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Episode 157: Fate of the Pharaoh, Part 2 (The Truth about Doma)

Rafael attacks Yami's Kuriboh's with Guardian Grarl. But Yami activates the Kuribohs' star defense, and they hide safely behind a shiny star, repelling Grarl's attack. As the Kuribohs dance around happily, Rafael says he's not too worried, if Yami's defense is a pack of gerbils. (Japanese Rafael says he's underestimated Yami's lovely servants.)

Weevil says the match looks pretty even, so he doesn't think they missed anything too exciting. Rex wants to move closer, but Weevil says that unless they jump, they're stuck on the other side of the chasm. (Japanese Haga says that victory still hangs in the balance, while Ryuuzaki reminds him that Rafael still has the Seal of Oreikalkos card. The question is when he'll use it.)

Meanwhile, Duke, Tristan and Joey continue to drive towards the duel. Tristan says the map's all wrong—there's no bridge—just as the car runs across a rickety suspension bridge, making the slats fly in all directions. (Japanese Honda says they'll soon reach Death Valley. Jounouchi says, "Wait for me, Yugi." Then the car hits the suspension bridge.) Duke just manages to get the car across before the bridge falls to pieces behind them.

Back at the motor home, Rebecca tells Téa she's still confused about something. At the museum, Téa said there were two Yugis. Téa says there's really only one Yugi, but he has another side to him—a tougher, more confident Yugi. Rebecca says she likes his sweet and charming side. (Japanese Rebecca says her grandfather told her that there are two Yugis—the original Yugi and the other Yugi, the spirit of the nameless Pharaoh. Anzu says that the other Yugi is an expert duelist, and he'll surely win this duel, too. Cut from the US version is this bit where Rebecca says Anzu likes the Duel King Yugi, doesn't she? Anzu blushes, and Rebecca says then they won't be rivals in love, because she likes the original Yugi. Note that the subtitles often call Anzu "Kyoko." That's because the kanji used to write "Anzu" can also be pronounced "Kyoko.")

Rebecca says she'll never forget the day she and Yugi met. He was such a gentleman! She never met anyone as nice as Yugi, but she supposes he needs his tougher side, too. That's why he always wins—when they work together, nothing can stop them. Téa agrees that they're probably beating the pants off that biker creep right now. (Japanese Rebecca remembers her duel with Yugi, which Yugi surrendered in order to teach her something important. Her "darling" is really sweet and considerate. Anzu agrees. Rebecca says that, as Anzu said, everything will be all right. No one can defeat the Duel King and her "darling" as long as they cooperate.)

Back at the duel, Yami draws, losing 300 points for the three monsters in his graveyard due to Rafael's Purity of the Cemetery magic card. His life points are down to 2700. (The shot of Rex and Weevil watching the duel, while Rex says this is better than Revenge of the Mummy Part 4, is moved here from later in the Japanese version.) Yugi asks Yami what they're going to do—Rafael's monster is way more powerful than any of theirs. Yami says he has a plan. (Japanese Yugi tells Yami not to worry, they still have a chance. Yami says he knows.)

Yami plays Pot of Greed, which allows him to draw two more cards from his deck. They have a card in their deck that will turn things around, Yugi thinks, but they need to draw it right now. Yami draws his two cards, and smiles. First, he activates the Kuriboh brothers' effect, merging them into Kuribabylon, in order to tribute it to summon a stronger monster. (Japanese Rafael thinks that the five Kuriboh brothers that were summoned with magic can't be used as sacrifices to summon a monster, so Yami used their ability to combine them into a single monster to sacrifice.) Then Yami sacrifices Kuribabylon to summon Dark Magician Girl (2000 ATK). But Rafael says she's too weak. His Guardian Grarl will crush her. (Japanese Rafael doesn't say anything here.)

Yugi remembers Dark Magician Girl telling him that the great beast will return, and he must be stopped before he is fully restored. They promised they'd help her, Yugi thinks. They owe it to the Dark Magician Girl, and the world. Then Yami brings forth the Eye of Timaeus and fuses it with Dark Magician Girl, forming Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight (2600 ATK). Rex says Yugi always pulls the card he needs at the last second! That never works for guys like him and Weevil.

Yami attacks. Even though his dragon is less powerful than Grarl, he can discard one card to the graveyard to destroy Rafael's monster. But Rafael activates his magic card, Self Tribute (Self Sacrifice), giving up 1000 life points to save his monster. (This pan of the field is cut from the US version.)

