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Episode 148: The Creator Returns (Pegasus's Invitation)

Grandpa is sweeping the sidewalk outside the Game Shop, while inside, the television news reports strange illuminations in the sky and unusual weather patterns. Yugi, Tristan, Joey, and Téa are gathered in Yugi's room, intently watching the news on Yugi's laptop, as the reporter wonders if these events are related to the recent monster sightings.

Téa says it seems that what happened there in Domino last night happened all over. Joey picks up the Timaeus card, saying that, with it, Yugi was able to kick that thing's butt—until it comes back again. (Japanese Anzu says, so it wasn't a dream. Jounouchi agrees, because they still have the card that came from the monster world.) Tristan takes the card, saying he doesn't understand how a Duel Monsters card was able to do all that. Joey snatches it back, saying that a real duelist can tell the card is special and must be handled with care. Yugi takes it from him, saying there's no telling what else the card can do, and Yami agrees, saying that the card contains the spirit of an ancient dragon, and although it protected them, it could be dangerous. (Japanese Yami looks at the card and thinks, "The Eye of Timaeus.")

Téa thinks they should do something, but Joey doesn't know what. Tristan says they could start with the monster sightings, or the giant eye that tried to blast them, or that motorcycle gang that goes around stealing people's souls... (Cut from the US version is this shot of Jounouchi complaining that he doesn't get it!)

Yami says the secret lies in Yugi's hand. (Japanese Yugi looks at spirit Yami, but Yami doesn't say anything.)

Joey grabs the card from Yugi again, suggesting that if they can get that dragon to come out, it can give them a clue. (Japanese Jounouchi wonders if there are any clues in the card, like a special light or something.) Tristan bops Joey on the head, reminding him about handling the card with care! The two are about to get into it, when Grandpa comes in, and Tristan and Joey quickly let go of each other's shirts.

Grandpa has a package for Yugi. (Japanese Grandpa says the package is from America, and Anzu wonders if it's from Otogi.) Yugi's startled to see that it's from Pegasus. They all react in horror, remembering the last time Pegasus sent Yugi a package. (The Japanese package return address is Industrial Illusions.)

The package contains a videotape and a Duel Monsters card. Tristan suggests they just toss it now, but Téa says they have to open it. Joey's with Tristan—this is how Pegasus stole Grandpa's soul. (Japanese Honda says Industrial Illusions is Pegasus' company, and Anzu says that card... Jounouchi says there's a videotape in the package, just like Duelist Kingdom.)

Flashbacks show how Pegasus took Yugi into the Shadow Realm with his Millennium Eye, stealing Grandpa's soul to force Yugi to duel him. (This shot of Yami in the flashback is changed to Yugi in the US version.)

Joey suggests they just tape over this new tape with some Saturday morning cartoons! Téa points out that Pegasus no longer has the Millennium Eye, and Tristan agrees that last time they saw him, he was a little less creepy. (Japanese Honda says that someone stole the Millennium Eye.)

Yugi asks Yami what they should do, and Yami thinks they should listen to what Pegasus has to say—after all, he did invent Duel Monsters. Maybe he has something to do with what's been going on. (Japanese Yami says that although Pegasus no longer has the Millennium Eye, he was the chosen one, and he's the creator of Duel Monsters. This shot of Pegasus, surrounded by Duel Monsters cards, is cut from the US version.)

Yugi takes the tape and puts it in the VCR, while the others cringe. (The word "PLAY" is removed from the front of the VCR in the US version.)

Pegasus appears on the screen and greets Yugi-boy, saying it's been so long since he's heard from him. After all they've been through together, he could at least send an e-mail! (Japanese Pegasus just tells Yugi it's been a long time. This shot of the gang freaking out is cut from the US version.)

Pegasus goes on to talk about the current situation, with Duel Monsters running amok all over the world. Luckily for him, he says, Kaiba's been taking most of the heat for it. But Pegasus knows who's really behind it. He must stop them—they're ruining the reputation of his game! But it's too risky to leave any information on the tape, so Yugi will have to come see him in person. And last but not least, he's enclosed a one-of-a-kind card, and he exhorts Yugi not to lose it. It's the only way to enter his compound, and "they" mustn't take it. (Japanese Pegasus says he created Duel Monsters, and now they're causing panic around the world. He's done some research, and realizes something. He must talk to Yugi. But he can't leave, because someone is watching him. Mailing this tape is a risk, but if Yugi receives it, he must bring this card to America. He'll send a plane for Yugi, and wait for him.)

The tape ends. Joey says there's no way they can trust that guy (Japanese Jounouchi asks Yugi what's going on), but Yami says they should go. Pegasus may be their only hope. Yugi agrees, and says he's going. In that case, Joey says, he'll be right there by Yugi's side. Then Téa and Tristan also agree to come. Yugi thanks them, but Joey says that's what friends are for—to help fight the bad guys who want to take over the world! (Japanese Jounouchi says, besides, they get to go to America for free!)

Unseen by the gang, a ladybug sits on the window, its antenna blinking. It's actually a listening device operated by Weevil and Rex, who are stationed outside the Game Shop eavesdropping on Yugi and the gang.

