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Episode 150: Deja Duel! Part 2 (Wake Up! Critius)

(This bit showing Kaiba looking around asking, "What is this?" and Amelda explaining that it's the Seal of Oreikalkos is cut from the very beginning of the US episode.)

Kaiba and Alister are locked inside the Seal of Orichalcos. Alister tells Kaiba that soon he'll be losing his soul—but it won't be the first time. Mokuba tries to run to his brother, but smashes into the Seal and and falls to the ground. Kaiba calls out to his brother. Mokuba gets up and starts pounding on the invisible barrier, demanding that Alister let his brother out, telling him he has no idea who he's messing with. (Japanese Mokuba yells, "Nii-sama!" ["Big Brother!"] over and over.)

But Alister says he knows exactly who he's messing with—a greedy little punk who's just as pathetic as his old man. Kaiba angrily says that no one compares him to his stepfather and gets away with it. His family business has nothing to do with Alister. (Japanese Amelda asks if Kaiba knows how long he's been waiting for this. Kaiba says that the appearance of the Duel Monsters and the buyout of Kaiba Corp stock must have been all Amelda's doing. Amelda says something noncommittal. Kaiba wants to know what Amelda's intentions are, and Amelda says it's to take Kaiba's soul. Kaiba says to stop this boring nonsense!)

Alister says he represents every single person whose life was ripped apart by Kaiba's company, and he's here to make sure Kaiba's never able to step on anyone ever again. Kaiba just tells him to get in line—he hears that speech every day. (Japanese Amelda says Kaiba will pay for his crimes with his soul. Kaiba says, what crime? What the hell?)

Meanwhile, the gang is still in the limo, now apparently traveling through a desert that has mysteriously appeared somewhere north of San Francisco. Yugi is still distracted, and Joey asks him if he's all right. He says he's been better, and asks Joey how he's doing. Joey says he's been worse. (Japanese Yugi says he's worried about Pegasus, and Jounouchi says, worried?) Yugi sighs, and asks the gang if they aren't worried about what Pegasus said on that videotape. Someone's following Pegasus, and Yugi has a feeling it's the same biker gang that stole the God cards. The gang agree, and Téa says that if the bikers found Pegasus, they could be walking into a trap. (Japanese Yugi says Pegasus said on the tape that he was being watched, and if that's true, he could be in danger.)

Back at the duel, Alister summons Gorlag (Balrog) in attack mode (1000 ATK). The Seal of Orichalcos raises Gorlag's strength by 500 points. Plus, Gorlag gets another 500 point boost from every fire monster on the field, including itself, raising its total attack to 2000 points. He attacks Kaiba's Versago the Destroyer, destroying it. (For some strange reason, Gorlag's fire sword and mane have been turned blue in the US version.)

In addition, by Gorlag's effect, Versago appears on Alister's side of the field as a fire monster, its attack raised to 1600 by the Seal of Orichalcos (but without its effect, Japanese Amelda explains). Gorlag's attack strength is also raised by the appearance of another fire monster on its side of the field, to 2500. Alister tells Kaiba it's over for him!

Mokuba, watching just outside the Seal, worries that his brother's whole deck could turn against him. Alister sets one card face-down and ends his turn.

Kaiba thinks that this wacko has more skill than he thought. But Kaiba's better, and he has just the cards to take Alister down. In his hand, he holds the Crush card, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Pitch-Dark Dragon. He thinks that once his virus wipes out Alister's Gorlag, every monster it stole from him will be gone. Then Alister's life points will be wide open. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that if he can destroy Balrog, he'll also destroy all the monsters summoned by Balrog's effect.)

Kaiba draws, saying it's showtime! First, he summons Pitch-Dark Dragon in defense (600 DEF), then he sets one card face down. But Alister knows Kaiba's face-down card is the Crush card. He's had his eye on Kaiba for a long time, he says, and knows every pathetic detail of his life, including his obvious Duel Monsters strategies. Kaiba smiles—he had no idea Alister was such a big fan of his. If he wanted Kaiba's autograph, all he had to do was ask! (Japanese Kaiba says a boor afraid of the powerful must be well-prepared.)

