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Episode 166: Flight of Fear, Part 1 (Amelda's Sky Duel of Revenge)

Yami and Téa stop by a stream, where Téa cools her sore feet in the water. She says if she'd known they'd be hiking, she'd have worn better shoes. Yami says she should try lugging a Duel Disk. They wonder how the other guys are doing, and Yami says it shouldn't be long before they reach them. (Japanese Anzu says the water feels good, and Yami asks if she's all right. She says as soon as she cools her feet, they can go, but Yami says not to push herself. They can take a break. She apologizes, and he says Jounouchi and Honda should be along soon, anyway.)

Meanwhile, Joey, carrying Rex, and Tristan are facing a rattlesnake coiled in the middle of the tracks. Tristan tells Joey to just take a step—he'll be right behind him. Joey's not about to. The strange lights still shine in the sky above them.

Aboard the Kaiba Corporation plane, Kaiba says he doesn't think flying into this light show is the best course of action. Mokuba asks if it isn't just some kind of weird illusion. Maybe, says Kaiba, but if it doesn't disappear in the next two minutes, he's ordering the aircraft to change course.

Just then, the plane's interior lights begin to flash off and on. Kaiba tries to reach the captain via the radio in his collar, while Mokuba runs to check it out himself. He stops in surprise when he sees that the next room is empty—and so is the rest of the plane. Where did their team go?

A laughing voice on the intercom tells them it's a private party now. Kaiba and Mokuba both recognize Alister's voice, as he goes on to tell Kaiba that they have some unfinished business to attend to. Kaiba demands that Alister show himself. Mokuba says he must be in the cockpit, and they run up the stairs to find him. But the cockpit is also empty—the plane is on autopilot. They wonder what he did with the rest of the crew. Alister's voice tells them that they never had a crew—they were an illusion all along. (Japanese Amelda says, "Not there... I'm over here.")

Kaiba strides through the ship, looking for Alister. He and Mokuba go back downstairs, where they finally find Alister sitting at the conference table. Kaiba says he thought he'd gotten rid of him already, but Alister says it was he who defeated Kaiba. Then he asks for a rematch, saying they have a score to settle. (Japanese Kaiba asks where all the passengers are, and Amelda tells him he didn't want anyone to interfere with their duel, so all the passengers were taken off before the plane left. With Doma's power, it wasn't hard to do. Then he tells Kaiba they should put an end to their duel.) Mokuba remembers Alister telling them about his brother, and insists that Kaiba isn't responsible for anything their father did to him. Alister says to tell it to his brother.

Kaiba asks, if he goes ahead with the rematch, does that mean Alister will get out of his life once and for all? (Japanese Kaiba says he doesn't care what Amelda's reasons are. The calm one will win.) Mokuba doesn't want Kaiba to go through with it, but Kaiba tells Alister if he wants a duel, he's got one. He flips a switch and the conference table and chairs disappear into the floor, opening up a space for dueling. (Japanese Amelda says he'll hang Kaiba's soul on Miruko's tombstone.) They activate their Duel Disks and prepare to duel.

Alister starts by summoning Science Soldier (800 DEF) in defense. Kaiba responds by summoning X-Head Cannon (1800 ATK) in attack and destroying Science Soldier. Mokuba worries that if Alister plays the Seal of Orichalcos, his brother is in big trouble. (Japanese Mokuba wonders why his brother and Amelda have to do this.)

Alister next plays Cyber Soldier of Dark World (1200 DEF) in defense, sets one card face down and ends his turn. Kaiba summons Y-Dragon Head (1500 ATK) in attack mode and uses it to destroy Cyber Soldier. (The words "Kaiba Airways" are removed from the side of the plane in the US version.)

Then Kaiba attacks Alister directly with X-Head Cannon. Mokuba thinks Alister's making it too easy, and Alister smiles as his life points go down to 2200. Kaiba sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Alister says Kaiba's been too busy with his monsters to consider what Alister's got in his deck. He's about to play a card that will change the whole playing field. (Japanese Amelda tells Kaiba he's pretty good to have summoned two monsters in such a short time and made a direct attack. If he summons any more monsters, they won't have enough room. "Let's duel in a bigger space.") Kaiba calls to Mokuba to get back, as Alister plays the Seal of Orichalcos. The Seal spreads to engulf the room, knocking Mokuba back onto the stairs. Beams of green light shoot out of the plane, and electricity crackles all over it, knocking out the autopilot. Suddenly, the sides of the plane seem to dissolve and the Seal opens out, rising to lift Kaiba and Alister above the plane. Kaiba says this can't be real, as they find themselves standing on top of the plane within a dome formed over the Seal of Orichalcos. The dome fills with roiling purple smoke. But Kaiba says it's boring. He just wants to get on with the duel. (Japanese Amelda says he'll let Kaiba see the hell his brother saw. Kaiba says, "Amelda, kisama..." which means, "Amelda, you...." But it's a rude way of saying "you.")

Mokuba comes to on the stairway inside the plane. He sees the glowing lines of the Seal through the open roof of the plane, but not his brother or Alister. Then the plane starts to nosedive. He runs to the cockpit and sees that the autopilot has been shut off. (The words "Auto Pilot Engage" have been removed from the instrument panel in the US version.)

Mokuba jumps into the pilot's seat and tries to pull up the plane, but it doesn't respond, so he tries to radio for help, but there's no answer to his mayday. The plane continues to fall.

