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Episode 151: An Unexpected Enemy (An Unexpected Enemy)

The gang wait in the limo at an old run-down gas station. Téa wonders what's taking the driver so long. Joey says they'd better go check on the guy, and they all get out. But there's no one at the station. Then Joey hears a noise—a rumbling sound. The others don't hear it at first, but then Yugi hears it too. They run out into the road, where, out of a cloud of dust, a gang of motorcyclists appear, all dressed in black, with helmets covering their faces. Tristan has a feeling they're not there to rescue them!

The bikers stop, one saying menacingly that the kids shouldn't be roaming around these parts. (The bikers don't say anything in the Japanese.) Joey grabs Téa and shoves her behind him, asking the bikers if they have a problem, while Tristan tells them to move on. Yami tells Yugi this looks dangerous—let him take over. (Japanese Yami tells Yugi to change with him.) Téa asks what they want, and Tristan says that he told them to move on! Yami says it doesn't look like they're taking his advice. (Japanese Yami says he thinks these are Doma's people.)

Joey has an idea—run! The kids take off down the road. Meanwhile, on top of a nearby mesa, Valon and Rafael watch. Rafael says the Pharaoh and his pals are theirs. Valon agrees that they'll never outrun the choppers. (Japanese Valon and Rafael don't speak.)

Yami and the others are surrounded by the bikers before they can reach the limo. What should they do? The bikers pull out metal poles, and begin circling the gang, dragging the poles menacingly on the ground. One of the bikers swings a pole at Joey, who can only brace himself, arm protecting his face. But before the blow lands, the biker is hit in the hand by a card (it's Harpie's Feather Duster), and he falls from his bike, the pole flying out of his hand.

The bikers stop, staring at their fallen rider. What just happened? They look around, seeing nothing. Then another biker rides out from behind a mesa. It's a woman in a red helmet on a red bike. The bikers ask who she is, but no one knows. She throws more cards, and more bikers are knocked from their bikes as she passes. Rafael and Valon watch in surprise as their biker gang is taken down by this new biker in red.

Téa asks what's going on? Tristan grabs her hand, saying let's ask questions later! The kids run for the limo. But Joey stops to pick up one of the cards the red biker used to bring down the others. (Cut from the US version is this short bit showing the Harpie Lady card sticking out of the biker's hand, and a close-up of Jounouchi saying, "Harpie Lady?")

As he stares at it, the red biker zooms past, snatching the card out of his hand. It's Harpie Lady! Joey stares after her in wonder. It's Mai!

One of the other bikers rides towards her, swinging a chain, which he wraps around her Duel Disk. She pulls on it, knocking him over. His bike crashes into one of the gas pumps and starts a fire. That's not good! Joey exclaims, and he runs for the limo. (The gasoline leaking from the pump is digitized out of the US version.)

As the limo peels out, the gas station explodes behind them. Joey watches it burn, relieved when Mai rides out of the smoke.

Téa asks who just saved them. Joey answers, smiling, that it was Mai—he saw her. The others are amazed.

Rafael gets on his bike, saying that someone out there likes to crash parties. They should find out who. (Japanese Rafael says, "Let's go, Valon.") As he drives away, Valon stands staring at the wreckage, thinking that he already knows. And he knows just where she's going, too. (Japanese Valon says, "Kujaku Mai.")

Mai rides away on her red bike.

Kaiba and Mokuba walk through Pegasus' castle gardens. Mokuba wonders how Alister could just disappear like that. Kaiba doesn't know, and he doesn't care. Mokuba's worried he'll come back for revenge. (Japanese Mokuba says Amelda was the sacrifice for what Gozaburo did. The flashback of Amelda is changed in the US version from Amelda saying that his brother was killed by Kaiba's company to Alister and Kaiba facing each other.)

Mokuba says Alister has the power to steal souls! Kaiba asks if Mokuba believes that nonsense. Alister was just a desperate loony who wanted a shot at beating a real duelist. He didn't have any magic powers. Mokuba protests that the Orichalcos thing seemed pretty real to him. But Kaiba thinks it had to be a trick. (Japanese Mokuba asks what they should do. Kaiba tells Mokuba not to worry about it. He takes on Gozaburo's sin along with the company. He can't solve it by himself. Then he thinks that they got Pegasus already, and wonders what their purpose is.)

