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Episode 159: Trial by Stone (The Separated Souls)

Rex and Weevil pedal frantically on their bicycle after Rafael, who's still hanging from the helicopter's rope ladder, determined to get their hands on one of those Orichalcos cards. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says if Rafael gets away, they'll be losers all their lives.) They follow the helicopter right off a cliff—nearly falling down a deep chasm, but catching the ladder below Rafael just in time. He's not too thrilled at his hitchhikers.

(Cut from the US version is this sequence in which Rafael pulls out a huge knife, as if to cut the rope ladder and drop Haga and Ryuuzaki into the chasm. Haga tell him to wait, and Ryuuzaki asks him to make them his partners. Rafael asks them what's going on, and Haga says don't judge him by his appearance—he's the champion of Japan, and Ryuuzaki adds that he was the runner-up. Haga says if Rafael can accept Mai Valentine as his partner, he should certainly accept them. Ryuuzaki pleads with Rafael to let them join him. Finally, Rafael puts the knife back in his boot, to Haga and Ryuuzaki's great relief.)

The helicopter carries the three of them away.

Back at Professor Hawkins' motor home, Téa and Rebecca are waiting worriedly for the guys to return, when they see Duke's car driving up, followed by Yami on Rebecca's horse. Téa greets "Yugi" happily, assuming that he's won, and Rebecca runs to hug him, but starts back at the dark look on his face.

Téa asks if everything's okay. Joey says, not really. They've got a problem. (Japanese Anzu tells Yugi that she believed he would win, but Jounouchi says wait, it's not what she thinks.) Duke and Tristan explain that Yugi didn't win—he's gone. Téa can't believe it—if Yugi had lost that duel, those creeps would have taken Yugi's soul with their magic card. If he's lost, how could he be standing right behind her...? Suddenly, she realizes what must have happened.

Rebecca asks Yugi to talk to her. Finally, head hanging, Yami admits that they got Yugi. (Japanese Rebecca says it's a lie, and asks Yami to change with her "darling." Yami says, "Rebecca, I'm sorry. Aibou...") He remembers Yugi pushing him out of the way, letting the Seal of Orichalcos take his soul instead of Yami's. It's all his fault, he says. He's the one who unleashed the magic that took Yugi away. Rebecca is horrified that Yami would have played that magic card. If he really were a great Pharaoh, he would never have done that to Yugi! She pounds his chest, weeping, saying it should have been him, not Yugi. (Japanese Yami says his partner became his substitute. Rebecca asks why—didn't he come to stay inside darling's body later? Why would he stay while the soul of her darling disappears? It's all his fault, she says, pounding his chest. She demands that he give her Yugi back to her.)

Téa tries to comfort her, but Yami says that Rebecca is right. He let everyone down—especially Yugi, who warned him not to use the Orichalcos card. But he let his rage take control, and Yugi paid for his mistake. Joey tells him to snap out of it, grabbing Yami and telling him to get a grip. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Jounouchi hitting Yami and knocking him to the ground.)

If they're going to rescue Yugi, Joey says, they have to move ahead, not look back. He tells Yami to pull himself together. What they have to do now is find out who Dartz is, and where he keeps all his souls. (Japanese Jounouchi says they still have a chance to get the other Yugi back. What will they do if Yugi can't pull himself together? Where's his honor as the King of Duelists?) Duke says that's what he's been suggesting since day one! Nobody listens to him. Tristan starts to strangle him, telling him to stop thinking about himself. (Japanese Otogi says, but nobody can defeat the three swordsmen of Doma. Honda grabs him and tells him not to talk nonsense, and Otogi says he's sorry. In the US version, the car's visors are extended to cover Honda's arm around Otogi's throat.)

Yami tells Tristan to let Duke go. This happened because he couldn't control his anger, and if they keep fighting amongst themselves, the Orichalcos will destroy them. (Japanese Yami says it's all right. What Otogi said is true. They haven't got the strength to defeat Doma.)

Meanwhile, Rex and Weevil have been taken aboard the helicopter with Rafael and Alister, and are excitedly watching out the windows as it flies over a city and lands on a helicopter pad atop a tall building. (A long shot of the helicopter's flight showing the outside of the building is cut from the US version.)

Inside, Rex asks why a super organization has such a super lame hideout? (Japanese Ryuuzaki says he thought Doma was a person. He thought they'd be taken to a secret base. Haga says they must be using this huge company as a cover.) They pause before a set of tall double doors, and Rafael tells them they're about to meet the master, so don't say anything too stupid.

Inside is a large hall with a domed ceiling, containing a long conference table, with suits of armor along the walls. Mission accomplished, Rafael tells his master. Rex and Weevil approach, bowing obsequiously, and chuckling about becoming supervillains. Rafael tells Dartz that the strongest soul on earth has been captured. Dartz turns around in his seat at the end of the table, saying that unfortunately, they have failed again. (The drink in Dartz's hand is removed in the US version.)

(Also cut is this close-up of Dartz, and the shot of Valon emerging from the side of the room with his arm in a sling. They are replaced in the US version by repeating the shot of the back of Dartz's chair with his arm reaching out.)

