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Episode 158: Fate of the Pharaoh, Part 3 (The Darkness Within Yugi: Timaeus Disappears)

Yami has played the Seal of Orichalcos, and it strengthens Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight by 500 attack points, to 3100, freeing it from its crystal seal. But to Yami's astonishment, Timaeus disappears, leaving Dark Magician Girl alone on the field. Yami demands to know what Rafael has done with his dragon, but Rafael says it's not what he's done, it's what Yami's done. Timaeus and the Orichalcos don't mix. (Japanese Rafael says that the power of Oreikalkos and the Legendary Dragons are from light and darkness.) But Yami's dark side's been set free.

Yami asks himself what he's unleashed, as dark powers swirl around him. He shouts, then faces Rafael with a look of fury, telling Rafael he was a fool to hand him this card. Now when Rafael loses, his soul will be lost for all eternity. (Japanese Yami thinks that he still has the ability to summon ten monsters, which will be powered up by the Seal of Orichalcos. He can just fight using this power, even if it was a trap. This close-up of Yami is cut from the US version.)

Yami plays the magic card, Hand Control. All he needs to do is guess the name of a card in Rafael's hand, and he can activate it. And since he gave Rafael the Necromancy card, he knows it's in Rafael's hand. He activates it, and it allows him to bring back four monsters from his graveyard: Big Shield Gardna, Berfomet, Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts, and Kuribabylon. Next, he sacrifices Gazelle and Berfomet to summon Dark Magician. Then he separates Kuribabylon into the five Kuriboh brothers, and tells his monsters to feel the power of the Orichalcos. Dark Magician holds his head in pain, then looks up with a cruel smile as the Orichalcos seal appears on his forehead and his attack rises to 3000. Big Shield Gardna's attack grows to 600, and the Kuribohs all rise to 800 attack points. He combines the powered-up Kuribohs again to form Kuribabylon, which now has 4500 attack points.

(Cut from the US version is this scene of Haga and Ryuuzaki watching from across the chasm, amazed that Yami was able to summon so many powerful monsters all at once. They agree that the Seal of Oreikalkos is a very powerful card.)

Yami says it's all thanks to the power of Orichalcos, but Rafael says he's wrong—the power comes from the darkness in Yami.

Yugi wakes up to find himself alone in a dark place, with the Seal of Orichalcos overhead, sealing him away from Yami. How could you, Pharaoh? he asks sadly.

Yami says he doesn't care where this power came from. All that matters is it's his now. He attacks Guardian Grarl with Kuribabylon, destroying it and reducing Rafael's life points to 1500. Now that Rafael has a monster in his graveyard, his magic card, Purity of the Graveyard, is destroyed. But Yami's not done. He attacks with Dark Magician. Rafael activates a magic card, Aid to the Doomed, which allows him to repel Dark Magician's attack by discarding two of his cards.

Duke, Joey, and Tristan arrive at the top of the mesa overlooking the duel. They jump out of the car and run to the edge, calling out to Yugi. He turns to them, but doesn't speak. Joey wonders what that Orichalcos thing is doing on Yugi's forehead. The three boys slide down the cliff to join Rex and Weevil at the edge of the chasm. Rex tells them they just missed the best part of the duel, and Joey grabs Weevil, demanding to know why his best buddy has that freaky thing on his head. Tristan pulls Joey off of Weevil, as Rex explains that Yugi got the Seal of Orichalcos from Rafael and activated it. Joey insists Yugi wouldn't do that—he knows that card's evil.

Yami stands in a purple swirl of dark power, the Seal of Orichalcos glowing in his forehead.

Rafael asks Yami how it feels to know that all this time he's been hiding his true self? Yami derives his power from darkness, and he always has. Yami smiles, asking Rafael if he's jealous because the Seal of Orichalcos is on his side of the field now, and Rafael's soul is on the line. Maybe he should have thought twice before giving Yami the card. (Japanese Rafael doesn't speak here. Yami says Rafael didn't believe Yami could use Oreikalkos so well, did he? But Rafael is wrong, and he'll regret giving the Oreikalkos card to Yami.)