Rex wonders why Pegasus needs those losers. He should have given the tape to him! Weevil says that just because they weren't invited to the party, doesn't mean they can't show up. They'll get to see where all the cards are made! Rex fantasizes about Pegasus offering the gang huge piles of rare cards, and says al those cards should belong to him! Weevil agrees, saying their dueling decks will be unstoppable! They just have to get to Pegasus before the gang—but how? Weevil has a plan.

At the bottom of the sea, the giant eye lies, crackling with electricity. On the island fortress, the robed man, Dartz, tells his leviathan that their time will come. By the might of the Egyptian Gods, the beast has been reborn, and once it has been replenished with enough souls, no one will stop them! He remembers Yugi summoning Timaeus to temporarily defeat his beast, and says it's only a minor setback. (This extreme close-up of Dartz is cut from the US version.)

Dartz calls for Rafael, who kneels, saying he knows what to do. He'll find the Pharaoh, and this time he'll drain the Pharaoh's power to feed the great beast. But Dartz tells him they need more than just the Pharaoh's soul. The other two motorcyclists join Rafael. Alister says they'll deal with the others, too. He'll take Kaiba. And Valon says he's got his eye on Joey Wheeler.

Dartz tells the three that the Pharaoh and his friends are on their way to speak with the one they've been watching—they'd better reach him before Yugi does. He orders them to go see Pegasus at once.

The moon glows on a tall skyscraper. (This pan up the skyscraper is cut from the US version.)

Inside, Pegasus sits at his desk, saying he can't believe the monsters he made famous are now terrorizing people around the world. (Japanese Pegasus tells Yugi to please come quickly. Something has happened.) He hears a woman's voice at the window, asking him if he always talks to himself like that. He turns to see Mai standing there, and asks her how she got past his security. (Japanese Mai doesn't speak. Pegasus looks at her and says, "You!") As the scene changes, Pegasus is heard to scream, "No!"

Téa is packing for their trip, thinking that she needs to go shopping one of these days. (Japanese Anzu wonders how long they're going to stay in America. Cut from the US version is this short bit where she stops to look at her poster of the Broadway musical, "The Black Magician Girl in the Moonlight." Anzu says she never expected to be going to America this way.)

Meanwhile, Tristan shouts in frustration at his full suitcase, finally deciding to leave his yo-yo home. (Japanese Honda is frustrated because he doesn't know what to bring.) Joey is on the phone with Serenity, telling her that they fly out tomorrow to somewhere in California. He made sure to pack plenty of sunscreen. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Shizuka he'll be leaving Japan for a while, and tells her not to catch cold.)

Yugi is just finishing his packing, when he notices the card that Pegasus sent him, still lying on his desk. He picks it up, thinking that's one thing he doesn't want to forget! (The Japanese card is called "Illusion's Key.")

Pegasus said it was one of a kind, and asks Yami if he's ever seen this card before. Distracted, Yami doesn't hear him. Then Yami says he's fine, but Yugi knows Yami is worried. Yami says they know so little about this new enemy. He thinks that if he knew more about his own past, he could be more helpful. Yugi says he heard that! He knows Yami's thoughts, because their spirits are bonded together. (Japanese Yugi says, "There you go again," and tells Yami he'd better not hide what's on his mind. There's too much they don't know.) Yugi says Yami must be worried because he is, too. The future of the entire world is depending on them! What if they mess up? Yami says they won't. (Japanese Yugi says he has a bad feeling about it, that something unknown is coming for them. Then he apologizes for saying such strange things.) Yugi suggests that they get some rest—their new adventure starts tomorrow. He turns off the light, leaving Yami staring out the skylight at the full moon.

The next morning, the gang gather at the airport, saying farewell to Yugi's Grandpa. (Japanese Grandpa says if he hears any news from Arthur, he'll let them know.) As they head for their flight, Weevil and Rex watch them, giggling, then take off down another hallway.

The gang stare out the window at the huge private jet Pegasus sent for them. (The Japanese plane says "Industrial Illusion" on the side.)

Tristan is pretty impressed, but Joey pretends it's no big deal, saying he'll have a whole fleet of them some day. Téa wonders why Pegasus decided to fly Yugi out to see him, and Yugi thinks it might be because he needs someone to help him duel against whoever's causing this mess. Joey says then it's a good thing he's there! (Japanese Jounouchi says rich people like Pegasus and Kaiba are generous. Anzu asks Yugi if Kaiba is in the US, too, and he says yes, but the Duel Monsters are appearing everywhere in the world. Kaiba's totally exhausted. Jounouchi says he deserves it!)

Three suits arrive, asking if one of the kids is Yugi Mutou. When Yugi says he is, the blond suit leads the gang off, telling the other two suits to bring the luggage.

The gang enter the jet, astonished at the luxury. Téa says she feels like a rock star, and Tristan says he bets they serve great food, too! Joey leaps into a seat, and tells Yugi to have one, too.

