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Episode 145: A New Evil, Part 1 (A New Dark Turmoil)

Somewhere at sea, a research ship radios its submersible craft, Poseidon 3, informing the pilot that he's approaching a depth of 35,000 feet, and warning him to stop his descent. The pilot refuses, claiming that he may be on the verge of the greatest discovery mankind has ever known! Despite continued warnings Professor Hawkins pilots his small craft between the columns of what appears to be a sunken city.

The craft surfaces in an area where air has been trapped under a cavern. Curious, Professor Hawkins emerges from his submersible to take a look around. Astonished, he sees carvings and statues that look like Duel Monsters! But how?

In Domino, a newscaster announces that renowned scientist, Arthur Hawkins, has uncovered evidence of a ten thousand-year-old lost civilization in the North Atlantic Ocean. (The Japanese episode begins with this newscast. These shots of a couple passing by a store window full of televisions showing the newscast, then Insector Haga, then Dinosaur Ryuuzaki passing by, are cut from the US version.)

On the street, Weevil Underwood accidentally runs into Rex Raptor. The two duelists immediately demand to know what the other is doing there. The Battle City Tournament is over—why haven't they gone home? Rex makes up a lame excuse, but Weevil's not fooled—Rex is after Yugi's Egyptian God cards, just as Weevil is. (Japanese Haga thinks he has to steal Yugi's God cards, while Ryuuzaki thinks if it takes all his rare cards and everything he owns, he must have the God cards.) The two stride along the street together, each trying to outpace the other, until they're running at top speed—right into a tall, mysterious-looking, bearded man in a robe. He tells them he'll strip them of their souls (the Japanese bearded man greets them by name), then his eyes begin to glow, and he chants something that sounds vaguely Latin. Rex and Weevil panic, as he reveals a strange, dangerous-looking Duel Disk and demands that they get up and duel.

At Domino High, Téa's on the roof looking out over the city (this shot of Anzu at the fence is cut from the US version).

She's thinking that it's not like Yugi to skip class, and hoping that everything's all right. Tristan and Yugi join her, asking if she's seen Yugi. She tells them he left right before algebra. (Japanese Anzu has no internal monologue here. Jounouchi and Honda ask her if she's all right, and she says she's thinking about something. Jounouchi asks if it's Yugi, and she mumbles something noncommital.)

Yami is about to cross the street, with Yug's book bag across his shoulders and an even bigger than usual chain on the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi appears in spirit form to ask him what's going on—they never switch between classes like this. (Japanese Yugi asks where the other Yugi is going.) Yami asks if Yugi brought the Egyptian God cards, and Yugi says he did. Has Yami finally figured out what they're supposed to do with them? Yami says he has. It's as if the cards have been calling out to him, leading him to the museum and his lost memories. (Japanese Yugi asks why Yami is in such a hurry. They haven't told the others. Yami says it's all right. He'll be sad to say goodbye to them. He just wants Yugi to see him off.)

Just as he reaches the museum steps, Téa, Joey, and Tristan catch up with him. They've been looking everywhere for him. Why did he split like that? He explains that there's something he needs to do, and it could be dangerous. But they're a team, Téa says. She's been giving this friendship speech for years—hasn't it sunk in yet? They put out their hands for a four-way handshake, saying they're there for Yugi. Yami tells them to follow him. (Japanese Yami doesn't say anything here. Honda says Yugi left so suddenly, they thought something was wrong. Jounouchi asks if he was going to leave them this way, and Anzu tells him that they'd be sad if they couldn't say farewell to him. As they put their hands together, Jounouchi says that no matter how far apart they are... and Anzu finishes, their hearts will always be together. Finally, Yami adds his hand to the group, and thanks them.)

In a dark temple, lit by torches, a man in a cloak stands before an alter, calling upon deities of domination to use the Pharaoh's force to call upon the beasts and liberate the fury of ten thousand years! (In the Japanese, the cloaked man speaks in an ancient, unknown language.)

In the museum, Tristan and Joey see the stone tablet for the first time. Yami explains that he is the Pharaoh. He holds the God cards in front of him, and hears a voice telling him that they, the Gods of Egypt, will assist him. (In the Japanese, there's no voice of the Gods. Yami thinks that once he puts the three God cards on the stone, the door to his memory wil be opened. He wonders what will happen.) He holds the God cards up to the stone tablet. The Eye of Horus in the carving begins to glow, and the God cards emit a bright, white light.

The man in the temple tells the Pharaoh that he has served the Gods well, and begins to laugh. (In the Japanese, he continues to speak unknown words.) A pendant hanging around his neck also begins to glow.

The glass in front of the stone tablet appears to freeze. Suddenly, the God cards in Yami's hand begin to crackle with black energy. Yami grabs his arm, bending over in pain. He feels a dark presence draining the power of the God cards, but he can't let go.

