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Episode 149: Deja Duel! Part 1 (Toon World Nightmare)

The gang rides in Pegasus's limousine through the city, which Joey says is nothing like back home. Tristan says of course it isn't—this is San Francisco, home of the Golden Gate Bridge, and all the seafood you can eat! (Japanese Jounouchi says they're getting closer to downtown San Francisco, and Honda says he's so excited! He's never been to America before.) Téa reminds him this isn't a vacation—they're here to see Pegasus. Yami, in spirit form, tells Yugi she's right, and based on the message Pegasus sent them, he's already in trouble. (Japanese Yugi says he's worried about Pegasus. On the tape, he looked haunted. Yami agrees.)

Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba are approaching Duelist Kingdom in the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet. Kaiba says he'll try to make this quick, and Mokuba agrees that this place has nothing but bad memories. (Japanese Kaiba says he can't believe he's visiting Duelist Kingdom again. This place has only bad memories.)

The jet lands in front of the castle, and the boys hop out. Kaiba says it's time to give Pegasus a royal beating. (Japanese Kaiba doesn't say anything.) The doors open to an empty hallway. Mokuba says it looks like Pegasus's staff is on vacation or something. That's fine with Kaiba—fewer people to get on his nerves. They head down the hallway. (This shot of Kaiba and Mokuba with rays surrounding them is cut from the US version. Okay, it's no big deal, but it's neat.)

Back at the airport, the bag containing Weevil and Rex is carted away and tossed into the back of a truck. Inside, Rex tells Weevil this was his worst idea yet, but poor tangled-up Weevil doesn't even remember who he is. (The Japanese boys just whimper and moan.)

The limo rolls down the city streets (cut is this shot of Fisherman's Wharf and a cable car).

(Also cut is this shot of a cable car passing in front of the limo, as Jounouchi says he saw a cable car in a movie once.)

Joey presses against the window, looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge. But it doesn't look gold to him! (Japanese Honda exclaims that there's the Golden Gate Bridge, and Jounouchi says now it feels like they're really in America.) He asks a distracted Yugi if he's taking all this in, but Yugi doesn't hear him. Téa asks Yugi if he's all right, and he says he's can't stop thinking about everything they've found out this week. A magic gateway has opened up between their world and a world where monsters live, and some kind of super-monster is trying to destroy them both! The only protection they have against it is the Timaeus card, but even that isn't enough. They have to get to the bottom of this before that monster strikes again. (Japanese Yugi says Pegasus must know something, and wonders what it is.)

The limo heads across the Golden Gate Bridge. (Apparently, Industrial Illusions is located in Marin, as is George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic. Heh.)

Kaiba and Mokuba suddenly come to the end of the hallway, opening out onto a huge room with the floor far below. (Cut from the US version is this pan of the room they've come to.)

Mokuba clutches Kaiba's arm, worried that they could have fallen, while Kaiba is about out of patience with Pegasus. He demands that Pegasus show himself.

Across the room, in a corresponding hallway, Pegasus finally appears, laughing. Kaiba tells him he's as irritating as ever, but Pegasus asks him where's the love? They've been through so much. Kaiba says he didn't come to catch up, he came to duel so that Pegasus would get out his life! Pegasus wonders what he's done to deserve such hatred, and Kaiba tells him it's a long list. Most recently, Pegasus has been buying up pieces of Kaiba's company.

Kaiba accuses Pegasus of being behind this monster scare. But Pegasus says Kaiba's afraid to admit that maybe these monsters are real. Kaiba says he doesn't believe in hocus-pocus magic tricks, and he certainly doesn't believe in real monsters. (Japanese Kaiba says the only one who could have created this monster scare is Pegasus, but Pegasus says it's all Kaiba's responsibility. Kaiba demands to know what Pegasus means, and Pegasus says he'll tell him if Kaiba can beat him in a duel.) Pegasus reminds him of what happened before, when he captured both Mokuba and Kaiba's souls with his Millennium Eye, but Kaiba doesn't want to hear about it. (Japanese Kaiba says Pegasus is reminding him of old humiliations in order to stir him up.) That's old news, he says, holding up his Duel Disk, and Pegasus agrees that it's time for the rematch of the century!