Meanwhile, the two flunkies are loading the kids' luggage. But one huge bag is awfully heavy—one flunky can't pick it up by himself, and calls the other to help. But he can't pick it up either! He manages to load it on the other's back, and he dumps it in the baggage hold, giving it a strange look when it seems to call out in protest when it's dropped to the floor.

The jet takes off. The large bag in the baggage hold flips over, and inside it, Weevil tells Rex that everything's going as planned—despite having Rex's feet on his head. But Rex says Weevil didn't think of everything—he has to go to the bathroom! Weevil just tells him to hold it. (Japanese Ryuuzaki asks if they should stay inside the bag the whole time. Haga says they have to—they won't be able to get any rare cards if they're found.)

A hostess serves lunch to the gang, while Rex and Weevil freeze, stuffed uncomfortably in their bag. Later, the gang stretch out to sleep in their reclining seats, while Rex and Weevil complain of ice particles forming in their underwear. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says they're going to die. This was a horrible plan! Haga reminds him again of the rare cards.)

As the sun comes up in the morning, the jet arrives at the airport, with the gang eagerly pressed against the windows to watch. Outside the gate, the suits have a limo ready to take the gang to see Pegasus. As the suits pack the luggage into the limo's trunk, Téa says she's never seen that big bag before. No one else claims it, either, so the suits take it back to leave at the Lost and Found, with a battered and sick Rex and Weevil still inside.

The limo drives off into the city.

At the Kaiba Corp building, Kaiba is at his desk angrily telling one of his flunkies to hold all his calls, and tell the reporters once and for all that Kaiba Corp is not responsible in any way for these monster sightings. The man agrees and leaves Kaiba's office. Kaiba says someone's trying to make a fool of him. He's worked to hard at repairing the reputation of this company—this has to stop. (Japanese Kaiba wonders what's happening. Is this a scheme of one of his rivals?) He calls Roland on his intercom, asking for an update on their investigation. Do they have any leads? Roland says there's nothing yet. Kaiba says he wants answers now! (Japanese Kaiba asks if there's any news from Industrial Illusions, but there isn't. Kaiba says to contact them.) Kaiba thinks the timing couldn't be worse—he's about to announce his latest project. (Japanese Kaiba thinks this is an important moment for Kaiba Land.)

The office door opens and Mokuba comes in, telling his brother to check out their database—someone's out there buying up shares in Kaiba Corp. Kaiba checks his computer, and Mokuba's right—almost half of Kaiba Corp was just bought by one person, and he's still buying! (Note that the Japanese computer shows S. Kaiba owning most of the stock, followed by ?, then Ohhira, then M. Kaiba. Hmm, who's this Ohhira person?)

If this person buys any more shares, he could take control of the company, and Kaiba won't allow that. There's only one person who's capable of something like this! (Japanese Kaiba says he'll punish anyone who dares to try to stop him.)

Just then the phone rings—it's Pegasus. He says it looks like he and Kaiba are partners now. (Japanese Pegasus asks if Kaiba got his message. Kaiba looks at his computer and realizes Pegasus did it. Pegasus says it was just a hello. Don't you like it?) Kaiba says the company is his, and he'll never let a snake like Pegasus wrap himself around it! Pegasus says he's not interested in Kaiba's company, he just needed the upper hand so he could force Kaiba to do something for him. Since both of their reputations are at stake, he thought they could boost their public image by dueling each other. Kaiba tells Pegasus he must be out of his mind, but Pegasus says if Kaiba refuses, he'll buy the rest of Kaiba Corp and take it apart, piece by piece. (Japanese Pegasus says he'll sell off all his Kaiba Corp stock and the price will nose-dive.) Kaiba has no choice but to accept. Pegasus says he's set up a dueling arena for them at Duelist Kingdom, for old times' sake.

Kaiba heads down in the elevator with Mokuba, who thinks that his brother was supposed to start building Kaiba Lands all over the world, and promised he wouldn't duel again until they were done. He even locked all his Duel Monsters cards away so he wouldn't be tempted. (Japanese Mokuba thinks that after Battle City, his brother locked his cards away in order to focus on his plan to build Kaiba Land. But now he's going to break the seal...)

They arrive at Basement Level 5, and approach a huge vault. Mokuba asks if Kaiba's sure he wants to go through with this, but he says he has no choice. (There's no dialog in the Japanese.) Using a card key and code, he unlocks the vault and they go inside. Mokuba suggests that Pegasus might have been bluffing, but Kaiba says he can't take that chance. Inside the vault, he opens a locked compartment with his card key, thinking that he knew that someday he would unlock his deck again, but he never thought it would be this soon. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that except for Yugi, no one has ever defeated him. If Pegasus gets in his way, he'll destroy him.) He removes his metal briefcase from the compartment, and takes out his Duel Disk.

On top of the Kaiba Corp building, Kaiba and Mokuba go to their Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet. Mokuba stops, looking down sadly. Kaiba asks him what's wrong, and Mokuba says he thought they were going to build Kaiba Land. Kaiba says they will, just as soon as he teaches Pegasus a lesson. (Japanese Mokuba is worried about Pegasus. Kaiba tells him not to be afraid—Pegasus can't use the same tricks again.) Mokuba laughs, and runs to join his brother.

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