Alister says Kaiba makes him sick! (Japanese Amelda says Kaiba's the boor.) Kaiba wants to know what he did, and Alister says Kaiba ruined his life.

Alister shows Kaiba a broken toy, saying this is all he has. It used to be his brother's, but Alister will never see him again—Kaiba's father took Alister's brother away from him. (Japanese Amelda says Kaiba's company killed his brother.) Kaiba and Mokuba stare in shock, as Alister tells his story.

It was seven years ago today, Alister says. The tanks came back, but this time it was worse than before. The enemy wouldn't give up. (Japanese Amelda says his country used to be beautiful. He can still remember the beautiful scenes from many years ago. But he has also seen hell. Cut from the US version are these flashback scenes of war in Amelda's country.)

Flashbacks show young Alister grabbing his little brother, Mikey, to shove him out of the way of falling rubble. Mikey clutches his toy, saying that soon the real Dyna Dude is going to show up and beat up all the bad guys. (Japanese Amelda asks his brother why he hangs onto the toy, and his little brother, Miruko, says he keeps it because it was a birthday present from "Nii-chan" ["Big Brother"]. Amelda says that after the war's over, he'll buy his brother lots of presents. Miruko asks if the war will be over soon, and Amelda says it will.) Alister tells his little brother it's not safe there any more, and they have to leave. Mikey is reluctant, but Alister says to trust him. (Japanese Miruko asks if they can play soccer after the war, and Amelda says yes. Cut is this scene of Amelda looking through the blasted wall of the building, then telling Miruko, it's time to go.)

The two boys run through the war-torn streets, looking for a safe place to stay. (Cut from the US version is this long sequence in which the boys see a tank in the street ahead of them, its gun turrets turned towards them.)

(Before it can fire on them, it's blown up, and another tank runs over it towards the boys. A soldier in this new tank—marked with the Kaiba Corp "KC" logo—asks if the boys are okay.)

(More tanks drive up beside the boys, who are excited to see the brand-new tanks. A soldier explains that these are Kaiba Corp tanks, more powerful than the enemy's. Kaiba is going to help them, providing them with many weapons.)

(Another soldier exclaims that they will win! Miruko happily says that now they can end the war.)

They end up in a refugee camp, where Alister sits looking at the picture of his mother in the locket he wears around his neck. Mikey asks where mom is, and Alister tells him she's gone—captured. But he promises that won't happen to Mikey, and soon they'll find their mom. (Japanese Amelda looks at the picture, saying, "Mama." Miruko asks if he's crying, and he says no. Miruko's stomach growls, and Amelda says he'll get him some food.) He puts the locket around Mikey's neck.

Just then, an explosion shakes the camp. The tanks are back! Alister grabs his brother and they begin to run. (Cut from the US version is this scene of the boys running. Then a tank stops near the brothers, and a soldier calls out to them to come to him.)

(Amelda hands his little brother up to the soldier, but as the soldier takes him, the locket with their mother's picture falls.)

(Amelda says he'll get it, and runs to retrieve it. Just then, the tank explodes, and Amelda is thrown to the ground.)

An explosion knocks him down, separating the boys. Alister hears Mikey call for help, but when he turns, Mikey is gone. (This scene is reversed in the US version to make it fit the cuts.)

(The Japanese scene continues, as Amelda turns to see helicopters through the flames of the burning tank. The helicopters launch missiles at the camp.)

(Amelda watches helplessly as helicopters hover over the camp.)

(He stares at the burning tank, weeping.)

Alister sees Mikey's toy lying burned and broken on the ground. As the tanks roll away, Alister cries out that they took him! (This scene from earlier in the Japanese episode is inserted into the US version here.)

Crying, he holds the toy and screams for his brother.

Soon after Mikey was taken, Alister says, he found out who was really responsible. At the edge of the camp, he sees Gozaburo Kaiba being greeted by soldiers, who tell him they couldn't have done it without him. Then Gozaburo flies away in his Kaiba Corp helicopter. Alister says he would have done anything to get Mikey back. (There's no dialog or voice-over in the Japanese version.)