The dueling arena rises into place, with ramps joining the two hallways where Kaiba and Pegasus stand. Pegasus walks to his side of the duel ring, saying who knew he'd get to destroy Kaiba twice in one lifetime! (Japanese Pegasus says he's prepared a memorable battlefield for Kaiba, and asks if Kaiba wants to take revenge.)

Kaiba just wants to get the duel over with. (Japanese Kaiba says he can use any kind of dueling system, but he doesn't trust Pegasus, so he'll use his Duel Disk. If it's a fair duel, he won't lose.) Mokuba tells Pegasus that his brother will take him apart! And Pegasus says he sees that Mokuba's still his brother's one and only fan. Kaiba tells Mokuba to stay back, reminding him that they both know what this madman is capable of. Mokuba goes up to the balcony to watch the duel. (Japanese Mokuba says his brother's duelist's courage has been sealed, but now it will be released.) Mokuba calls out to his brother to beat Pegasus at his own game.

(Japanese Kaiba asks Pegasus if he's set up a trap to spy on his cards. Pegasus says no, he doesn't need the mind scan to beat Kaiba.)

Kaiba plugs his Duel Disk into the ring's controls, and the duel begins. Pegasus goes first, summoning Toon Alligator (1600 DEF) in defense mode. Then he sets one card face down. Kaiba thinks he knows what Pegasus is up to—he's using the same monsters he played in their first duel in order to mess with Kaiba's head. Pegasus feigns surprise. (This shot of Kaiba is cut from the US version, as Kaiba says he's different now. Psychological warfare won't work on him.)

Kaiba summons Spear Dragon (1900 ATK) and attacks Toon Alligator. Even though Toon Alligator is in defense, Pegasus still receives 300 points of damage, due to Spear Dragon's effect. Then Spear Dragon switches to defense mode. Kaiba sets two cards face down and ends his turn.

The truck carrying Rex and Weevil's bag heads down an alley. (Cut from the US version is this bit showing Haga's face smashed up against Ryuuzaki's butt. Ryuuzaki farts, and Haga thrashes around, shouting that it stinks!)

Wriggling around inside their bag, Weevil and Rex fall out the back of the truck, spilling out of the bag into an alley. (The graffiti has been removed from the alley walls in the US version.)

A gang of strange blond people confront them.

Back at the duel, Pegasus draws the magic card, Toon Table of Contents, which allows him to draw any card from his deck with the word "Toon" in the title. Not again! Kaiba exclaims. Toon World? Pegasus says that of all the cards he's created, Toon World is his favorite. Paying 1000 life points, he plays it, saying this card allows him to summon any and all of his Toon monsters to the field. Then he summons Toon Masked Sorcerer (900 ATK).

Mokuba is worried about Pegasus's Toon World card, but Kaiba says it's time to give Pegasus a taste of his own medicine. He activates his Clone trap card, duplicating the Toon Masked Sorcerer on his own side of the field. Now if Pegasus attacks, he'll destroy his own monster as well. Pegasus says Kaiba's saved himself for now. (Japanese Pegasus says "God damn!" in English. Kaiba taps his head, smiling and saying that he has all the data from all his duels in his memory, and all the strategies he'll use to deal with Pegasus. Frustrated, Pegasus says, "Turn end.")

It's Kaiba's turn, and he says it's time to play his favorite card. He sacrifices Spear Dragon and Toon Masked Sorcerer to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000 ATK). Pegasus says his Toon Masked Sorcerer is safe—Toon monsters can only be destroyed by other Toons. Kaiba says he's aware of that, but refuses to let a technicality stop him! (Japanese Kaiba says he's not afraid of Toon monsters. He's already told Pegasus his strategies are flawless.) So Pegasus activates his trap card, Toon Mask, allowing him to trade in his Sorcerer for a Toon version of Kaiba's monster. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon appears on Pegasus's side of the field.

