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Episode 147: Legend of the Dragons (The Nameless Dragon, Timaeus)

A ramp opens in the rear of the float plane, and the three motorcyclists ride out, landing on the island and driving up the stairway to the fortress. (This scene doesn't appear in the Japanese version. It begins at Domino Museum.)

Meanwhile, at the Domino Museum, Professor Hawkins tells Yugi that these carvings confirm what he's suspected all along—that Yugi shares a bond with a five-thousand-year-old Pharaoh! (This interior shot of the museum is cut from the US version.)

Professor Hawkins says he's spent the latter part of his career studying Duel Monsters, and learned that it started as more than a game. Egyptian sorcerers discovered a way to seal real monsters away in stone tablets. (Japanese Yugi thinks that this is the Dark Game. This shot of the gang is cut from the US version.)

As more monsters were collected, the sorcerers' powers grew stronger until the shadow magic spun out of control and threatened to destroy all life on earth. But one man was able to turn the darkness to light—the great Pharaoh whose power Yugi carries.

Yugi wonders how this explains what's happening now. Have these monsters come back? Professor Hawkins says they have—but there's more to it. He asks if the gang have ever heard of the lost city of Atlantis, and Téa says she read a book about it, while the rest of the gang call her a nerd. (Japanese Yugi thinks he can't believe this happened to the other Yugi. He says that this was a long time ago. How is it connected to present events? Professor Hopkins says he'd joined a research project to discover Atlantis, and Anzu says she saw it on the news. The others are surprised.) Professor Hawkins says he may have discovered Atlantis—a world that existed long before ancient Egypt. But what puzzled him most were the carvings he saw there. He shows the gang photos of the carvings, which Yugi recognizes as Duel Monsters. So these monsters didn't originate five thousand years ago in Egypt, but ten thousand years ago in Atlantis.

Astonished, Grandpa tells Professor Hawkins that his discovery could completely rewrite history! But Professor Hawkins says there's still quite a bit he doesn't know. Yugi, looking through the photos, points out one that he says appears to show the monsters attacking the city. Professor Hawkins says that only some of the monsters are destroying the city, and Yugi wonders if that means that some of the monsters are good. (This flashback of monsters attacking present-day Domino is added to the US version.)

(Japanese Yugi asks if the recent crisis of monsters appearing is a sign of the end of the world. Cut from the US version is this scene beginning with a flashback of Haga and Ryuuzaki saying that it's the end of the world. Yugi asks if this is what Haga meant. Professor Hopkins says that the stone tablets of ten thousand years ago, Egypt three thousand years ago, and the current crisis can't be a coincidence. Honda protests that Duel Monsters is a game created by Pegasus. Someone must be playing a trick with the Duel Disks. Anzu reminds him that Kaiba said his virtual simulator wasn't responsible. Honda asks Anzu if she's going to tell him the monsters are real, and while she hesitates, Professor Hopkins says the monsters are real.)

Professor Hawkins believes there's a parallel world of monsters that exists alongside our world, and throughout history, certain people have been able to release these monsters. Some of them have helped mankind, while others have tried to destroy it. (Japanese Professor Hopkins says that the monsters can be seen in the ancient carvings. He believes that many rituals, magic and spells throughout history are evidence of humanity's desire to invoke monsters from another world. This shot of a magical symbol with five-pointed stars is replaced in the US version with a shot of an Egyptian sorcerer from a previous flashback.)

Tristan isn't buying it. He laughs, telling Professor Hawkins to give him a break. Rebecca kicks him in the knee, saying that anyone who messes with her grandfather messes with her, and he'd better keep his comments to himself! (Japanese Rebecca points out that Pegasus created Duel Monsters after seeing the ancient stone carvings.)

But Professor Hawkins says he's no stranger to ridicule, and agrees that it's a bit farfetched. Rebecca protests that it's true, and Joey says he believes him. After all the weird things they've been through, he'll believe anything! He remembers the Shadow Game with Marik, and reminds the gang that Mai and Bakura were both sent to the Shadow Realm in duels. There's plenty of stuff out there that can't be explained. Yugi adds, like the Pharaoh living in his Puzzle. (Japanese Jounouchi says when he was attacked by Ra, it was a real monster, not just a holographic image. Flashbacks of Joey's duel with Marik are added to the US version.)

(And Jounouchi reminds them that not just the chosen are able to use the God cards. Yugi says, "The Duel Monsters' world....")