Valon enters, telling Rafael that the soul of the Pharaoh is still out there. A screen on the back wall shows the interior of the temple, then pans to show the engravings of the captured souls on the wall, centering in on Yugi. A clear case of mistaken identity, Dartz says. Instead of the Pharaoh, Valon says, Rafael got the soul of some kid. (Japanese Valon says they got Yugi, but not the nameless Pharaoh.) Dartz explains that both spirits inhabit the same body, and Rafael captured the wrong one. Rafael says that he was dueling the Pharaoh, so the Orichalcos should have captured him. But Dartz insists that Rafael is to blame, and Rafael kneels down, saying he'll fix this, if Dartz will let him. (Japanese Dartz tells Rafael that he did indeed defeat the nameless Pharaoh, but it was the soul of the "container" that was captured by the Seal of Oreikalkos. Cut from the US version is this shot of Haga and Ryuuzaki exclaiming about Yugi being the container for the nameless Pharaoh.)

(Rafael is astonished, Dartz adds that the nameless Pharaoh is fine. Rafael kneels and asks Dartz to give him another chance.)

Rex and Weevil run up to Dartz, kneeling before him. Dartz wants to know who these two are. Rex thinks Dartz ought to have heard of them, but Rafael says they're a couple of wannabe duelists who followed them there. (Japanese Rafael introduces them as Insector Haga and Dinosaur Ryuuzaki, and says they claim to be the champion and second-place duelists of Japan. Haga and Ryuuzaki protest that it's no claim—they really are the champion and second-place winners.) Rex says they're great duelists, but they came there to become even better. Weevil says Yugi and his friends have been making fools of them for years, and flashbacks show Weevil and Rex's defeats at the hands of Yugi and Joey. Before they showed up, Weevil and Rex ruled the duels, but now they're the butt of everyone's jokes. They want revenge. They fling themselves to the ground, pleading with Dartz to share his dueling secrets with them.

It won't be easy, Dartz says. Yugi and his friends hold the power of the Legendary Dragons. How can they fight against cards like those? That's exactly why Weevil and Rex need the Orichalcos card!

Dartz has to make sure they're worthy. He gives them each a card—but the cards are blank. In answer to their protests, he reveals two crystals from the Orichalcos stone, which he says are their tests. (Japanese Dartz says these are pieces of Oreikalkos.) The crystals float in the air, and Dartz says that all they have to do is hold the crystals in their hands, and if they're worthy the cards will be activated. If not, they'll give up their souls to the Great Leviathan. Rex and Weevil clutch each other in fear, but agree to the test when Rafael calls them weak.

Rex and Weevil reach for the stones. Blue light streams from the stones, as Rex and Weevil try to grasp them. Valon and Alister agree that these twerps aren't worthy. Rex thinks maybe they should rethink this whole joining-the-bad-guys thing, but Weevil says if he fails this test, he'll be a loser his whole life. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says it's no use, the force is too powerful. Haga calls him an idiot and tells him not to give up. Will he just let his soul be taken away?) They struggle to reach for the stones, and finally grab them. The Seal of Orichalcos forms on their cards.

Dartz congratulates them and welcomes them to the family. (Japanese Dartz tells them they're now members of Doma.) Rafael leads them to a room full of every Duel Monster card ever produced, and tells them to have a party building their new decks. Rex says they've hit the mother lode! Valon tells them they can take anything but the Egyptian God cards. (Japanese Valon says they have all the cards except the Legendary Dragons and the God cards.) When Weevil protests, Alister tells them if these cards aren't good enough, they can use their own decks. (Japanese Amelda says they wouldn't know how to use the God cards if they had them.) Weevil decides these cards are perfect.

Dartz tells Rex and Weevil that their task is to bring him the souls of the Pharaoh and his companion, Joseph Wheeler. The Orichalcos is with them. They kneel down, accepting their orders.

Back at the motor home, Joey says so these guys want to rule the world—they've dealt with that before. But Yami says it's different, and Tristan says these guys aren't just talking about wiping out all life on earth, they're doing it. But Joey says they know how to stop them—they've got to go straight to the source and destroy that weapon of theirs. Téa asks if he means that weird monster-zapper in the sky, the eye of the great beast. Tristan says unfortunately, it's after more than just monsters—it's using human souls to power itself up. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Yami if the purpose of Doma is really to clean out human history. Yami says yes, that's what Rafael said. Honda says that would be too difficult, and Anzu agrees. But Jounouchi says, no, Doma can do it. They've already seen Doma's method. Anzu remembers the great eye in the sky. Honda agrees, and reminds them of what Doma's three swordsmen said about their needing souls.)

Joey says right now that thing's got Yugi. So he doesn't know about the rest of them, but he's going to take action! (Japanese Jounouchi says that Doma wants to take their souls as sacrifices to feed the great beast.) Téa says they can't just fight it by themselves—they need help. But Rebecca says those guys burned down her grandfather's laboratory and destroyed all his research, and without evidence, no one will believe their story. Téa says they have proof, down in the underwater ruins. Rebecca shows them what she's discovered on her laptop computer—the ruins are no longer down there.