Kaiba fumes, telling Pegasus that thing is a disgrace to the original Blue-Eyes. Pegasus protests that cartoons have feelings, too! And the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon weeps streams of tears. Then Kaiba activates the magic card, Shrink, shrinking the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon down to 1500 attack points. Pegasus says he's still indestructible, and Kaiba's only made him more lovable.

Next, Kaiba plays a magic card, saying it will make the Blue-Eyes' attack even more fierce, but Pegasus says it's not going to work. Kaiba attacks with his Blue-Eyes, but the attack slides right off the little Toon Dragon. Kaiba says his magic card, Charm of Lamentation, allows him to draw one card from his deck every time his Blue-Eyes attacks and fails. Kaiba thinks to himself that the key to beating this washed-up has-been is somewhere in his deck, and he just has to keep drawing cards until he finds it.

Pegasus draws, then pays 500 life points to allow his Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon to attack Kaiba directly, bringing his life points down to 2200. But Kaiba activates his trap card, Negate Attack, which stops the Toon Dragon's attack. (The Japanese Negate Attack is a magic card. The real card is a trap card.)

Then Pegasus plays the magic card, Toon Rollback, rewinding their duel. Kaiba protests that the Toon Rollback card won't allow the Toon Dragon to attack twice in one turn, but Pegasus says that's not what he plans to do. He sacrifices the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon to summon Toon Dark Magician Girl (2000 ATK), and she attacks Kaiba directly, taking him down to 2000 life points. (Cut from the US version is this scene of Mokuba saying he can't believe his brother lost 2000 life points at once.)

Kaiba attacks Toon Dark Magician Girl with his Blue-Eyes, but she captures the attack in her hat, where it explodes harmlessly. (The Japanese attack goes "BOON" as it explodes.)

The failed attack allows Kaiba to draw a card with Charm of Lamentation's effect, and he smiles at his new card. He tells Pegasus that he's a joke, just as outdated as his strategies. His Toon monsters are only destructible as long as his Toon World card is on the field. Kaiba plays the magic card, A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, returning his Blue-Eyes to his hand and destroying all magic and trap cards on Pegasus's side of the field. Toon World is destroyed, along with Toon Dark Magician Girl. Mokuba cheers, saying he never doubted his brother for a second.

Kaiba finishes his turn by summoning Versago the Destroyer in defense (900 DEF). It's Pegasus's move, but Pegasus stands silent on his side of the ring, staring down at his hands. Kaiba says if Pegasus doesn't take his move, he'll forfeit the duel, then says he'd quit, too, if his strategy was as lame as Pegasus'. Pegasus is using the exact same tactics as the first time they dueled. Kaiba wants to know what the deal is—Pegasus is a lot of things, but predictable isn't one of them. (Japanese Kaiba asks, "Who are you?" He says his strategy was flawless, but Pegasus should have foreseen this situation. His opponent is simply imitating his old tactics. He knows Pegasus isn't that stupid. "You are not Pegasus. Who are you?")

Pegasus finally raises his head. He just hasn't been himself lately. In fact, he means that quite literally! (Japanese fake Pegasus says Kaiba's very perceptive. Kaiba's right, he's not Pegasus.) His voice changes, and he rips off his mask and costume to reveal that he's actually one of the three motorcyclists. Furious, Kaiba demands that he identify himself, and he says his name is Alister. Activating his Dark Duel Disk, he says to "Kaiba-boy," "Now let's duel." (Japanese Amelda announces that he's one of Doma's Three Swordsman, Amelda. Kaiba repeats, Doma? Three swordsmen? Amelda says he won't forgive Kaiba, and Kaiba asks what's going on. Amelda says, "This is retribution, Kaiba Seto.")

Alister draws, and plays the Seal of Orichalcos, causing the field to be encircled by the Seal. Alister explains that they're trapped inside the Seal until the duel is over, and the loser's soul will be locked away for all eternity! (Japanese Amelda says that he is commanded by the King of Doma, Dartz, to take Kaiba's soul.)

To Be Continued

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