Rebecca says that their hypothesis suggests that the supernatural phenomena they've experience may find its roots in Atlantis. (Japanese Rebecca says something about the theory of parallel worlds. This long shot of the gang is cut from the US version.)

Tristan thinks those are pretty big words coming from such a little kid. Rebecca goes off on him again, saying she's not a little kid, she's a college student! Professor Hawkins says his granddaughter is quite gifted, and she says she's just your average child genius, and begins to spell genius for them. Joey wonders if she can spell "obnoxious," and she starts to yell at him, when her grandfather tells her that's not the behavior of a college student.

Professor Hawkins continues, saying that when Egyptian sorcerers conjured these monsters five thousand years ago, the Pharaoh was there to save mankind from destruction. Now that Pharaoh has been reborn in Yugi, which could mean that mankind needs his help again.

But Yugi has no idea what to do. Should they try to get all the monsters to go back to their own world? Or focus on finding out what that weird motorcycle gang is up to? (Japanese Yugi says that Doom's Three Swordsman said the same thing, and there's a flashback of the three telling him that when the forbidden door is opened, Oreikalkos's light will punish the world. Yugi wonders who they are. The flashback is changed from the Three Swordsmen on their motorcycles to a shot of the monsters attacking people, followed by a shot of the motorcyclists on the roof watching Yugi's duel.)

Yugi thinks he might have a clue. He pulls out the crystal that the bearded man was wearing, asking if the professor has ever seen anything like it.

Professor Hawkins thinks the stone is incredibly like something he discovered on his expedition. He asks if he can take it back to his lab, and Yugi agrees.

Outside the museum, Grandpa plans to take Arthur and Rebecca to the airport. Rebecca gives Yugi a goodbye kiss and calls him "Cutie," to Yugi's great embarrassment. (Japanese Rebecca calls Yugi "Darling.") Téa fumes at her as she and her grandfather get in a taxi with Grandpa and are driven away.

Yugi thinks that just when he thought things were getting back to normal, they went and got ten times weirder! Yami appears in spirit form to say that this time the situation seems more treacherous than ever. (Japanese Yugi says he can't believe all this happened to the other Yugi, and Yami says he doesn't remember anything.) As Yami fades, Yugi hears a voice calling for help, but no one else hears it, and there's no one around. Yawning, Joey says it's been an exhausting day, and it's time to go home. He and Tristan head off. Téa follows, saying that after that story, it's going to be nightmare central for her! But Yugi stays behind, still looking around for the source of the voice.

Later, at home in bed, Yugi lies awake thinking about what the professor told him. Yami appears at his bedside, saying if what the professor says is true, this could be their toughest fight yet. (Japanese Yami wonders if there is any connection between his lost memory and all this.)

Deep within the island fortress, surrounded by stone serpents lit by the glow of torches, the three motorcyclists report to their master. Rafael explains that they found the Pharaoh, but weren't able to capture his soul. The robed man says he didn't expect them to defeat him this soon. Rafael presents him with a box containing the Egyptian God cards, which he accepts eagerly. He says he's been waiting an eternity to hold their power in his hands! Finally he possesses the force necessary to awaken the great beast! (Japanese Dartz thinks he can feel great power within the cards. This power shouldn't be used to recover the Pharaoh's lost memory. These supreme cards are the keys to the sealed door.)

Placing the three God cards within the mouths of three stone serpents, the robed man says that soon they'll rid the earth of mankind and rebuild civilization as it once was! (Japanese Dartz says that when the cards are presented to the sealed door, their god will be revived.) The robed man calls out to the serpents of Orichalcos to accept the offering of the Gods of Egypt, and use them to unlock the sacred chamber of the great beast! The God cards begin to glow, and lightning crackles from them up through the chamber and into the sky.

Yugi twists restlessly in bed, as the voice calls out to the Pharaoh for help. The Millennium Puzzle activates, and Yugi finds himself within its chambers in his pajamas. He finds Yami there, who says that someone needs their help. They both hear the voice again, and run to find it. They split up to search, but can't find anyone in the labyrinthine passageways of the Puzzle. How can they find anyone in this place?

Then Kuriboh appears at the top of the stairs, appearing to want them to follow him. Yami and Yugi run after him, until he disappears through the keyhole of a door. Yami opens the door to find a huge white room.