They hear a scream.

Running out of the museum, they see monsters of all kinds flying over the city, while people cower in fear. Tristan says someone's Duel Disk must have gone haywire, as Reaper of the Cards passes behind them. But Téa says it would take more than one busted Duel Disk to project holograms all over the city. Joey suggests that they go to the source—Kaiba. The others agree.

At Kaiba Corp, the phones are ringing off the hook, as people demand to know what's going on. The gang run down the sidewalk, as monsters fly around them. Soon they come across Rex and Weevil, but the two duelists appear completely disoriented. Weevil says the Age of Destruction is here, and Rex adds that soon their souls will be offered to the Great Beast. (Japanese Haga says this is the first sign, and Ryuuzaki says soon this world will end.)Téa thinks they must be in a state of shock. Not knowing what to do, the gang leave them there and run on.

A crowd of reporters has gathered in front of Kaiba Corp, where a nervous Roland tries to hold them off, telling them that Mr. Kaiba has assured him that their company is not to blame. Mr. Kaiba will be holding a press conference later. (Japanese Isono assures the reporters that their system is working perfectly, and this phenomenon has nothing to do with Kaiba Corp. When they ask for a statement from the president, Isono says that Kaiba is in America on business, and asks the reporters to leave, saying they'll hold a press converence soon.) Kaiba Corp security guards begin to push the reporters away. ("Kaiba Co" is digitized out of the sign over the Kaiba Corp entryway in the US version.)

The gang realize they won't get past that circus to see Kaiba.

Later, at the Game Shop, Grandpa is carefully dusting the God cards, while a news reporter on the television behind him announces the presence of a winged dragon atop the Taj Mahal. In the living room, Yami and the gang watch the news on TV, realizing that the monsters have been appearing all over the world. Then the news cuts away to a press conference where Seto Kaiba will be giving a statement. (In the Japanese, the announcer notes that Kaiba is holding his press conference live from the US.)

Back dressed in his purple duster, Kaiba appears before the microphones to tell the press that after extensive testing of their holographic simulation systems, they've determined that the monster sightings are unrelated to Kaiba Corp. Their technology is working perfectly. (Japanese Kaiba says that after these events, they completely shut down their system to test it, but during that time, monsters were still appearing. Therefore, something other than their system is causing the monsters to be created.)

Tristan thinks Kaiba's covering up. Who else has the technology to project holograms like that? But Téa wonders if the monsters aren't holograms. (Japanese Anzu wonders if it has something to do with the stone tablet.) Yami agrees. He believes that the force he felt in the museum triggered the emergence of these creatures—which would mean that the monsters are real. He wonders if that's what Rex and Weevil were talking about.

They hear a crash, and Grandpa calls out. Yugi and the others find him on the floor of the shop, the door broken in and the God cards gone. Joey rushes out of the shop, saying he'll find them! But he stops when he sees Obelisk form over the city. The rest of the gang run outside, just in time to see Slifer and Ra appear on either side of Obelisk. Joey wonders who'd steal the God cards and then summon them right in the middle of the city for everyone to see! (Japanese Yugi thinks that only someone with a connection to the Millennium Items can summon the Gods, and he wonders who it can be.)

They're blinded by a sudden light—three figures on motorcycles have driven up. Yugi demands his God cards back, but the three laugh, telling him he has to get through them. (In the Japanese, the three motorcyclists say, "When the forbidden door is opened, the light of Oreikalkos will punish this filthy world. We are Doma's three swordsmen.") Joey says they don't scare him, and Yugi says the God cards don't belong to them. One of them says that the God cards serve a new master now—Pharaoh. How can they know about the Pharaoh? (In the Japanese, the motorcyclist calls Yugi "Nameless Pharaoh." Yugi thinks, "How can they know about the other me?")

The motorcyclists turn to drive away, telling Yugi if he wants to win back his God cards, he must follow them. (In the Japanese, he tells them to come to the unfinished building. They drive away towards a building with a crane atop it.)

The gang, with Yami again in control, follow to a building under construction, where the bearded, robed man confronts them, saying he has something Yami desires—the God cards—while Yami has something he desires—his soul. (In the Japanese, he introduces himself as Gurimo, and says that he serves Lord Rafael.) Yami warns the man that the God cards have a power more dangerous than he could understand, and tells him to give them back before someone gets hurt. The man says he's well aware of their power, and if Yami wants them back, he'll have to duel him. Yami accepts the challenge, and activates his Duel Disk. The man also activates his, and the duel is on.

Yami draws first, and plays Beta the Magnet Warrior in defense. Then he sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Above the duelists on a nearby roof, the three motorcyclists appear. So far so good, says the tall blond. As soon as the Pharaoh's life points reach zero, his soul is theirs. (Japanese Rafael says, "Nameless Pharaoh. Let us try your power.")