Young Alister hears a voice saying he can help him. It's Dartz, who tells him that if he does as Dartz says, he'll soon be reunited with his family. Dartz says he wants to see justice served, by helping Alister destroy the man whose tanks the enemy used to capture his brother. (Japanese Dartz asks Amelda if he knows who that man is. It's Kaiba Gouzaburou, the chairman of Kaiba Corporation. The man who killed Amelda's brother is that man, who offered new weapons to both sides. Cut from the US version is this shot of Amelda clenching his fist so hard his hand bleeds.)

(Dartz asks Amelda if he wants to take revenge.)

Back in the present, Alister says Kaiba's father did this to him, and now Kaiba runs his empire, so it's his fault, too. Mokuba says it's not true, but Alister says it's time for Kaiba to pay for his crime by giving up his soul to feed the beast. (Japanese Amelda says his heart died then. This is his revenge.)

Mokuba shouts that his brother is innocent! Their stepfather was a big jerk, but Seto knew he was wrong. That's why he took control of Kaiba Corp and changed it into a company that helps people. What happened to Alister is not their fault! (Japanese Mokuba says it was Gozaburo who sold the weapons. His brother hated what Gozaburo did, so he bought out Kaiba Corporation. He wanted to use his wealth and abilities to create something better. He is the redemption of Kaiba Corp.)

Alister won't listen. Mokuba says he and his brother grew up without a family, too, but Alister tells him to imagine what it would be like if he didn't have his brother either. Mokuba can't. (Japanese Mokuba says that Seto wanted to build Kaiba Land for all the children in the world. Amelda says "Don't make me laugh." Can Seto revive his parents and brother? Mokuba doesn't know what to say.) Kaiba tells Mokuba not to listen to him, and Mokuba says he was only trying to help. Alister laughs at their little spat, telling Mokuba his brother won't push him around any more, once he takes away his soul! (Japanese Kaiba tells Mokuba that's enough. Mokuba says, "But, Nii-sama..." Amelda says Kaiba Corp destroyed peace to get its profits.)

Alister says that everything Kaiba and Mokuba has was paid for by Kaiba Corp, and that same money took his brother away. It's time to pay him back, with Kaiba's soul. Kaiba agrees that his stepfather was a snake, and what he did to Alister's family was wrong. Then again, he doesn't care for the way Alister got him there by threatening to put him out of business. So why don't they continue the duel, and if Alister is lucky enough to win, maybe Kaiba will help him out. Alister says Kaiba will help him. (Japanese Kaiba says he did take over Kaiba Corporation, and he won't deny that. But Amelda has his own way of seeing the truth. Kaiba can only duel to show he's right. Amelda says he'll be the one who's right—Kaiba can't beat him.) Then he activates his trap card, Royal Decree, negating all trap cards on the field except itself.

Kaiba is horrified—he needs his Crush card to win! He ends his turn. Alister attacks Pitch-Dark Dragon with Gorlag, then direct attacks with Versago the Destroyer, reducing Kaiba's life points to 400. (That was a dumb move. Alister could have destroyed Pitch-Dark Dragon with Versago, then direct-attacked with Gorlag, and won the duel.) Now Pitch-Dark Dragon appears on Alister's side of the field, its attack raised to 1400 by the Seal of Orichalcos.

Kaiba knows he has to summon a strong monster to stop Alister, but he has nothing to sacrifice. Only one card can help, but he needs to draw it now!

Kaiba draws, and smiles. He plays the magic card, Card of Demise, allowing him to draw three cards. He plays White Dragon Ritual, sacrificing his Blue-Eyes White Dragon from his hand to summon Paladin of White Dragon (Knight of White Dragon) (1900 ATK). Then he plays Monster Reborn to bring back the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He attacks Pitch-Dark Dragon with Paladin of White Dragon. Now that one of Alister's fire monsters has been destroyed, Gorlag loses 500 attack points, bringing it down to 2500, so Kaiba can destroy it with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. (As Kaiba noted before, once Gorlag is destroyed, Versago the Destroyer is also destroyed.) Alister's down to 1200 life points, but Kaiba's not through yet. Using Paladin of White Dragon's effect, he sacrifices it to summon another Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the field, telling Alister that the worst is yet to come! (Japanese Kaiba tells Amelda, "You said I can't win. Now I return those words to you.")

