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Episode 160: On the Wrong Track, Part 1 (Haga & Ryuuzaki: Soul Bet Duel - Part 1)

[Note: In Japan, Episodes 160 and 161 were shown together as a one-hour special.]

The gang arrive at the train station, where Téa wonders how long the ride will be, and asks Duke if he wants to go instead of her. Nope, he says, he'll stick with Professor Hawkins in case those biker guys come back. Tristan says Duke has to keep an eye on Rebecca, too. (Japanese Anzu tells Otogi they'll leave Rebecca and Professor Hopkins to him. He says, yes, they can count on him. Otogi says they'll catch up with the others when the professor gets better. Honda says that's good, because the situation won't improve without the professor.) Yami remembers Rebecca protesting that she wanted to go, too, and the professor telling her that it was too dangerous, adding that the Pharaoh had enough on his mind already—he didn't need the responsibility of looking after her, too. Crying, Rebecca ran into the motor home. (Japanese Rebecca said she wanted to save "darling" herself. Professor Hopkins told Rebecca to control herself—it was Yugi who was really suffering. Rebecca called her grandfather an idiot as she ran into the motor home.)

Now, Yami stands at the train station, staring at the ground in misery, while Téa looks at him in sympathy. Duke warns them that they'd better get on the train, Joey and Tristan, Yami and Téa grab their luggage and get on board. Duke waves as the train pulls out, and Joey and Tristan wave back, then plan to hit the dining car. But Yami remains silent in his grief.

Soon, Joey and Tristan are settled happily into their seat with sodas and bags of chips. Yami and Téa sit across from them. Téa watches Yami with a troubled look on her face, thinking that he's barely said a word all day. She's got to get him to say something. She begins with a sneeze, which gets no response, then cheerfully tries to get him to look at the view. Still nothing. Then she rhapsodizes about Florida's beaches, and complains that she forgot to bring her bathing suit. Even that doesn't work. (Cut from the US version is this additional attempt of Anzu's to attract Yami's attention. She asks Yami if he's hungry, and does he want to find the dining car. He's still silent. Then there's a shot of the train traveling across the desert.)

The Pharaoh must really miss Yugi, Téa thinks. It must be like a part of himself is missing—the fun, carefree side. She remembers happy moments with Yugi, and thinks that she misses him, too. She tells Yami that he has to cheer up. She promises that they'll get Yugi back, but meanwhile he can't just sit around moping.

With a brief apology, Yami gets up and walks away down the aisle. Tristan thinks he needs to be alone for a while. (Japanese Honda tells Anzu that nothing she can say will help Yugi right now. Cut from the US version is this short bit where he adds that the Yugi's loss is too much for him right now.)

He is alone, Joey says. That's the problem. But he'll be all right soon enough, because they're going to rescue Yugi! Téa agrees. (Japanese Jounouchi says to let Yugi be. He, Jounouchi Katsuya-sama, will save the other Yugi.)

Meanwhile, Yami stands by himself between the train cars, looking out the window. How could he be so selfish? he asks himself. He gave in to the darkness inside his heart, and Yugi paid the price. He recalls sacrificing Dark Magician Girl to Catapult Turtle, then facing the ranks of the angry monsters he cruelly discarded. He begged them to forgive him, but it was too late. He lost the duel, and Yugi lost his soul. (Japanese Yami thinks that he lost something more important than his life.) Yami punches the wall of the train, then sinks to the floor in anguish, moaning that he's lost Yugi forever. (Japanese Yami apologizes to his "aibou" [partner].)

The train hurtles along the tracks. Téa says that Yami's been gone for a while, then Tristan notices that he's not the only one. Their car is now empty of passengers except for themselves. Téa's freaked out! In his temple, Dartz laughs, saying that a vacant train car is the least of their problems. (Japanese Dartz has no dialog, just an evil chuckle.)

As the train crosses a bridge, Joey and the others climb the stairs to the upper level of the train, only to find that it's empty, too. There's not a soul there, says Joey, and Tristan asks if he has to say "soul." They continue to search, and Yami finally returns. Joey tells him that something weird's going on. Tristan says the whole train ride is another trap, and Joey's sure those same slime balls are behind it. They must be on board. Yami gets fierce, and runs off to find them.

Yugi crosses to the next car. Téa and the others try to follow, but before she can cross the connection, the train cars disengage. Yami reaches out to her, and she leaps to join him, but Joey and Tristan are trapped in the car behind. Yami calls to them to get help.