Rafael's not worried. He has complete trust in his monsters. (Japanese Rafael thinks Yami's pretty good to have used the power of Oreikalkos so well in only one turn. He asks his monsters to lend him some power.) He draws two cards, then activates Monster Rebirth, allowing him to take a monster from his graveyard and place it in his deck. He chooses Guardian Grarl. Yami says he destroyed that monster once and he'll do it again. (Japanese Yami says Rafael won't let any of his monsters stay in the graveyard.) Rafael sets a card face down and activates Swords of Revealing Light to stop Yami from attacking for three turns.

Weevil says if Yugi loses, he calls dibs on the Dark Magician. Rex tells him to show some compassion for a change—and let him take the Dark Magician. Joey tells them both to watch it. (Japanese Haga says Yugi's attacks are sealed for three turns. Ryuuzaki says Rafael has been exhausted, and has to survive Yami's attacks with all his efforts. Jounouchi says, "Yugi.")

Yami says Rafael's Swords mean nothing. He sacrifices Big Shield Gardna to summon Catapult Turtle (1000 ATK, increased to 1500 by the Seal of Orichalcos). He'll use its effect to catapult a monster directly at Rafael's life points. (Japanese Yami says that Catapult Turtle's effect allows him to sacrifice a monster to inflict direct damage equal to half the sacrificed monster's attack points. Since it's not an attack, it can be used despite the Swords of Revealing Light. This shot of the field, covered in the Seal of Oreikalkos, is cut from the US version.)

But Rafael activates a trap card, Limit Tribute (Sacrifice Limited), which limits each player to sacrificing one monster per turn. Yami's already sacrificed one to summon Catapult Turtle, so he has no choice but to end his turn.

Rafael draws two cards, then plays Nightmare Binding, which takes 800 attack points from Kuribabylon and adds them to Rafael's life points, and also prevents Kuribabylon from being sacrificed. Yami says that with the power of Orichalcos behind him, he can't be stopped. He draws, and says that since Dark Magician is useless, he'll sacrifice him, using Catapult Turtle's effect to inflict damage to Rafael equal to half of Dark Magician's attack. Rafael's down to 800 life points. Now that Dark Magician's in the graveyard, Yami says he's useful again, raising Dark Magician Girl's attack by another 300 points, to 2800. (Japanese Yami doesn't call Dark Magician useless, he just sacrifices him.)

Joey says that doesn't sound like the Yugi he knows, and tells his pal to snap out of it. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "Why, Yugi?") Yami tells Rafael he's just about to lose the duel, and his soul. One more blast from Catapult Turtle and it's over.

Rafael draws his two cards, sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Yami draws, saying he only has to destroy one card and the duel is done. He chooses Dark Magician Girl. Yugi pounds helplessly on the Seal of Orichalcos, begging Yami not to do it, reminding him that with the Seal of Orichalcos in play, the monsters on the field are real. (Japanese Yugi tries to remind Yami of his promise to Black Magician Girl.) He begs Yami not to sacrifice the Dark Magician Girl, but Yami doesn't hear him. He tells Dark Magician Girl to go on, and she reluctantly climbs aboard the catapult, where she's launched toward Rafael.

Rafael activates Shrink, reducing Dark Magician Girl's attack by half, to 1400. Then he only takes 700 points damage, reducing his life points to 100. He's saved himself for one more turn.

But Yami tells him he'll never escape the Seal! Swords of Revealing Light has expired, so once Yami sacrifices one more monster, Rafael's spirit will be absorbed by the Seal, trapping him forever. (Japanese Yami doesn't talk about Rafael losing his soul, only about winning the duel.)

The gang watch as they face off for the final round, Rafael at 100 life points to Yami's 600. Duke says it looks like Yugi's got this duel in the bag, and Tristan says nice dueling! But Joey's not cheering. He says Yugi's brainwashed, sacrificing his monsters right and left and talking about power—that's not Yugi at all. That Seal of Orichalcos is messing with his head! Just like it did to Mai. (Japanese Jounouchi says that's not Yugi. A True Duelist wouldn't sacrifice his monsters one by one for victory like that.)