Alister draws, saying that Kaiba's predictable. He plays Pot of Greed, drawing two cards, then plays the magic card Aetonix's Flame, destroying both of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragons. Aetonix's Flame destroys every monster on the field that isn't a fire monster, and allows Alister to bring Gorlag back to the field in attack mode. Then, Alister activates Fire Whip, which revives Kaiba's two Blue-Eyes White Dragons on his side of the field as fire monsters. Kaiba protests that those dragons are his! But Alister says soon he'll use Kaiba's favorite monsters to take him down. It's the perfect revenge.

Both Blue-Eyes White Dragons increase to 3500 attack points, while Gorlag's attack rises to 3000 with two more fire monsters on the field. Kaiba's facing three monsters with a total of 10,000 attack points—but fortunately for him, Alister can't attack this turn. So Alister sets one card face down and ends his turn, taunting Kaiba that when he loses, he'll lose his soul, and suffer just as Alister did at the hands of Kaiba's father. (Japanese Amelda tells Kaiba this will be his last draw.)

Kaiba's out of moves. There's not a card in his deck that can save him now. But as he draws, he finds himself in a vision of the hall in the monster world where the two remaining frozen dragons stand. He says he must be hallucinating, then hears a voice telling him that he has been chosen to release the mighty Critius. All he has to do is remove the sword. Kaiba takes hold of the hilt of the sword embedded in the dragon's throat and pulls it free. The ice cracks and the dragon is released. The voice tells him to join forces with the dragon, and he touches it, willing to do anything to shut the voice up! The touch produces a burst of light. (There's no voice in the Japanese. Kaiba sees the sword and wonders if he must pull it out, which he does. After the dragon is freed, he asks himself how this can be—he knows the dragon's name. "Your name is Critius," he says, putting his hand on its nose.)

In the limo, Yugi notices his own Eye of Timaeus card glowing in response.

Back at the duel, Kaiba stands mid-draw with his hand on his deck. As Alister asks Kaiba if he's going to play or not, the card under Kaiba's hand glows. (The glow is added to the card in the US version.)

Then Kaiba draws his card. Astonished, he sees that he's drawn a card he never put in his deck—one that looks like the dragon he just dreamt about. Is this another of Alister's tricks? (Japanese Kaiba wonders why there's a card he doesn't recognize in his deck. But, he thinks, he knows its power.)

He hears the voice from his vision telling him to play the card—it's the only way. (Again, no voice in the Japanese.) So he summons the Fang of Critius. Alister protests that Kaiba doesn't have that card, but Kaiba just goes on to merge Critius with his Crush card to form a new monster. Alister says he can't merge a trap card with a monster, but Kaiba laughs, saying that he just did. (Japanese Kaiba knows that Critius' effect is that it can be fused with trap cards.) The Doom Virus Dragon (Death Virus Dragon) appears on the field, with an attack of 1900. Its effect destroys every monster on the field with an attack of 1500 or more, and Alister's three powerful monsters are destroyed. Kaiba then direct attacks with Doom Virus Dragon, saying it's game over!

But Alister activates his set magic card, Contagion of Madness, inflicting 950 points of damage to Kaiba, so that both of their life points reach zero at the same time. The duel ends in a draw, and the Seal of Orichalcos disperses, flinging Kaiba back onto Mokuba, as Alister disappears and the duel ring reappears. They hear Alister's voice saying that this isn't over. He'll be back, and Kaiba will pay for what his father did to him!

Kaiba stands up, staring at the card of Critius in his hand.

Meanwhile, the limo continues through the desert, stopping at an abandoned gas station. The limo driver gets out and walks away, and the gang wonder what's happening.

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