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Episode 161: On the Wrong Track, Part 2 (Haga & Ryuuzaki: Soul Bet Duel - Part 2)

[Note: In Japan, Episodes 160 and 161 were shown together as a one-hour special.]

The train continues to speed down the tracks, as Yami and Weevil duel atop the engine. Weevil laughs, saying it's the end of the line for Yami. (This shot of the duel, as Yami says it's his turn, is cut from the US version.)

Yami's infected Celtic Guardian transforms into a cocoon. Yami thinks Weevil must be planning to hatch another insect monster. He plays Polymerization to fuse Gaia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon to form Gaia the Dragon Champion (2600 ATK), and attacks Weevil's Leghul. But Weevil activates his trap card, DNA Surgery, which allows him to change every monster on the field into an insect—including Dragon Champion. (The shot of Gaia the Dragon Champion sprouting antennae and shooting gunk from its body is obscured in the US version.)

And Weevil's Insect Barrier prevents insects from attacking him.

Yami's trapped. Now every monster he plays will become an insect, and as long as Insect Barrier is on the field, none of his attacks will get through. Téa calls out to Yami that he beat this guy once, and he can do it again. Yami counters that Weevil is stronger now, and Téa quietly urges him on. (Japanese Anzu tells Yami to calm down. He says he knows, and she says, "Yugi.")

Meanwhile, down the tracks at the Joey vs Rex duel, the score is still even at 4000 life points each, but Tristan warns Joey that he's got three dinos breathing down his neck—he'd better think of something before he's extinct. Rex tells Joey he's in over his head—as long as Rex has the Seal of Orichalcos, he'll never be beaten. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says he can feel the power of the Oreikalkos inside him.)

Rex draws, saying it's showtime, and plays Polymerization to fuse Gilasaurus and Chitoptera to form Horned Saurus (2000 ATK). Then he plays Giant Rex (2000 ATK). Both monsters are boosted to 2500 attack points by the Seal of Orichalcos. Rex orders his Horned Saurus to attack Joey directly. Tristan wonders how he can do that when Joey has a monster on the field, and Rex explains that Horned Saurus' special ability allows it to bypass Joey's monsters and attack directly. (Japanese Ryuuzaki also explains that the effect occurs only when Horned Saurus is summoned, which is why it can't direct attack in the following turns.) Joey's down to 1500 life points in one attack! Tristan tells Joey that that runt is kicking his butt.

Next, Rex uses Giant Rex to destroy Joey's Panther Warrior, for another 500 point hit to Joey's life points. (The shot of Giant Rex biting Panther Warrior is obscured in the US version.)

Tristan exclaims that was Joey's last monster! And Joey advises him that his cheerleading skills need work.

Finally, Rex attacks with Gilasaurus, but Joey activates Scapegoat to block the attack. (Not only is the shot of the yellow Scapegoat's body being ripped in half obscured, but his little knocked-out eyes are closed in the US version.)

Rex grumbles that he always hated those hairballs, as Joey laughs that they always hated him, too. Relieved Tristan thought Joey was a goner, and tells Joey to warn him when he's going to save himself! (Japanese Honda says he was sweating with fear.)

The engine Yami and Weevil are dueling on is hurtling towards an overpass. Yami warns Weevil to look out, and Weevil crouches down just in time to avoid being hit. (Japanese Yami doesn't warn Haga.) Weevil thanks Yami for the warning, then continues his move, drawing a magic card that has him chuckling. He plays Cell Division, using it to duplicate his Leghul. Yami says he's not afraid of a monster with only 800 attack points, but Weevil says he's disappointed that Yami doesn't recognize a good strategy. He thinks it must be true what he's heard—without Yugi's help, Yami's nothing but a second-rate wannabe. As soon as he wins, Weevil says, Yami will be locked away forever with his better half. (Japanese Haga says Yami's loss to Rafael must have really affected him, and tells Yami that he lost his partner out of stupidity.)

