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Episode 146: A New Evil, Part 2 (The Seal of Oreikalkos)

The duel between the bearded man and Yami continues. (The characters on the sign on the side of the building are removed in the US version. The kanji read "Anzen Dai-ichi," or, "Safety First.")

The bearded man tells Yami that the Seal of Orichalcos surrounds them, strengthening Obelisk to 4500 attack points, while Yami's monsters are powerless against him. First Yami will lose his monsters, then he'll lose his soul. The card that brought Yami so much glory will now lead to his downfall! (Gurimo doesn't say anything in the Japanese version. Yami thinks that even the God is imprisoned in the Seal of Oreikalkos.)

The bearded man orders Obelisk to attack, destroying Valkyrion and reducing Yami's life points to 2000. Joey says it will take more than that to keep his pal down, but the bearded man tells Yami there's not a card in his deck that can match Obelisk. Yami thinks he's right—Obelisk is stronger than ever, thanks to the Orichalcos card.

The bearded man suddenly grows dizzy. Valon says the boss warned them that the Egyptian God cards and the magic of Orichalcos might not mix too well, but Amelda thinks the geezer's just getting too old for this. Rafael laughs, saying that's why they made him duel first to test the Pharaoh's strength.

Yami plays Graceful Charity, allowing him to draw three cards and discard two. He then summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in defense, sets one card face down and ends his turn.

The bearded man recovers and draws, setting one card face down and then attacking with Obelisk, which destroys Gazelle. Joey exclaims that now Yugi has no monsters to protect him! The Age of Destruction is here, the bearded man tells Yami, and the Earth shall be shrouded in darkness. The Pharaoh's soul will fuel the force that devastates mankind. Yami asks him what he means, and the man says that a great beast is now awakening from its ancient slumber to complete what it began centuries ago. But before this beast can arise, it must absorb enough souls.

Téa says that sounds oddly familiar, and Joey remembers Weevil and Rex saying similar things. Yami asks the man who he is, and how he knows these events will happen. (Japanese Yami asks Gurimo if he did anything to Haga and Ryuuzaki.) Valon thinks Yami's asking a lot of questions, and Joey yells at the three motorcyclists, asking them who they think they are. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Jounouchi, apparently trying to find a way up to the three swordsmen, runs to the edge of the building. Honda follows, bumping into Jounouchi and knocking him over the edge. Honda catches him just in time, and Jounouchi yells at him, asking if Honda's trying to kill him.)

Rafael, holding two cards, says they're soul collectors. The cards show Weevil and Rex, trapped within drawings of the Seal of Orichalcos. (Japanese Rafael says their souls are in his hands. They're offerings for the ancient gods.) Yami recalls that trapping souls inside cards is just what Pegasus did to Kaiba and Mokuba with his Millennium Eye. (Yami's flashback is changed from a shot of Kaiba and Mokuba's soul cards to a shot of Pegasus's Millennium Eye, followed by individual close-ups of Kaiba and Mokuba from their soul cards.)

Yami wonders how these guys have that kind of power. (Cut from the US version is this scene where Anzu and Honda pull Jounouchi back onto the roof. Jounouchi says he thought he was going to die.)

The bearded man tells Yami that the sooner he makes his next move, the sooner Obelisk will wipe out his life points. Yami says Obelisk is powerful, but not unbeatable. That card belongs to him, and he's quite familiar with its strengths and weaknesses.

Yami plays Monster Reborn to bring back Valkyrion the Magna Warrior. The bearded man isn't impressed—Obelisk already crushed Valkyrion once. But Yami tells him to say goodbye to his God card, and orders Valkyrion to disassemble into the three Magnet Warriors. Next, he plays the magic card Brave Attack, and sends Alpha the Magnet Warrior to attack. It slashes Obelisk and returns to Yami's side of the field, then Yami sends Beta the Magnet Warrior to attack. The bearded man laughs, telling Yami his monsters can't even scratch Obelisk. But Yami tells him to look again—there's quite a large scratch across his monster. Brave Attack allows Yami's monsters to combine their attacks, adding their attack strengths together.

Joey tries to add it up—Alpha's got 1400 attack points, and Beta has 1700.... Téa interrupts to say that's a total of 3100 attack points so far. Yami continues to say that Obelisk has 4500 attack points, so he needs 1500 more to beat him (actually, he needs 1400 or more)—and that's exactly what Gamma has. Gamma finishes the attack, and Obelisk is destroyed, bringing the bearded man's life points down to 2100. (The Magnet Warriors are also destroyed at the end of Yami's turn, apparently by Brave Attack's effect, although neither version says so, unless the explanation doesn't make it into the subtitles in the Japanese.)

The gang cheer, but Valon dismissively says Yami got lucky. Rafael agrees that Yami will need more than luck to break the Seal of Orichalcos. (Japanese Valon says that Yami is very powerful, and Rafael agrees that Yami's learned to defeat the Gods.)

The bearded man says he doesn't need Obelisk to beat Yami. He plays Card of Sanctity, allowing each of them to draw until they have six cards. Téa says now they're even, but Joey points out that the other guy still has his magic circle on the field, giving his monsters an instant power boost.