Professor Hawkins comes in, telling them not to give up. He can help them find the information they need. (Japanese Professor Hopkins says he couldn't sleep because he heard Rebecca crying, and overheard what they were saying.) Yami asks if he's discovered anything more about these thugs, and he says there's a good chance these men are descendants of Atlantis, an ancient city that disappeared into the sea thousands of years ago without a trace.

Duke wonders, if that's so, why would these people want to destroy what's left of their ancestors' city? The professor says they must be hiding something. Those ruins revealed the history of Atlantis, and it's not a pleasant one. (Japanese Otogi protests that Atlantis is just a legend, and the professor says it's not just a legend. The inscriptions he found under the sea were a history of Atlantis.)

Professor Hawkins explains. Thousands of years ago, Atlantis was home to the most advanced civilization the world had ever known. Everyone lived in peace, until one day a dreadful creature was called forth from the depths of the earth by an evil king. Yami is horrified, remembering when Rafael called him an evil king who destroyed Egypt. The professor goes on that king drew his strength from a mysterious stone, and the stone drew its strength from another world. Joey asks if the stone is that rock they wear around their necks, but the professor isn't sure. That's all he was able to translate.

Joey blows up. These guys are trying to cover up something about their ancient mega-monster! Duke agrees—there was probably something in those ruins about how to destroy the monster. Professor Hawkins says that even though the ruins were destroyed, there are copies of the inscriptions at a museum in Florida, where he was doing his research. Téa says all they have to do is go there and translate the rest, and the professor agrees.

Joey eagerly tells Yami, let's head to the sunshine state and find out the secret to defeating these guys and saving Yugi! Tristan's with them. But Duke points out a problem—how are they supposed to get there?

Meanwhile, back at Kaiba Corp, Kaiba is on the phone with an employee who's telling him that ever since these monster sightings began, their stock has been plummeting, and nearly half of their company has been bought up by some unknown investor. Kaiba thinks he knows who it is. But he tells the employee to trace those transactions immediately—he's sure they'll point straight to Pegasus. (Japanese Kaiba says he knows this already, and doesn't want to talk about it. He wants know if they've learned anything about Doma yet. They're the ones trying to buy him out. Their master must be somewhere. He orders his employee to do his best to find him.) As he hangs up, Mokuba says he's not so sure it's Pegasus. Couldn't it be Alister? He blames Kaiba Corp for what happened to his brother. If he were Alister, Mokuba says, he'd probably blame this company, too. Besides, Pegasus had his soul captured, so he can't be behind it. (Japanese Mokuba asks if his brother wants to fight that guy again. He says he can understand Amelda's feelings. Mokuba says he'd do the same thing if anything happened to his brother, so he hopes Kaiba won't meet Amelda again. He just thinks a lot about his brother, but he's not a bad guy.)

Kaiba says he doesn't know about all that Pegasus nonsense, but Mokuba has a good point about Alister. (Japanese Kaiba tells Mokuba that there won't be any hope for Kaiba Corporation or Kaiba Land if they don't knock Doma down.) Then he gets a call from a Mr. Wheeler. Mokuba runs to the picture phone as Kaiba says to put him through. Joey's eye appears on the screen, then his face in fisheye close-up, as Joey exclaims in surprise that Kaiba took his call. Mokuba tells him it works better if he'll step back from the web cam, and Joey moves away, to reveal the whole gang clustered around.

Joey tells Kaiba they've found some clues about those biker punks, but he's not giving them up that easily. If Kaiba will give them a lift to Florida, he'll fill him in on the way. Then Joey gets a little overexcited, telling Kaiba that those creeps defeated Yugi and took his soul! Tristan grabs Joey's face to try to stop him, but it's too late. Mokuba wants to know what he means about Yugi's soul, and Joey, after slapping Tristan away from him, tries to get Kaiba to forget what he just said. Tristan says it doesn't matter—Kaiba doesn't believe in all that magic stuff, anyway. Grimly, Kaiba looks at the image of depressed Yami on the screen.

Kaiba slams his hand on the desk and leaps up in outrage. Yugi lost!?!! Yugi gave his Duel Monsters championship crown to some nobody? Nobody deserves that title but him! Yami tells him to hold on, but Kaiba won't hear another word. Telling Yami he's a disgrace to the game, Kaiba slams the phone down.

Mokuba asks his brother if he's okay. Kaiba says he's fine. Now he has one more reason to hunt down and destroy those thugs.

Back at the motor home, Yami wonders, now what? Joey and Tristan are furious with Kaiba, but quickly recover. Joey suggests that Professor Hawkins stay there while the rest of them grab the next flight. Rebecca thinks they're right—traveling around the country's not the best thing for her grandfather right now. Joey suggests that Duke stay there and take care of the professor, and he agrees. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Otogi to catch up with them after the professor recovers.) Rebecca says she'll book their flights and they can take a train to the airport. She just hopes they can save Yugi before it's too late.

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