As their half of the train slows to a stop, Joey and Tristan jump out. They're in the middle of nowhere, Joey says, and they don't even know where the other two are going to end up. He tells them to hang in there, and Tristan says it's just him and Joey now. (Japanese Honda wonders if Doma has done this.)

Then they hear a chuckle behind them. Rex Raptor appears from inside the train, wearing one of the Dark Duel Disks, with a strange look in his eyes. He jumps down to the ground, saying he has a score to settle with Joey—he took Rex's Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Joey says this isn't the time, but Rex says it's the perfect time—for revenge! (Japanese Ryuuzaki says he has something to tell Jounouchi—he's come to take his soul.)

In the still-moving cars up ahead, Yami and Téa continue to look for any other passengers. Téa finds an intercom and tries to contact the conductor, but there's no answer. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the unattended switches, while Anzu asks the absent driver to please stop the train.)

They reach the engine, and Yami runs outside, saying he has to get in there and try to stop the train. He begins to climb a ladder to the roof of the engine, saying there might be a hatch he can use to get inside.

But atop the train he finds Weevil Underwood waiting for him, demanding a rematch with the King of Games. Yami wants to know who put Weevil up to this, but he claims no one did. It's time to try out his new secret weapon. (Japanese Haga says he has to tell Yami that he's not the same as he was before.) He pulls the glowing Orichalcos stone out of his pocket.

Rex has also just shown Joey and Tristan his Orichalcos stone. Tristan asks Rex where he got it, and Joey says he knew it—Rex is working for them.

Yami tells Weevil he's been brainwashed, and Téa says those guys are just using him, but Weevil doesn't care as long as he has ultimate power. Yami tells him he's wrong, but Weevil says just duel him. (Japanese Anzu asks Haga why he's working for Doma, and he says, of course, it's to beat Yugi.)

Téa climbs up to the roof of the engine, asking Weevil if he doesn't realize that if they go through with the duel, one of them will lose his soul forever. (Japanese Anzu says she won't let them duel like this. Cut from the US version is this bit where Haga tells Anzu she looks terrible, and that tender girls are cuter, and Anzu asks him what he's talking about.)

Of course he knows, Weevil says. That's the reason he's there, to seal Yami away. Soon the Pharaoh will be locked away with his friend Yugi. (Japanese Haga tells Anzu that the one he wants to talk to isn't her, but the nameless Pharaoh. Shocked, Yami asks, What? Haga says he's heard that Yami has two characters. Cut from the US version is this shot where Haga asks if Yami wants to know where the other Yugi is.)

Yami demands to know where Yugi is, and Weevil says the only way he'll ever find out is to duel him. Yami accepts the challenge.

Rex activates his Duel Disk as well, saying he's going to enjoy this. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Jounouchi accusing Ryuuzaki of disconnecting the trains, and asking what he wants.)

Joey asks what Rex did with his friends, but Rex says he did nothing—Weevil's handling those two while he deals with Joey. Joey tells Rex he picked the wrong side, but Rex says he's been given more power than Joey ever dreamed of. Joey says he can duel circles around Rex, and tells him to get out of the way. But Rex isn't going anywhere until they duel. Reluctantly, Joey agrees, saying he'll trample this geek, and then they can go find Yugi and Téa. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says they have a score to settle. Jounouchi asks Ryuuzaki if he knows what it means to join Doma. Does he want to destroy the world? Ryuuzaki says it has nothing to do with him. He just wants to beat Jounouchi. Jounouchi says to Honda that they should leave Ryuuzaki and go find Yugi.)

Rex pulls out the Seal of Orichalcos. Joey warns him to drop the card, saying it's evil and Rex has no idea what he's doing. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Ryuuzaki that anyone who uses that card and loses will lose his soul.) But Rex slaps the card into his Duel Disk, and the Seal forms around him and Joey, throwing Tristan outside its boundary. Rex's eyes glow red and the Seal appears in his forehead. That's what he calls power! Tristan sits up, telling Joey that now whoever loses will lose his soul. Joey didn't really need the reminder. Joey says he refuses to duel, but Rex tells him he has no choice. (Japanese Jounouchi calls Ryuuzaki an idiot. Ryuuzaki doesn't say anything.)

Meanwhile, on top of the train's engine, Weevil tells Yami that he's improved since their last duel. Yami warns Téa to get back in the train. It's too dangerous up there, and there's no telling what Weevil will do. (Japanese Haga just laughs. Anzu tells Yami he can't duel, but Yami tells her to stay out of it. Anzu thinks Yugi can't duel calmly right now.)