Yugi weeps, trapped behind the Seal, wondering how Yami could do this. He warned him! Rafael laughs, saying he knew the Seal would reveal the truth. This is Yami: wicked, greedy, and full of hate. The power of the Orichalcos reveals all, and just as he expected, the Pharaoh is evil. (Cut from the US version is this brief bit where Rafael tells Yami he's trapped by his need to win, and Yami asks him what he's talking about.)

He tells Yami to look around the field at what he's done to his monsters. Once they were pure, but now they're evil shadow creatures. Yami sees the angry expressions, red eyes, and glowing Seals on the foreheads of his monsters, and wonders—did he do this? Yami shouts that Rafael deceived him! But Rafael tells him he chose to play the Seal of Orichalcos, even at the cost of losing Timaeus. Yami's lust for power destroyed a valuable monster. (Japanese Rafael says that Timaeus was the only one of Yami's monsters that he feared.)

Rafael draws two cards, then plays Celestial Sword and Guardian Eatos. The skies are filled with lightning as Eatos appears on the field. Yami says this is the monster he's been sensing all along! Eatos picks up the Celestial Sword, and Rafael activates its effect. Yami is shocked to find his arm moving against his will. Guardian Eatos has the ability to remove monsters from Yami's graveyard and absorb their attack power. Dark Magician Girl's card emerges from Yami's graveyard, and she gazes down on Yami sadly. Next, Dark Magician is pulled from the graveyard, followed by Big Shield Gardna, Gazelle, and Berfomet. Rafael says Yami did this to his monsters, by selfishly sacrificing them, and letting his rage take over. He tells Yami to look into the eyes of his monsters, who glare down at him angrily. Yami begs them to forgive him for what he's done to them. (Japanese Yami shouts at his monsters not to look at him like that.)

Yami's monsters all fly into Guardian Eatos' Sword, which absorbs their attack power, raising Eatos' attack to 10,000 points. (Cut from the US version is this long shot of the gang, standing in the light of Eatos' Sword, followed by a pan of them, astonished at Eatos' 10,000 attack points.)

Then Rafael attacks, destroying Yami's Kuribabylon and Catapult Turtle, and the rest of his life points. The gang watch in horror as the Seal of Orichalcos shrinks around Yami. Yugi also watches from behind the Seal, as Rafael walks up to Yami, telling him he sealed his own fate when he played that card. Now his life force will awaken the great beast.

Not if I can help it, Yugi says. With the power of the Millennium Puzzle, he'll break the Seal. He pounds the point of the Puzzle into the crystal of the seal, shattering it and escaping just in time to push Yami aside, and let the Seal take him instead. Yami falls to the ground, unconscious, while the gang call to him from across the chasm. Rafael kneels down to retrieve the Seal of Orichalcos from Yami's Duel Disk, then takes the necklace with the Orichalcos stone from Yami's neck. Behind him, a helicopter piloted by Alister rises over the mesa, lowering a rope ladder for Rafael, who grabs it, carrying Yami under his arm. As the helicopter passes by the gang, Rafael tosses Yami at them, saying they can keep him—he already has everything of Yami's that he needs. (Japanese Rafael tells Jounouchi he'll be coming for his soul next.)

Joey, Tristan, and Duke worriedly try to wake Yami up. Finally, he opens his eyes, and begins to struggle to his feet. Joey says he knew Yugi would outsmart that goon, and asks him how he did it. But Yami doesn't answer. Is he all right?

No, Yami replies, weeping. It's far from all right. He turns away from his friends, admitting that he didn't outsmart Rafael. Rafael succeeded—Yugi is gone.

In the temple, Dartz asks the Great Leviathan to accept his latest offering. In the temple wall, a carving of Yugi appears.

Joey tells Yami he doesn't get it. How could he be talking to them if Rafael took his soul? Not his, Yami replies. Yugi's. He falls to his knees, crying out to Yugi to come back. It should have been him, not Yugi. It's not fair! (Japanese Yami screams, "Aibou! Aibou!" ["Partner!"])

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