the floor surrounded by food, eating. Joey asks him what he's doing raiding the refrigerator, and he says he was gone for a long time, and there's not much to eat in the Shadow Realm. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Bakura where he was, and Bakura says he doesn't know exactly. He woke up and found himself in bed, hungry!)

The gang all go to the bridge, where they discover that Kaiba and Mokuba haven't come aboard yet. Roland insists the ship isn't going anywhere without them. Tristan and Duke remind him that the island is going to blow up soon. Joey says Kaiba's not that dumb—he's sure Kaiba's hopping aboard his private jet right now. (Japanese Honda wonders what Kaiba's doing, and Otogi wonders if he couldn't bear to be beaten by Yugi. Jounouchi says that's impossible. Maybe Kaiba escaped already.) Roland says they can't take that chance, and Tristan agrees that they ought to go look for them. They tell Roland not to leave without them, and start to head out.

But when the pilot tries to start the engine, it doesn't work. Now what?

The countdown is at forty-five minutes until the explosion.

To Be Continued

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