Guardian Grarl returns to the field, and Rafael's down to 3000 life points. Yami realizes that Rafael really meant it when he said he'd do anything to protect his monsters. Rafael says that unlike Yami, he actually cares about his cards. Yami discards his as soon as a better card comes along. Yami insists that he values all of his cards, but Rafael says Yami's as disrespectful as everyone else. (Japanese Rafael says Yami can't defeat him, because Doma has a strength that Yami doesn't have. It's the strength to admit the darkness of the heart.)

Everyone in the world has darkness in his heart, Rafael says, but Yami's afraid to admit it. Deep down, he's evil. Ten thousand years ago, people lived in paradise, but then the ancient stone showed up—the stone of Orichalcos. Holding the amulet around his neck, Rafael explains that the stone unlocked the darkness that was buried in the hearts of mankind. Only a few were pure. A battle broke out between good and evil, and in the end, the evil side won. (Japanese Rafael says that darkness exists inside one's heart, just as light does. If the world is in balance, light and darkness exist on both sides. If Yami is bound to the heart's light, Doma is bound to the heart's darkness. Darkness always surpasses the light. It lies in the depths of despair, so deep that it's impossible to find. Rafael says that Doma's sorrow and despair is deeper than any other's.)

Yami says that whoever told Rafael that lied. The only evil is the stone around his neck. (Japanese Yami says Rafael is wrong. Revenge and destruction—what will become of the world if that's all there is? There would be nothing but vanity.) Rafael laughs. The stone only shows them the truth. (Japanese Rafael says Yami's right. And... the subtitles are really scrambled here. I don't know what he's trying to say. I'll just transcribe them: "You're right. I think only vanity will exist if we can't insist. But... what will it be if vanity doesn't exist, then?") Yami says he's wrong, but Rafael reminds him that his memories were erased. How does he know he wasn't an evil Pharaoh? Yami says it can't be. (Japanese Rafael says he'll tell Yami the real purpose of Doma—it's to set human history back to zero. Yami is horrified.)

(Cut from the US version is this shot of Ryuuzaki and Haga, in which Ryuuzaki, with his hand to his ear, says what are they murmuring about? He can't hear it at all.)

Yami says he doesn't remember much about his days as Pharaoh, but he knows that he once saved mankind. Rafael says the people Yami saved were evil, so Yami is, too. (Japanese Rafael says that Doma is an observer of history, an organization that has been set up since history began.)

Five thousand years before Yami ruled, the Orichalcos stone appeared, dividing the world into two sides: the pure of heart, and those ruled by darkness. (Japanese Rafael says that Doma has always guided the way people should take. Sometimes Doma would give a push to human civilization, and sometimes it would guide history by unjust means. A bit of the historical flashback is cut from the US version.)

The two sides faced off in the most devastating battle the world has ever seen. The battle between the two sides continues. He and Yami are there to continue the fight, and Rafael will make sure his side wins. Rafael's side may be outnumbered, but they have two things the others don't—the power of the Orichalcos and the Great Leviathan. They can capture the souls of man and offer them to the most powerful beast that ever lived. Then the world will return to the way it was—a peaceful place with a worthy leader. (Japanese Rafael says that people who disobey Doma don't understand, they just repeat history. He tells Yami that the reason people have wisdom is that they have a responsibility to protect the planet. Dartz's face is superimposed on the shot of the moon in the US version.)

Yami says Rafael's been brainwashed, but Rafael tells Yami to look around him. If things go on as they are, soon the entire planet will be desolate as this desert. (Japanese Yami says, people are guardians? Rafael says they are, and tells Yami to look around. Human beings, stained with selfish desire, are destroying the world.)

Rafael says that Yami did come back after five thousand years to save the world—by surrendering his soul! Yami's sick of hearing about Rafael's evil plan. Rafael says it isn't his plan. He's carrying out the wishes of his master, who told him all about Yami's history as the king of Egypt, ruling as an evil dictator who used the power of the Shadow Realm to control his subjects. Yami says Rafael's master lied, but Rafael reminds Yami again that he has no memory of his days as Pharaoh. Yami still thinks he was a worthy ruler. He's the one who locked the dark magic away. (Japanese Rafael says that human beings will destroy the planet, so Doma has adjusted its goal. Doma will no longer guide human history, but reset history. Yami tells him not to talk nonsense. Will he make judgments at his will? Rafael says it's not his judgment, but the judgment of the Lord of Doma, who managed and gave paradise to the world. He tells Yami that there must be darkness in his mind, and asks if Yami has ever wondered what kind of king he really was in the past. What has Yami done with extreme power and strength? Can he say that he was a good king? Yami wonders if he could have done something to the city? Impossible. Yami says he doesn't believe it. No darkness has ever stayed in his heart.)

