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Episode 162: On the Wrong Track, Part 3 (Timaeus Invoked)

The engine carrying Yami and Weevil's duel continues to speed down the tracks. Weevil says this train's been rerouted—next stop Loserville. (Japanese Haga says, "My turn. Draw.")

But Yami activates his trap card, Natural Selection, which makes a clone of Weevil's Insect Queen and adds it to Yami's side of the field, then destroys the original.

Weevil sacrifices the Insect Queen's egg to summon Armored Centipede (1600 ATK). Its attack rises to 2100 from the Seal of Orichalcos' effect. Then he attacks Yami's Kuriboh with it. Armored Centipede gains 500 attack points for every insect it destroys, and Kuriboh's been turned to an insect by DNA Surgery, so Armored Centipede's attack is raised to to 2600. Weevil ends his turn, and Yami's cloned Insect Queen is destroyed, since Natural Selection's effect only lasts for one turn. Now the only monster on Yami's side of the field is Weevil's cocoon—and it's about to hatch.

Back at Joey and Rex's duel, it's a dragon showdown. And, Rex says, Joey's is about to be toast. Rex attacks with Tyrant Dragon, and the Red-Eyes Black Dragon is destroyed, reducing Joey's life points to 300. Joey apologizes to the Red-Eyes, but Rex says he doesn't have to say goodbye to him just yet, because his trap card will bring him back. Rex activates Chain of the Underworld, reviving the Red-Eyes Black Dragon on Joey's side of the field, but reducing its attack by 700 points, to 1700.

Tristan worries that if Joey loses all his life points, he'll lose his soul! (Japanese Honda wonders why Ryuuzaki would revive Jounouchi's dragon, after he worked so hard to defeat it.) Rex says this was his plan all along. Tyrant Dragon can attack twice in one turn, as long as his opponent has another monster on the field. And now, Joey does.

Joey tries again to talk to Rex, telling him that those people he's teamed up with aren't his friends, and they'll turn on him. Rex says it doesn't matter, because he already has what he needs—the power to annihilate Joey. (Japanese Jounouchi is surprised that Ryuuzaki revived the Red-Eyes Black Dragon just to destroy it again, and Ryuuzaki says the Red-Eyes betrayed him, so he won't forgive it.) Then he says that the Chain of the Underworld lets Joey draw one card, but it won't help.

Joey draws, warning Rex not to do this—he's messing with supernatural powers he could never understand. But Rex insists he knows what he's doing. (Japanese Jounouchi continues to be shocked that Ryuuzaki would go to such lengths to punish the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Ryuuzaki says it's all Jounouchi's fault.) He orders Tyrant Dragon to attack and end the duel.

But Joey activates his trap card, Celebration of Creation. Rex says his Tyrant Dragon is immune to trap cards, but Joey says he isn't using the trap card on Rex's dragon. It's activated whenever a monster is summoned using a magic or trap card, and ends Rex's turn immediately. So Joey's Red-Eyes is safe. (Japanese Jounouchi tells the Red-Eyes he won't let it go back to the graveyard again.)

Meanwhile, Yami tells Weevil that he'll never get away with this. His card flashes with electricity as he draws it. But Weevil laughs maniacally, saying it's been three turns since he transformed Yami's Obnoxious Celtic Guardian into a cocoon. Now it's time for his secret weapon to emerge—Poison Butterfly (2700 ATK).

The score at Rex and Joey's duel is Rex 2550 to Joey's 300. Rex tells Joey to make his move so he can finish him off for good. But Joey says he's the one who's going to be doing the finishing off. He draws Pot of Greed, then summons Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800 ATK). Then he plays Pot of Greed and draws two more cards. Joey says it's time to tell Rex a thing or two. Every card in Duel Monsters has a story behind it, and this is one of his favorites. Once there was a warrior so powerful that every time he used his sword, the world shook. His sword caused so much devastation that he decided to do something about it. (The bodies lying on the ground behind the Swordmaster are removed from the US version.)