Téa tells Weevil he doesn't have a chance, and calls him a cockroach, which Weevil takes as a compliment, saying the roach is one of the strongest insects alive. Téa says if he's so tough, he should show them what he's got and stop talking about it. (Japanese Anzu tells Haga to behave himself, and he says he's sorry, he was just talking to himself. Yami calls him a bastard, and Anzu asks how someone like him can be the national champion. Doesn't he have any pride? Cut from the US version is this bit where Haga replies that she shouldn't be proud just because she's cute. People will hate her if she keeps talking like that.)

Then Weevil sacrifices Pheromone Wasp and Leghul to summon Insect Queen (2200 ATK). (Insect Queen's breasts are changed from yellow to red in the US version.)

With the Seal of Oreichalkos, her attack rises to 2700. In addition, her attack increases by another 200 points for every insect monster on the field. Weevil has two insects and Yami has two, so Insect Queen's total attack becomes 3500 points.

Before attacking with her, Weevil uses Leghul's effect to attack Yami directly, reducing Yami's life points to 1900. Then he sacrifices Leghul so the Insect Queen can attack (these shots of Insect Queen chomping on Leghul, and bits of Leghul's body falling to the ground, are cut from the US version),

and attacks Gaia the Dragon Champion, destroying it and bringing Yami's score down to 1200.

Insect Queen's attack goes down to 3100, with two of the insects off the field, but then she lays an egg, which Téa thinks is gross. (This shot of the train speeding away through the forest is cut from the US version.)

Rex says his prehistoric pets are going to walk all over Joey, but Joey says he's got more talent in his left nostril than Rex will ever have! Rex says the Seal of Orichalcos is on his side, so he's got more power than Joey and his nostrils! Joey doesn't quite get that comeback, so he goes ahead and summons Rocket Warrior in defense, then sets two cards face down.

Joey asks Rex if this duel is really worth that much to him—Rex is risking his own soul just for a chance to defeat Joey. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Ryuuzaki if he thinks power is everything in a duel.) Rex says he knows what he's doing—he's earning the respect he deserves. Ever since Joey knocked him out of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, he's been mocked, ridiculed, and humiliated! But that ends here. He's tired of being a loser. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says dueling is always a serious fight, and winning is the most important thing.) Joey realizes that Rex is talking just like Mai did. He remembers Mai telling him that she traded in her soul for power, and thinks that Dartz must prey on people's weakness by promising them power. He tells Rex to hold on, but Rex won't listen. (Japanese Jounouchi ends his turn.) Rex draws, and orders Horned Saurus to attack.

Joey activates his trap card, Magic Arm Shield, which begins to grab one of Rex's monsters to use as a defense shield. But Rex activates his own trap, Jurassic Heart, which can destroy any trap used against a dinosaur. With Magic Arm Shield destroyed, Horned Saurus continues its attack and destroys Rocket Warrior. Then Giant Rex attacks, and destroys one of Joey's Scapegoats. Finally, Gilasaurus attacks another Scapegoat, munching it down. Joey only has one Scapegoat left to defend him. Rex sets one card face down and ends his turn, telling Joey he's one attack away from losing his soul forever!

Joey draws his Red-Eyes Black Dragon—the card he won from Rex back in Duelist Kingdom. This is just what he needs. He sacrifices his Scapegoat to activate his set magic card, Star Blaster, which will roll a die, and Joey will be able to summon a monster with level stars equal to the roll plus one. (The Japanese Star Blaster allows him to summon a monster whose level equals the sum of the roll plus the level of the monster sacrificed to activate it. Scapegoat is a one-star monster.)