Yami summons Watapon (300 DEF). The bearded man protests that it's still his turn, but Yami says that Watapon's effect allows it to be summoned to the field as soon as he draws it. (Japanese Yami says that Watapon can be instantly summoned to the field if it's added to his hand by a card effect, which is how the real card works.) The bearded man says that card is useless anyway, and he summons Warrior Dai Grepher (1700 ATK), which is powered up to 2200 by the Seal of Orichalcos. Yami activates his trap card, Dark Renewal, which allows him to sacrifice one of his opponent's monsters along with one of his own to summon a Spellcaster from his graveyard. He sacrifices Warrior Dai Grepher and Watapon to summon the Dark Magician.

The bearded man protests that he never sent Dark Magician to the graveyard. But Yami sent Dark Magician to the graveyard himself, discarding it when when he played Graceful Charity. (Japanese Gurimo realizes that Yami discarded Dark Magician when he played Graceful Charity.) Now the bearded man has no monsters to protect him. He sets one card face down, saying it's all he'll need.

It's Yami's turn, and he attacks with Dark Magician. The bearded man activates his set magic card, Shield Wall, which creates four monsters to protect him. Only one of the defensive monsters is destroyed by Dark Magician, and the man's life points are saved. Then he activates another set magic card, Bronze Knight, discarding three cards from his hand to summon three Bronze Knights (500 ATK) to the field. Yami tells him to hold on—he's got six monsters. Joey adds that Page Three of the rulebook clearly states that only five monsters per duelist can be in play! Rafael tells him to get a new rulebook—the Seal of Orichalcos doubles the number of monsters a duelist is allowed. (Japanese Rafael says that Oreikalkos allows the duelist to play monsters in his magic and trap zone.) And, the bearded man adds, Yami can't attack his back row of monsters without first going through the front row. Also, each of his monsters gains an extra 500 attack points, raising the Blade Knights each to 1000. (Cut from the US version is this scene showing Yami and Dark Magician surrounded by Gurimo's monsters, while Yami thinks that even the Dark Magician is unable to hurt Gurimo while the monsters in back are guarded by the monsters in front.)

The bearded man tells Yami that his lone Dark Magician is nothing compared to his army of monsters!

Yami says it's his move, and sets two cards face down, and summons Queen's Knight in defense (1600 DEF). The bearded man begins to draw, but Yami says he's not finished. He activates his trap card, Dust Tornado. (Yami was actually continuing his move here, not beginning a new one. He ended his turn after setting his cards and playing Queen's Knight. Gurimo drew to begin his turn, and then Yami activated his trap card. Yami's move would have been illegal otherwise—you can't activate a trap card in the turn it was set.) Yami uses Dust Tornado to destroy the Seal of Orichalcos—but after the dust clears, the Seal is still on the field! Rafael says the Seal of Orichalcos is too powerful to be destroyed by a measly trap card.

The bearded man then plays the magic card, The Warrior Returning Alive, to bring back Warrior Dai Grepher from the graveyard. Once again, Warrior Dai Grepher's attack strength is raised to 2200 by the Seal of Orichalcos. Not only that, the bearded man plays Allied Forces, which raises Warrior Dai Grepher's attack by another 800 points, to 3000, as well as raising the Bronze Knights' attacks to 1800. (The real card is called The A. Forces, and it raises the ATK of all Warrior-type monsters by 200 points for every Warrior and Spellcaster-type monster on the player's side of the field. Since there are four Warriors on Gurimo's side of the field, their attacks are each raised by 800.)

The bearded man uses his powered-up Warrior Dai Grepher to destroy Yami's Dark Magician, reducing Yami's life points to 1500. Then he attacks Queen's Knight with one of the Bronze Knights, but Yami activates his set magic card, Magical Academy, allowing Queen's Knight to escape the attack, and replacing her with Dark Magician Girl. Now, Yami says, it's over. First, Dark Magician Girl's attack is raised 300 points to 2800, due to the Dark Magician in his graveyard. (Dark Magician Girl's original ATK is 2000, not 2500. The additional 500 points come from Magical Academy's effect.) But the bearded man says a few extra points won't help against his warriors.

Yami knows there's one card in his deck that can change that, and asks the Heart of the Cards to guide him as he draws. (Japanese Yami thinks that he trusts his deck.) Perfect, he thinks, and plays Diffusion Wave Motion, paying 1000 life points to allow his Dark Magician Girl to attack each one of the bearded man's monsters. First, she slices through the Shield Wall monsters, then the three Bronze Knights, and finally Warrior Dai Grepher. The more monsters you have, Yami says, the more life points you lose! (Note that with each Bronze Knight destroyed, there are fewer Warriors on the field, so that the other Warrior monsters' powerups from Allied Forces' effect decrease. When Dark Magician Girl attacks Warrior Dai Grepher, its ATK has been reduced 2400—its original 1700, plus 500 from the Seal of Orichalcos, plus 200 from Allied Forces. The shot of Warrior Dai Grepher being slashed to pieces by Black Magician Girl's attack is obscured in the US version.)