But what Kaiba doesn't get is how this card got in his deck! He stares at the Fang of Critius card, and remembers the vision of the dragon statues, and pulling out the sword to free Critius. This is one of the most powerful cards he's ever seen, and he doesn't know where it came from. He has to find out more about it—and there's only one person who would have that kind of information. The real Pegasus! (Japanese Kaiba wonders if the card is magic, or just a trick. Or is it something with huge power to guide him?)

Kaiba and Mokuba hop into the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet. Mokuba says there's an e-mail from HQ—they need them to come back. Kaiba says he's the president of this company, and he'll decide what they do. Right now, they need to pay a visit to Pegasus. (Japanese Kaiba says no, he's going directly to Industrial Illusions. Then as the jet lifts off, he thinks that he doesn't take orders from anyone. He'll decide his own road, and knock down anyone who stands in his way.)

The Blue-Eyes jet lifts off, heading for Industrial Illusions headquarters.

Meanwhile, the limo has overheated, and the gang is stranded out in the middle of the desert. Joey tells Tristan next time, let an expert do the driving. Tristan says if Joey hadn't taken so long, he wouldn't have had to drive so fast, and the car wouldn't have overheated. The boys are about to start a fight when Téa yells at them both to stop. Yami agrees—now is not the time to be fighting each other. Téa says they need a plan, and Yami says they need to locate Pegasus. Téa says it seems that whoever's after Pegasus knows the gang is there, and they got to him first. They have to be really careful.

But how do they get there without a car? (If it's really just overheated, you wait for it to cool down. Duh.) Just then, they see a truck coming towards them. Téa stands at the side of the road with her thumb out, while the guys hide. The truck driver goes all goggle-eyed when she winks at him, and immediately stops to pick her up. But he's not so pleased when the boys come out to join her.

They all ride in the back of the pickup. (Japanese Jounouchi and Honda continue to argue, each telling the other his suitcase is in the way. Cut from the US version is this scene where Jounouchi asks what Honda's got in his suitcase, and Honda says he'll let Jounouchi take a look.)

(Honda shows Jounouchi a Japanese toy, saying he's going to tell the Americans about Japanese culture. Jounouchi thinks it's pretty dumb, and grabs Honda's suitcase to see what else he's got.)

(Jounouchi pulls out a plushy cat. Honda says he can't sleep without it.)

(Then Jounouchi pulls out a pair of boxer shorts with the American flag on them. The truck weaves back and forth while Honda yells at Jounouchi to give them back!)

Téa thinks it's good to be on the road again. But she's still confused about what happened before. (Japanese Anzu thinks Jounouchi and Honda's fighting is pretty funny.) She asks Joey how he knows it was Mai, and he says she was carrying the Harpie Lady card. Plus, he got a glimpse of her through her helmet. He's pretty impressed by the way she took care of those bikers. Tristan agrees she was awesome, and Téa's glad she's on their side. But something's bugging Yami. Why didn't she stick around?

Back in San Francisco, Rex and Weevil are trudging along the street, Rex wondering if this day could get any worse. He's been stuffed in a gym bag, dumped off in the worst part of town, and used as a trampoline by a bunch of street punks. Weevil says things can't get any worse, just as a mugger runs by and steals Weevil's wallet. The boys run after him, but he's far ahead of them. Suddenly, a die hits him in the head and he drops Weevil's wallet. The mugger runs off, and Weevil's wallet is retrieved by none other than Duke Devlin!

Driving away in Duke's car, Duke is surprised that Rex and Weevil know Yugi. What are the odds that Duke would run into a couple of Yugi's friends in his neck of the woods? Rex is about to tell him that they aren't Yugi's friends, when Weevil stops him, claiming to be Yugi's best friends. Aside to Rex, he says this could be their big break. Duke asks if the rumors are true that Yugi lost his Egyptian God cards. Weevil says it's true—a bunch of hooligans swiped them right after the tournament. Rex adds that they flew all the way to San Francisco to help their bestest friend get his God cards back. Weevil says they heard Maximillion Pegasus might have some information about where to find them. So Duke heads the car to Industrial Illusions. (Japanese Otogi is worried that he can't get in touch with Pegasus, so he's eager to go to Industrial Illusions.)

(Cut from the US version is this scene of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet refueling in flight.)

(And this scene of the Industrial Illusions building, and the gang standing outside.)