He built a suit of iron to limit his strength, and from then on he was known as Gearfried the Iron Knight. Now the time has come to set him free.

Joey plays Release Restriction to release Gearfried's true form, Gearfried the Swordmaster (2700 ATK). Rex laughs—Joey went through that whole story for this? That monster's useless. But then Joey reveals the Claw of Hermos. Rex says that, on the other hand, might help him.

Weevil continues laughing like a madman. He's given Yami a powerful monster—but it takes 500 life points from him for every turn it stays on the field. Yami tells Weevil he shouldn't be laughing, and shows him the Eye of Timaeus card. He summons the dragon, and tries to fuse it with Poison Butterfly, but Timaeus is destroyed and Poison Butterfly remains on the field. Yami is horrified—Timaeus has abandoned him. Weevil shrieks with glee, telling Yami that the dark magic of the Orichalcos is still within him. In his last duel, Yami turned his back on all his monsters, and now Timaeus is returning the favor.

Téa tells Yami not to listen to Weevil, but Yami knows he's right. Yami ends his turn.

Poison Butterfly's effect activates, and Yami loses 500 life points, reducing his score to 700. Téa worries that if the Pharaoh loses this duel, he's a goner, and they'll never rescue Yugi!

Weevil draws and sets one card face down, ending his turn.

Joey says he guesses Rex recognizes the Claw of Hermos. Rex just grimaces, remembering the last time Joey played that card. (The shot of Joey playing Hermos is added over the shot of Rex in the US version.)

Joey activates Hermos, combining it with the Red-Eyes Black Dragon to form the Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword, which he equips to Gearfried the Swordmaster. Now Gearfried gains 500 attack points for every dragon on the field, along with another 1000 attack points, for a total of 4100 points. Not only that, the Dragon Sword allows Gearfried to destroy any monster automatically, so he uses its effect to destroy Rex's Tyrant Dragon. Now Rex is wide open for attack. Joey hesitates, knowing that if he beats Rex, the Orichalcos gets his soul, but if he doesn't, he'll never save Yugi. (Japanese Jounouchi remembers that Ryuuzaki lost his soul once before, but he got it back, so there must be a way to save him. This shot of Ryuuzaki and Haga in flashback is cut from the US version.)

Rex begs Joey not to attack, but Joey says he's gotta. But he promises that when he saves Yugi, he'll save Rex, too. Joey attacks with Gearfried the Swordmaster, and Rex is defeated.

The Seal of Orichalcos shrinks around Rex, and his soul is sucked out into a vortex in the sky. Tristan runs to Rex, trying to wake him up. (Ryuuzaki's open, empty eyes are closed in the US version.)

But Joey says it's no use—the Orichalcos has him now. But he promises they'll get him back, as soon as they find Pegasus and Yugi. First they have to find this Dartz guy, and then they'll find the others. Joey calls out a challenge to Dartz—they're coming to get him, and they're not leaving without their friends!

Yami says it's his move now. Weevil says he can't wait to deliver Yami's soul to Dartz, but Yami says the duel's not over yet. He summons Breaker the Magical Warrior (1600 ATK). Breaker's attack rises to 1900 when it's summoned. Weevil activates his trap card, Infestation, which drains 100 attack points from each of their monsters, subtracting them from their life points. Weevil's life points go down to 3800, but Yami's are down to 500. At the end of Yami's turn, Poison Butterfly will take Yami's last 500 life points, and he'll lose the duel. (Japanese Haga tells Anzu to just sit and watch Yami lose, and calls her "Anzu-chan," which makes her angry.)

Yami says his turn isn't over yet. Weevil says Yami can't win, but he's willing to do him a favor before he loses. He has a card in his pocket he thinks Yami would like to see. It's the least he can do to repay Yami for ruining his life.