The bearded man loses the duel. Yami falls to his knees, exhausted, demanding that he return his cards. But the bearded man refuses, saying that the God cards are theirs. (Japanese Yami says that was close. Gurimo calls out to "Rafael-sama.") He throws Obelisk up to Rafael as the Seal of Orichalcos shrinks around him, forming a column of light that reaches up to a vortex in the sky, sucking out his soul. As the Seal disappears, he falls senseless to the ground. Rafael says, oh well, it was the man's own fault. (Japanese Rafael says, "Gurimo.") Valon agrees, saying that now they know more about Yugi's dueling strategies. The three turn to go.

Yami shouts at them to stop, demanding again that they return the Egyptian God cards. Rafael says Yami has to beat all three of them to win the cards back. But, just for being such a good sport, Rafael frees the souls of Weevil and Rex, and tosses their soul cards down to Yami, who watches as the images of the two duelists on the cards disappear. Joey calls out threats to the three, and Valon laughs, saying this one reminds him of himself—only dumber and not as attractive. He thinks toying with that guy's going to be fun. (Japanese Valon tells Jounouchi it's no rush. They'll fight soon. He says his name is Valon, and tells Jounouchi to remember it.) The three turn to leave.

Yami goes over to the bearded man, still lying unconscious on the ground. (Japanese Honda asks if he'd dead, and Yami says no, but his soul is gone.) He picks up the Seal of Orichalcos card, and sees the man's image on it. It's true, he says—the man's soul has been trapped in the card. But where does this power come from? Téa picks up a glowing crystal the man was wearing around his neck and tells Yugi to check it out. Does he think it has something to do with all this? (Japanese Anzu says it's pretty. Yami thinks it's like the dark power of the Millennium Items.)

(This shot of the building with the city lights in the background is cut from the US version.)

Back on the street, the gang collect Weevil and Rex, who've returned to their senses, but aren't very happy about being held in the air by Tristan and Joey. Yugi says they have to find out what happened, and asks the two what they did yesterday. They tell the gang about being accosted by the bearded man and forced to duel. The man squashed Weevil like a cockroach, Rex says, and Weevil pops him one on the head, saying Rex held him back. But the guy played some weird card called the Seal of something.... Yugi says, the Seal of Orichalcos? And they say that's right.

(Cut from the US version is this scene where Ryuuzaki asks if the gang are Gurimo's partners, and Jounouchi grabs him around the neck, angrily telling him that Yugi was the one who got their souls back.)

Yugi asks if the guy mentioned anything about a plan to steal the three Egyptian God cards. (Japanese Yugi asks them what they were saying about the end of the world. Cut from the US version is this scene where Jounouchi lets Ryuuzaki go. Ryuuzaki clutches his throat, while Haga says he doesn't remember, and asks Yugi if he can see the God cards.)

Yugi admits the God cards were stolen. Joey says they'll win them back one-two-three, and the gang head off, telling Rex and Weevil to let them know if they see three suspicious-looking biker punks. Rex and Weevil pretend to agree, but as soon as the gang is out of earshot, they chuckle evilly, saying that the three God cards are up for grabs. Soon they'll be all mine! they each say.

As the gang walk down the street, Tristan sums up: first, things got freaky at the museum, then monsters started appearing around the world, and now a gang of bikers is stealing people's souls with a Duel Monsters card! Téa thinks all these things have something to do with one another, and Joey wonders why all this weird stuff always happens to them! Yugi just walks along with a sad, worried look on his little face.

Then he hears someone call his name, and looks up to see a blond girl with half-glasses running madly towards him. She flings herself onto him, and he greets her confusedly. (Japanese Rebecca calls Yugi "Darling.") Téa asks if Yugi has any idea who she is. She shows him a card to remind him—it's the Ties of Friendship card that Yugi gave her. Now he remembers—it's Rebecca Hawkins. Joey is horrified—it's that brat! But she looks different. Did she get a haircut? Tristan says no, she traded her teddy bear for glasses. Rebecca says she doesn't need a teddy bear to protect her, because she has a boyfriend—Yugi! (Japanese Rebecca says she's graduated and doesn't need a teddy any more. Besides, she has a boyfriend.) Yugi gets all discombobulated as she clutches his arm. Joey says it's another weird event to add to the list! (Japanese Jounouchi says she's really grown up fast! It's an American thing.) Tristan says they'd better stay out of it, and Téa steams as Rebecca, holding tight to Yugi's arm, says her Grandpa wants to see him.

The gang join Professor Hawkins and Yugi's Grandpa, who are at the Domino Museum Egypt Exhibit, standing in front of the stone tablet. Professor Hawkins tells Yugi he's just the person he needs to see. He has a theory that all of these monster sightings have something to do with Yugi! (Japanese Professor Hopkins calls Yugi "Nameless Pharaoh.")

Meanwhile, the three motorcyclists are now in a plane streaking across the ocean towards a conical fortress built atop a small island. Home sweet home, Valon says, as they head in for a landing, and Rafael says, wait until they tell the boss they've found the Pharaoh! (They don't say anything in the Japanese.)

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