Téa hopes the bearded man doesn't use the God cards! Nothing can stand up to them. Joey tells her not to worry—there's a reason they call Yugi the King of Games! He almost never loses.

The bearded man summons Marauding Captain (1200 ATK), using its special ability to summon Shadow Tamer (Devil Tamer) (800 ATK) to the field as well. Then, he warns Yami, the worst is yet to come. He's about to play a card more powerful than all three Egyptian God cards—the Seal of Orichalcos! The magic in this card existed long before the sands of ancient Egypt were formed. As he activates the card, a circular boundary filled with magical symbols appears on the ground around the duelists, and series of lines draw out an asymmetrical six-pointed star within it.

Joey, Tristan, and Téa are thrown back by the seal's energy, and when Yami tries to run to them, he finds that he cannot pass the circular boundary. The bearded man explains that the Seal of Oreikalkos prevents them from leaving, and all others from entering. When the duel is over, only the victor can leave. The loser's soul remains locked inside the seal. The bearded man raises his head, and the Seal glows on his forehead.

Yami says he's no stranger to ancient magic, and the Eye lights up in his forehead. Behold the power of his Millennium Puzzle! he says, and the Puzzle also shines out. But the Eye and the Puzzle both fade quickly. The Orichalcos existed long before Yami's Puzzle, the bearded man says. Yami's toy is useless. But the Seal exists on his side of the field, strengthening each of his monsters. (Japanese Gurimo says Oreikalkos turns the monsters to dark monsters. Shadow Tamer's costume is changed to cover up her belly button in the US version.)

The Seal glows in the foreheads of Marauding Captain and Shadow Tamer, and their eyes turn red, as their attack strengths each increase by 500 points.

The bearded man orders Marauding Captain to attack Yami's Magnet Warrior. The Magnet Warrior is destroyed, but Yami activates his trap card, Soul Rope, which allows him to summon any four-star monster in his deck at a cost of 1000 life points. He summons Gamma the Magnet Warrior (1800 ATK).

The bearded man says Yami will have to do better than that. He sets one card face down and tells Yami to try again. (Cut from the US version is this scene of Honda, Jounouchi, and Anzu coming back to watch the duel, clutching their various bruises. Jounouchi says that fellow has changed since the seal was activated, and Honda says his monsters have turned dark. Anzu wonders what he means when he says the soul of the loser will be sealed.)

(Also cut is this scene of the three swordsmen watching the duel. Valon tells Rafael that his man is really good. Can Yugi get the upper hand? Rafael says that if the Pharaoh is defeated here, he isn't worthy to be their rival. Valon says, that leaves Jounouchi Katsuya, and Amelda adds, and Kaiba Seto. Rafael says they have to get their souls—and they will succeed.)

Yami summons Alpha the Magnet Warrior (1400 ATK), activating the bearded man's trap card, Hidden Soldiers. This allows him to summon Makyura the Destructor (Executioner Makyura) (1600 ATK), whose attack rises to 2100 with the effect of the Seal of Orichalcos. Then Yami activates his magic card, Shallow Grave, allowing them each to bring back a monster from the graveyard. He chooses Beta the Magnet Warrior. Now he can combine his three Magnet Warriors together to form Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (3500 ATK). Since the bearded man has no monsters in his graveyard, he can't summon a monster with Shallow Grave's effect.

One of the three observers, Valon, thinks their man had better think of something quick, or the Pharaoh will kick his bum. The redhead says there's plenty of time left. The blond just smiles. (Japanese Varon says Yugi's pretty good. But Amelda reminds him that Gurimo still has that card....)

Yami orders Valkyrion to attack and destroy Marauding Captain. The bearded man's life points go down to 2200. The gang cheer, and the bearded man congratulates Yami on a well-played move. He hasn't faced a challenge like this in some time. But in the end, Yami will meet the same fate as all of his victims. Joey tells Yami not to worry—Valkyrion has 3500 attack points. The only thing that can beat it is an Egyptian God card....

The bearded man grins evilly. He'll destroy the Pharaoh with his own Egyptian God! First, he uses Monster Reborn to bring Marauding Captain back from the graveyard. Yami warns him that only certain duelists can use an Egyptian God card. But the bearded man continues, sacrificing his three monsters to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. The seal appears on its forehead, and the god's eyes glow red, as its attack rises to 4500! Yami and the gang stare in shock.

The bearded man laughs. The power of the Orichalcos merges the most powerful creature that ever existed with the most incredible force ever imagined! He tells Yami he's trapped in a circle of doom, and soon his soul will be sealed away for all eternity. (Japanese Yami wonders that he can summon a God without a Millennium Item. Who is he?)

To Be Continued

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