Weevil tells Yami that Yugi's spirit is trapped deep in the caverns of Dartz's lair, and he knows how to set him free. Yami demands that Weevil to tell him how to save Yugi right now! Weevil laughs, saying that in order to release Yugi's soul, he'll need a special card, and Weevil's got it right there. But the card he brings out of his pocket, keeping its face hidden from Yami, is an ordinary insect card. Yami demands that Weevil give him the card, but Weevil tells him that's not a nice way to ask. As Yami starts to walk towards Weevil, Weevil says he'll teach Yami a lesson and rips the card in half, telling Yami that Yugi's gone forever.

Yami screams, Nooooo! Then he glares at Weevil fiercely, calling him a snake. Weevil laughs, saying it was just a joke. He tore up a useless bug card. Téa says that's not funny, and Yami returns to his side of the field, telling Weevil he'll pay for that. Weevil's a little freaked by Yami's fury. (This long shot of the train is replaced by an extreme close-up of angry Yami in the US version.)

But Weevil says there's nothing Yami can do. Yami doesn't agree. He activates Breaker's special ability. Weevil says big deal, so you can destroy a magic or trap card... oops! Yami destroys Weevil's Insect Barrier, and now his monsters are free to attack. Breaker's attack is reduced to 1500 by the use of its effect, but Yami says it's a small price to pay, because now he can destroy Weevil and make him pay for that stunt he pulled. Yami attacks Weevil's Armored Centipede with Poison Butterfly, and Weevil's life points are reduced to 3700. Then he direct attacks with Breaker the Magical Warrior, bringing Weevil down to 2200 life points.

Weevil tells Yami it was a nice try. But now Yami's turn will end, and Poison Butterfly will take the rest of his life points. He dances wildly, jumping up and clicking his heels together, saying he wins.

But Yami's not done yet. He plays the magic card, Berserker Soul, discarding his hand to draw new cards until he draws a magic or trap card. Each monster he draws allows him to attack with one of monsters he has on the field, as long as that monster has 1500 attack points or less—which Breaker now does. Weevil realizes that Yami's been planning this all along!

Yami draws. His first card is Queen's Knight, allowing Breaker to attack and reduce Weevil's life points to 700. Then he draws Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts, allowing him to attack again. Weevil's life points are zero, but Yami doesn't stop. He draws another monster and attacks again, and again. (Several of the attacks are cut. He attacks a total of seven times in the Japanese, five in the US version.)

Weevil falls to his knees from the repeated attacks, the Seal of Orichalcos shrinking around him. Still Yami draws. Téa jumps up, begging the Pharaoh to stop. She grabs Yami's hand, but he orders her to let him go. Weeping, she tells him he can stop now. It's over. He's won, and the Seal of Orichalcos is gone.

Panting, Yami sees Weevil kneeling on the other side of the field, and finally his rage subsides, He looks at the card in his hand, Dark Magician Girl, thinking that he has a promise to keep.

Two more victims appear on Dartz's wall of souls—Rex and Weevil. So many souls, Dartz thinks, so little time. The Great Leviathan is growing impatient. Dartz must provide him with the power he needs to awaken, and for that, he needs the soul of the Pharaoh. (Japanese Dartz thinks that the great beast is strengthened by the souls of these two, who fought the duelists chosen by the Legendary Dragons. They have become valuable sacrifices to make their god revive.)

Yami runs to Weevil, demanding that he tell him where Yugi is. (Cut from the US version are shots of empty-eyed Haga as Yami shakes him.)

But Téa reminds him that it's no use. Yami won, so the Seal of Orichalcos took Weevil away. (Cut are more shots of Yami holding up Haga and yelling at him to tell him where his partner is.)

Yami falls to his knees and stares at his empty hands.

The train speeds out of control, derailing and flying off a cliff. Dartz watches the train fall, thinking he needs the Pharaoh alive. From the woods at the bottom of a cliff, Téa's voice is heard, asking Yami if he's all right. Barely, he responds. (Japanese Dartz thinks, "hmm." As the train falls, Yami and Anzu's screams are heard.)

At the top of the cliff, a old man in robes looks down.

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