They've never seen this room before! They see a shadow run past some columns, and hear the voice calling out to the Pharaoh. They follow the voice until they suddenly fall into a vortex, finally coming to rest in the sky above a castle. In the distance, they see a huge eye, surrounded by darkness, into which monsters are being absorbed.

Yugi and Yami fly into the castle, where they float above three huge crystal dragon in the center of a great hall. They descend to the floor, where they're joined by Dark Magician Girl, who says that both of their worlds are in danger. Yugi says that Professor Hawkins was right! and Dark Magician Girl explains that as long as mankind has walked the earth, the dominion of the beasts has existed beside the human world. (Japanese Black Magician Girl explains that the world of the monsters is created by the "thought energy" of the human world.) Although their worlds are separate, they depend on one another in order to survive. But now something is threatening that survival—a gateway has been opened between them, and the great beast will swallow them all! It lives above the sky, feasting on the life force of monsters and humans as it did in the past. If this continues, they'll be gone forever. The Pharaoh and Yugi are their only hope. (Japanese Black Magician Girl says that almost all of their companions have been killed. Only these few remain. Once again, the naked girl monsters have clothing added in the US version.)

Yugi and Yami agree to help, but how can they stop this giant monster? (Japanese Yugi asks if there's anything they can do to help.) Dark Magician Girl flies above them, explaining that these dragons are the protectors of the monsters' world. They defeated the great beast ten thousand years ago, but now they're frozen in time. (Japanese Black Magician Girl says the three dragons were exhausted by their past battles, and no one now knows their names.) Yugi and Yami float up to join her, and she says that the legend states that three brave warriors will awaken these dragons when they are needed again. Dark Magician Girl believes that the Pharaoh is one of these warriors, and if she's correct, he'll be able to remove the sword sticking out of the frozen dragon's eye. (Japanese Dark Magician Girl says the three dragons left a message that only a True Duelist can release them. She believes that her master can heal them.)

Yami and Yugi grab the hilt of the sword together and pull. Light begins to glow from the ice, and suddenly the sword comes free, falling to the floor far below. Then the ice begins to crack, and a mighty blue dragon is revealed. Dark Magician Girl says that the dragon is Timaeus, and as soon as they call out the dragon's name, they'll be linked together. (Japanese Black Magician Girl doesn't speak. Yami says, "Nameless dragon! We know your name!" and Yugi says, "Your name is....")

They call out "Timaeus" and the dragon roars, sending out waves of power to Yugi and Yami. (Japanese Yami says he can feel that Timaeus has the power to awaken all the monsters. Black Magician Girl asks him to use this power. This shot of Yugi and Yami is cut from the US version.)

Yugi wakes up in his bed, wondering if it's morning already. But the light he sees through his window isn't the sun. He quickly gets dressed and runs outside, where his Grandpa is standing at the edge of the sidewalk. The monsters seem to be trapped in that light, Grandpa says, and Yugi runs away towards it, exclaiming that it's happening! (Japanese Grandpa wonders what's happening, and Yugi says he'll check it out.)

Yugi joins Joey, Tristan, and Téa in the town plaza, where many others have gathered to watch the strange light in the sky. Crystals of ice are forming as monsters are absorbed into it. Suddenly, the crystals shatter and fall, and the glowing eye is revealed.

In his fortress, the robed man laughs, telling his great leviathan that it's time to show the Pharaoh what true power is all about! (Japanese robed man says the Nameless Pharaoh will be an offering to their god.)

A huge blast of energy hurtles from the eye towards Yugi. The others run, but Yugi stands at the center of the maelstrom. His Duel Disk glows, and he pulls out the card of Timaeus, which he holds up, summoning the dragon. Timaeus appears over the city, and attacks the eye with a great flame. The eye cracks into pieces, and the robed man reels from the attack.

As pieces of the shattered eye fall, Timaeus returns to the card in a flash of lightning. Dark Magician Girl appears to Yugi to tell him that they've only just begun. The great beast is still weak, so he retreated for the moment, but many monsters remain imprisoned on the other side. The great beast will return again and his power will grow. He must be stopped before he is fully restored! She dissolves in a sparkle of pink light.

Yami appears beside Yugi, who says that Timaeus is strong, but not strong enough. Yami agrees—they must release the other two dragons. (Japanese Yugi looks at the card, saying, "This...." Yami finishes, "is our power.")

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