Rafael says Yami's heart is dark, and he's about to prove it. (Japanese Rafael tells Yami to prove it with the light in his heart.) He draws two cards, sets one card face down, then activates Exchange, which allows them each to take one card from the other's hand. But they both only have one card, so they switch those cards. Yami gives Rafael Necromancy, a magic card that allows a player to use a monster from the other's graveyard. It was useless to Yami anyway, since Rafael has no monsters in his graveyard.

Rafael gives Yami his card and walks away laughing. Yami looks at the card in shock. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Ryuuzaki and Haga wondering what cards Yami and Rafael have exchanged.)

It's the Seal of Orichalcos! Yami can't use this!

Rafael tells Yami that the stone around his neck is already beginning to reveal his dark side. Yami sees that the stone is glowing, and grabs it in his fist. Rafael tells Yami he doesn't have to activate the card if he doesn't want to—but he has a feeling he will. It's the Pharaoh's turn. (Japanese Rafael tells Yami that he must understand the power of this card. One who doesn't have a determined heart shouldn't use it, or he'll become a prisoner of the darkness of the heart. A strong duelist like Yami should be able to use it well. If Yami denies the darkness in his heart, prove it by using this card well.)

Yugi tells Yami that no matter what happens, he can't use that card! It's evil! Yami agrees, and draws. Rafael's Purity of the Cemetery makes Yami lose 500 life points for the five monsters in his graveyard, bringing him down to 2200. Then Yami uses Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight to destroy Guardian Grarl again, but Rafael activates Crystal Seal, sealing the dragon in a crystal prison.

Rafael tells Yami that there's one card in his hand that will free his dragon. Is he man enough to play it? (Japanese Rafael tells Yami that if the attack strength of the monster sealed by the crystal changes, then the monster will be freed.) Yugi again warns Yami not to play the Seal of Orichalcos. Yami says he understands, but it may be the only way to free Dark Magician Girl. (The shot of Yugi's spirit form appearing beside Yami's is added to the US version. Yugi doesn't say anything here in the Japanese. Yami promises Dark Magician Girl to save her.) Yami sets a monster in defense and ends his turn.

Rafael knows Yami wants to use the Seal of Orichalcos. He can see it in his eyes. He plays Rod of Silence, raising Backup Gardna's strength by 500, to 2700 defense points. And it allows him to summon Guardian Kay'est (1000 ATK). Then he uses Guardian Grarl to attack Yami's defense monster, which turns out to be Big Shield Gardna, whose defense is 2600 points. Big Shield Gardna is destroyed. Then Rafael attacks Yami directly with Guardian Kay'est, bringing him down to 1200 life points. Yami falls to his knees, as Rafael tells him this duel is done. Whatever happens, Yami will lose on his next turn.

Yami draws, and he loses 600 life points from Purity of the Cemetery's effect. He's down to 600. Rafael tells him there's only one way he can win—play the card. Yugi tells Yami there must be another way. Yami struggles to his feet, saying that if he loses now, two worlds will be destroyed. He won't lose! He plays Card of Sanctity, causing both of them to draw until they have six cards in their hands.

Yami draws his cards. The Orichalcos stone around his neck glows, and again he grabs it in his fist. He's out of options, he thinks. There's only one card in his hand that free his dragon so he can win the duel. He must play the Seal of Orichalcos! Eyes closed, he holds the card aloft. Yugi, in spirit form, clings to Yami's arm, telling him he doesn't know what he's doing—the card is affecting his mind. Yami tells him to let go. They're going to lose the duel! He tells Yugi to trust him. This is the only way. He pulls his arm away from Yugi, who floats away, begging Yami not to play the card.

Yami plays the Seal of Orichalcos, screaming as the Seal forms around his feet. Yugi's spirit form dissolves, and the Seal grows to engulf the duel. (Again, poor Haga and Ryuuzaki are cut from the US version.)

A column of light shines into the sky, visible to Tristan, Joey, and Duke, still driving towards the duel.

Now, Rafael says, the Seal of Orichalcos will reveal whether Yami is good or evil. (Japanese Rafael doesn't speak.) The Seal appears in Yami's forehead, and there's a grim look of anger on his face.

To Be Continued

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