Star Blaster rolls a six, allowing Joey to summon a seven-star monster. (Japanese Ryuuzaki complains that Jounouchi is lucky, just like before.) He summons the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, asking Rex if it looks familiar. Then he activates his trap card, Metalmorph, boosting the Red-Eyes' attack by 300 points, to 2700. Plus, whenever Red-Eyes attacks a monster, it absorbs half that monster's attack strength. Joey attacks Horned Saurus with the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, increasing the Red-Eyes' attack to 3950. Horned Saurus is destroyed, and Rex is down to 2550 life points. Then Joey sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Meanwhile, Weevil tells Yami that his insect army is slowly infesting the playing field. In a few more turns, Yami will be bug bait. Yami says they'll see, and Téa adds that guys like Weevil never win. Weevil asks what a person like him is, and Yami says he's a greedy, power-hungry worm, but Weevil asks what does that make Yami? Isn't Yami the one who wanted power so much that he sold out his best friend for a taste of it? He reminds Yami that in his last duel, Yami was determined to win at all costs. He activated the Seal of Orichalcos, even though he knew he was endangering the life of someone close to him. That's what Weevil calls power-hungry and greedy. But now the Seal of Orichalcos and its power belongs to him. (Japanese Haga tells Yami not to wear a fake mask now, but to show his true self. Yami and Anzu ask what he means. Haga giggles and says he's said too much. Yami tells him to just say what he wants to say, and Haga tells Yami not to play the hero of justice when they're the same, since Yami surrendered to the darkness of the Orichalcos. Yami even lost his partner because of his pride. How can Yami call himself a True Duelist?)

Yami warns Weevil that if he thinks he can win by playing his little head games, he's sorely mistaken. Weevil says he's just opening up Yami to the truth, and whether Yami realizes it or not, it's causing him to doubt himself. (Japanese Haga asks Yami if that's so, why are is hands trembling?) Yami looks at his shaking hand, and grabs it. Weevil laughs, saying he'd be shaking in fear, too, if he were the one who was about to lose his soul. (Japanese Haga says he must win today. He's waited for this moment for a long time.)

Joey tells Rex he's an endangered species, now that the Red-Eyes Black Dragon is here. Rex says Joey has some nerve, using that card against him. That dragon was his best card until Joey took it away from him. Joey reminds him that he won the card fair and square. (Japanese Jounouchi says that Red-Eyes Black Dragon represents the friendship between him and Yugi. Ryuuzaki complains that the Red-Eyes was originally his. How can Jounouchi act like that when he took the card away from him? Jounouchi says he won it in a fair duel.)

Rex stares at his hand, saying that Joey ruined his life. He used to be a Regional Duel Monsters champion. At one time, he and Weevil were the most famous duelists in the country. They couldn't walk a block without being recognized. Flashbacks show Rex and Weevil walking proudly down the street, surrounded by admirers asking for their autographs.

Weevil says that soon he'll be back on top, just like he was before Yami defeated him in Duelist Kingdom. He'll be Weevil Underwood, the new King of Games. He almost forgot what it felt like to be worshiped and adored. The Rex and Weevil flashback continues outside the game arcade, where a fan stops the two duelists for their autographs. Weevil happily signs, then passes the board along to Rex, But when the boy reaches for the autographed board, Weevil snatches it away. They're not giving them away for free, Rex says. Weevil says it will cost the boy his rarest card. Startled, the boy hands over his card (it's Dark Ruler Ha-Des), then thanks them a little reluctantly as Rex and Weevil walk away laughing.

Rex stands on the field with his head bowed. Unfortunately, his fame didn't last. He became a joke. How could he lose to Joey? He was supposed to win the most prestigious dueling tournament ever thrown, but he was defeated by a rookie. He went in as a champion, but came out the laughing stock of the entire dueling world! (Japanese Ryuuzaki says that what he lost in that tournament wasn't just his Red-Eyes Black Dragon.)

Flashbacks show Rex and Weevil sipping sodas together, while onlookers ridicule them, surprised that those two are actually showing their faces in public. (This shot of Haga and Ryuuzaki is cut from the US version.)

Some fans, Rex says. The second he and Weevil lost, they all disappeared. Now flashbacks show the two boys standing in an alley in the rain. Weevil angrily throws a can at a dog and kicks a garbage can, saying that they lost everything to a couple of newcomers. No more movie premieres, no more private parties. Then they're confronted by a guy who punches them, knocking their cards to the ground. (This shot of three guys stomping Haga and Ryuuzaki is cut from the US version.)