Weevil holds up the Seal of Orichalcos and laughs, taunting Yami that this is the card he used to lock Yugi away. (Japanese Haga asks Yami how it feels to have that darkness in his mind. Then he laughs and says he was just joking. He'll know the feeling if he plays the card now.) He slots the card into his Duel Disk, and the Seal forms, knocking Téa off the engine. As Yami watches in horror, she flies through the air, just barely catching onto the roof of the car behind. Then she slides back even farther, but catches onto a seam in the roof. She tells Yami she's all right, and he turns back to Weevil, who laughs as his eyes grow red and the Seal appears in his forehead.

Dartz kneels before the altar of his temple, fire reflecting in his eyes. The battles are underway. Rafael comes up behind him, saying that if all goes well, the soul of the Pharaoh will soon be his. But whatever the outcome, they'll still get two souls.

Weevil begins, playing Pheromone Wasp (800 ATK). It's boosted to 1300 attack points by the Seal of Orichalcos. Then he sets two cards face down and ends his turn.

Yami draws, and summons Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (1400 ATK). Téa thinks Yami had better not attack—Weevil has two face-down cards. She calls out to him not to do it, as Yami orders Celtic Guardian to attack. Weevil activates his trap card, Mimisus (Mimic), which allows him to trade in his insect monster for another one, and he replaces it with Parasite Caterpillar. Its attack is the same as Pheromone Wasp's, but it has the ability to infect Yami's monster. Weevil laughs, saying Yami's only half the duelist he was. Is it because he lost his other half? (Japanese Haga says he'll make Yami suffer little by little.)

Back with Rex and Joey, Rex asks if Joey's going to duel, or just stand there while he takes him apart. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says he'll bet his life on this duel. Why not take his challenge?) Joey doesn't like it, but he's got no choice. Still, he thinks that as much as he hates this little runt, he can't let the Orichalcos take him. No one deserves that. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks this isn't a duel for beating Ryuuzaki, it's a duel for saving him.)

Rex says that before his turn begins, he can play a card, and brings his Gilasaurus (1400 ATK) onto the field. Joey protests, but Rex explains that if he has Gilasaurus in his hand, it automatically jumps to the field before he makes his move. And he's got two. A second Gilasaurus joins the first. (The real card effect says that you can treat the summon of this card as a Special Summon, meaning you can summon as many as you like and still have one Normal Summon left. It doesn't automatically jump onto the field before your turn begins, though. And if you choose to call it a Special Summon, your opponent can then also Special Summon a monster from his graveyard. Of course, in this situation, Joey has no monsters in his graveyard, so that wouldn't help him anyway.) Next, Rex summons Chitoptera (1400 ATK), and all three of his monsters' attacks are raised to 1900 by the Seal of Orichalcos. Joey's facing a formidable array of monsters before he's even had his first turn!

But Joey chuckles. Rex has just had a lucky draw on his opening hand. You can't win a duel on just luck. Rex says Joey only beat him last time because he got lucky. Joey's annoyed—and even more so when Tristan says Rex is right.

Finally, Rex sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Joey draws, thinking he only has one monster in his hand that can stand up to those lizards. He summons Panther Warrior (2000 ATK) in attack mode. But it can't attack unless he summons another monster first. He sets his Scapegoat magic card face down and ends his turn.

Atop the train, Weevil summons Pheromone Wasp again, while Yami thinks that his Celtic Guardian has been infected by Weevil's Parasite Caterpillar, so it's no longer able to protect his life points. Weevil's Pheromone Wasp is able to attack Yami directly, reducing his life points to 2700. Then Pheromone Wasp's effect is activated, allowing Weevil to summon any insect monster in his deck to the field. He summons Leghul (300 ATK), whose attack is raised to 800 points, then activates the magic card, Insect Barrier, which protects him from attack by Insect monsters. Téa says Yami doesn't have any insect monsters in his deck, but Weevil points out that Celtic Guardian has been turned into an insect called Poison Butterfly by Parasite Caterpillar's infection. Even though it now has 2700 attack points, it can't attack thanks to Weevil's Insect Barrier.

Yami thinks that Weevil is a much stronger duelist than he remembers, now that he's been infused with the power of the Orichalcos. But he refuses to let Weevil stand in the way of rescuing Yugi.

Yami draws. Dartz laughs, saying that the soul of the Pharaoh is nearly in his grasp. He looks at the image of Yugi in stone on the temple wall. After all, he has the perfect bait.

To Be Continued

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