Meanwhile, the gang have arrived at Industrial Illusions, and stand in the foyer calling for anyone that can hear them. Strangely, the place appears to be completely empty. Joey wonders if it's some kind of holiday, and Téa says then why were all the doors left wide open? Yugi, in spirit form, says he has a bad feeling about this, and Yami does, too. He suspects that the thieves who were after Pegasus have already found him. Téa tries the phone, but it's not working.

Then metal security gates come down all around the building, trapping the gang inside. They run to the gates, but can't budge them. They've been tricked. They hear a motorcycle from an upper level, and suddenly the red bike comes flying down to them and stops in the middle of the floor. Joey asks if that's Mai. The biker takes off her helmet, and it is indeed Mai. Joey hates to say he told them so, but he did! He asks Mai what brings her to San Francisco, but she doesn't seem very friendly. Joey asks what's with the silent treatment. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Mai if Pegasus called her there, too, then he tells her to be careful.)

She says she's not Mai. At least, not the Mai they knew. (Japanese Mai says Pegasus isn't here.) She draws a card from her Duel Disk. Flashbacks show her appearing at Pegasus' office window. He recognizes her as Mai Valentine, and asks why she's come there. She says she's come to duel him and take his soul. The Seal of Orichalcos appears over the Industrial Illusions building, as Pegasus is heard shouting, "No!"

Near the end of the duel, Pegasus still has 100 life points, and Thousand Eyes Restrict and Harpie's Pet Dragon on the field, while Mai's field is filled with six powered-up Harpie Ladies. She tells Pegasus he thought it was fun to steal people's souls at Duelist Kingdom, and now it's time for her to have a little fun. (Japanese Mai announces her play.) She activates Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation, saying that since she has six Harpies, she can destroy up to six of his monsters. His monsters are destroyed, and the sum of his monsters' attack points are taken from his life points. He loses the duel, and the Seal of Orichalcos takes his soul.

Mai shows the gang the Seal of Orichalcos card with Pegasus trapped in it. They're shocked, and ask if she did that to him. Joey says she'd better start talking.

Or else what, asks a voice from the upper level. It's Valon, who's watching from above with Rafael. He taunts Joey, asking if his little reunion with Mai didn't go the way he expected it to. Then he asks Mai why she's keeping these guys all to herself. Why doesn't she share the fun with them? (Japanese Valon tells Jounouchi that Mai said she'd kill them all with her own hands. Then he tells Mai she should only hunt Pegasus. The Nameless Pharaoh and Jounouchi are his and Rafael's enemies.) She tells Valon to mind his own business. These geeks are hers!

Upset, Joey tells Mai they're her friends! He remembers saying goodbye to her at the end of Battle City, and now pleads with Mai to say this is all a joke! Tristan and Téa, too, find it hard to believe that Mai would betray them. But Mai says she was never part of their little playgroup, and now she's going to take them apart one by one. (Japanese Mai says if they want to escape, they have to beat her in a duel.) And she's starting with Joey! She activates her Duel Disk.

Joey says fine, and Mai draws a card. To think she was once pathetic enough to call him a friend! But now she knows the truth—they were holding her back from achieving true power! So now, say hello to her real friend—the Seal of Orichalcos! (Japanese Mai says she's not the Mai she used to be. She's been reborn by the power of Oreikalkos.)

She plays the card, and the Seal forms around Joey and Mai. Joey tries to tell her that the Seal is messing up her head, and reminds her of everything they've been through together. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Mai he doesn't want to fight her.) But when Mai looks up, the Seal glows in her forehead. Yami says it's as he feared—the Orichalcos controls her. This duel must end. Otherwise, Téa adds, she's going to do the same thing to Joey that she did to Pegasus. Tristan says she won't, because Joey will win! (Japanese Yami says that only the winner of the duel can leave the Seal of Oreikalkos. Anzu asks why Mai and Jounouchi are fighting, and Honda says this is too terrible.)

Joey asks Mai to talk to him. There must be another way to settle this! But she ignores him, and plays Harpie Lady (1300 ATK), its power raised to 1800 by the Seal of Orichalcos. (Dark Harpie Lady is given more clothes to wear in the US version.)

Joey pleads with Mai to stop. Someone's going to get hurt! She says that's the point. Joey says he can't. He's not going to lose her again! They've got to stop the duel now. (Japanese Jounouchi cries out that he doesn't want to duel her like this.)

To Be Continued

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