He retrieves the card they took from the boy who wanted their autographs and returns it to him. Leaving Rex and Weevil lying in the alley in the rain, the boy and his defender walk off laughing. The boy says he couldn't even give those autographs away now.

Rex says that was the lowest point of his life. Since then, it's been one bad day after another. And he owes it all to Joey Wheeler!

Joey asks Rex if he's finished. He's sick of Rex's sob story. He tells Rex to get a life. (Japanese Jounouchi says, so it's his fault everything's been going badly for Ryuuzaki? Cut from the US version is this bit where Jounouchi says that there's always only one winner in a duel, and the other player is the loser. Everyone struggles to be a winner. So Ryuuzaki thinks he's a tragic hero?)

Rex says that's the point—he doesn't have a life any more. Joey took it away, and now he wants it back. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says he can't see any hope for the future as long as he can't defeat Jounouchi.)

Joey tells Rex he's dueling for the wrong reasons. To him, the game is about striving to be his best. It's taught him to trust himself, and to keep trying, no matter how tough things get. Remembering some of his past duels, he says that things have gotten pretty tough. But he never gave up, no matter what. Rex just pulls his hat down over his eyes, and Joey asks him if he can't handle the fact that Duel Monsters isn't all about fame and fortune. (Jounouchi tells him to just try defeating him, then. Ryuuzaki can keep challenging him no matter how many times he loses, and Jounouchi will always accept his challenge. Jounouchi says he wasn't always a powerful duelist. He's lost many duels, but every time he loses, he becomes stronger. He's tried hard to recover from the abyss of failure. He's totally different from a weak duelist like Ryuuzaki, who surrendered to Doma just to become stronger.)

But Rex looks up, smiling cruelly, telling Joey he's even more lame than Rex remembered. Rex realized a long time ago that being Mr. Nice Guy gets you nowhere. That's why he decided to team up with Dartz and his gang—they gave him something he could never get by playing fair—the power to get back everything Joey took from him! Joey guesses Rex will never learn. (Japanese Ryuuzaki tells Jounouchi he's just like Mai said. Everything Jounouchi says is so proper—that's why he makes people so angry. Everyone has tried to do what Jounouchi did, even Haga and Mai. But they just can't make it. Doesn't Jounouchi understand? A great duelist like Jounouchi can never understand the pain of someone like him or Mai. Jounouchi tells him not to compare himself to Mai.)

Rex draws, sacrificing Gilasaurus and Giant Rex to summon Tyrant Dragon (2900 ATK). The Seal of Orichalcos increases its attack to 3400. They both have giant dragons now!

Meanwhile, the train engine emerges from a tunnel as Weevil and Yami's duel continues. Weevil laughs, asking Yami if it feels like his life is spinning out of control. Yami says that's enough. (Japanese Yami tells Haga he's hated him too much. Haga says it doesn't matter—Yami will be defeated today. Yami says it's his turn.) Weevil reminds him that two turns have passed since his cocoon appeared on the field. It won't be long before it hatches, and when it does, Yami will meet the same fate as his little friend Yugi.

Thinking that he never meant for this to happen, Yami draws and summons Kuriboh, who sprouts antennae as it turns into an insect. Weevil's Insect Queen gains another 200 attack points from having another insect on the field, increasing its attack to 3500. Then Yami sets a card face down. (Yami's Duel Disk is changed in the US version to show the Kuriboh card above the slot where he's placing his face-down card, and Celtic Guardian next to it. The Japanese Duel Disk shows an empty slot above the face-down card, and Kuriboh next to it.)

In his temple, Dartz kneels before the altar, telling the Great Leviathan that soon the soul of the Pharaoh will be his. (Japanese Dartz doesn't say anything.)

Weevil tells Yami he's about to pay the ultimate price, and Weevil will be the new King of Games! (Japanese Haga giggles, then Anzu thinks, "Please don't lose, Yugi. If you disappear, too...")

To Be Continued

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