Inside the Seal of Orichalcos, Alister tells Kaiba it's time for him to feel the pain that he himself felt, thanks to Kaiba's father. The purple smoke clears, and Kaiba finds himself in a basement filled with packing crates. He thinks something in the smoke must be making him hallucinate. He hears a voice announce that this is Kaiba Corp property and everyone must evacuate immediately. (There's no announcement in the Japanese.) Then a child's voice says to hide, quick, and three boys run down the stairs into the basement. The last boy, who stops to close the trap door, looks suspiciously like Mokuba. Kaiba grumbles that he knows an illusion when he sees one. This whole thing is one big mind trick.

The boys lay out their spoils on one of the crates—canned goods and trays of food. As they sit down to eat, the boy who looks like Mokuba turns to Kaiba and tells him this hideout's taken. The other boys tell him that they've only got food for three, so he should go find his own grub. (The Japanese boy who looks like Mokuba says, "O-nii-chan [big brother] has woken up." This doesn't mean they're actually brothers. It's customary for Japanese children to call older kids "big brother" or "big sister." The other boys tell Kaiba to go home if he's awake. This is their hideout. Cut from the US version is a scene where Kaiba sees guns and grenades and other battle debris lying around, and asks what all this junk is for.)

One of the boys tells him that they had to trek three miles to get this food, because Kaiba Corp's closed down every grocery store in the city. Kaiba asks what he means, and the boy tells Kaiba to look around. Kaiba sees a chess board lying on one of the crates. (The Japanese boys says it's not junk, it's stuff they picked up on the battlefield. In the US version, the guns are removed from the shot of the chessboard. Also cut is a pan showing more guns and grenades.)

The boys go on to tell him that Kaiba Corp has taken over their town and wants to kick everyone out. (The Japanese boys tell Kaiba that they give the weapons to the people protecting the city. They have to drive away their enemies and win the war as soon as possible.)

Kaiba says he had a chess board just like that, and the boy who looks like Mokuba asks if he remembers how to play. Of course, Kaiba says. He was the best. (Japanese Kaiba asks the boy his name, and he says it's Juan.) The other boys tell the Mokuba lookalike, Aaron, to go out and find them some dessert, and take his new best friend with him.

Kaiba walks up the stairs, thinking that he's not falling for any of this. Outside, the city is in ruins. (A close-up of a cross is cut from the US version, and the cross is removed from the shots of the church.)

Kaiba asks how long all this Kaiba Corp nonsense has been going on. (Japanese Kaiba doesn't say anything. This shot of the war-torn city is cut from the US version.)

Aaron tells him it was about a year ago that Gozaburo Kaiba bought all their land, and when they wouldn't leave, the tanks rolled in. As they walk along, Aaron says that everyone who hasn't left stays underground now, like him and his friends. (Japanese Juan tells Kaiba that the other boys, Tony and Dennis, lost their parents in the war. Most of the people living in the city now suffer in the same way. But he has Tony and Dennis, so he's not lonely.) Kaiba twitches in rage—Alister had a hard life thanks to Kaiba's adopted father, but he's seen enough. (Japanese Kaiba asks Amelda what he's trying to show him.)

Aaron suggests that they play a game of chess when they get back. (Japanese Juan asks Kaiba if he wants to play a game of chess. Cut from the US version is this scene where Juan draws a chessboard in the dirt, and sets up a game.)

(They use different sized ammo cartridges for chess pieces. Juan plays his first move.)

(Kaiba remembers playing chess with Mokuba when they were at the orphanage. Juan tells him it's his turn.)

(Kaiba makes his move. Then they hear an explosion.)

But then they see smoke rising from the buildings back where they came from. It's their hideout, Aaron says, and runs back, Kaiba following him, telling him to stop, it's too dangerous. (The shots of Aaron jumping up and then running off are reversed in the US version, to make them consistent with the scene before the chess game. Also cut are shots of Juan stepping on their chess game as he runs off, and a close-up of the church steeple with its cross burning in the fire.)

He catches Aaron's arm just as he's about to run into the flames. For a moment, the boy becomes Mokuba, begging Kaiba to let him go save his friends.

Tanks roll up. Once again, the boy is Aaron, telling Kaiba that they have to run and find a new hiding place. (Again, the church cross is removed from the scene of Kaiba and Aaron facing the tanks.)

The tanks stop in front of Kaiba and Aaron. (This shot of the tanks facing Kaiba and Juan is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba shouts that he's had enough, and tells Alister to come out and face him. The tanks fire. (Cut from the US version is this close-up of one of the tanks' guns firing at Kaiba.)

(Also, the tanks' fire is changed from yellow and red to blue in the US version.)

(And, this shot of Kaiba as the blasts approach him is cut from the US version.)

Suddenly, Kaiba's monsters appear before him, and Y-Dragon Head is destroyed by the tanks' blasts. As the smoke clears, Kaiba sees Alister standing behind the tanks, laughing. Kaiba tells Alister his mind tricks won't distract him. He notices that the boy is gone, and tells Alister that his trick is wearing off. (Again, the church cross is removed from the shot in the US version.)

Alister says it's no trick. Those three kids were Alister's best friends growing up, until Kaiba's father ran them out of town, too. (Japanese Amelda says that what Kaiba is seeing is real. That child died afterwards in the attack. His brother Miruko died in the same way.) Then he explains that he's activated his trap card, Tank Corp, which adds three more tanks to his KC-1 Crayton, and given it another 1500 attack points, bringing it to 3500. So his attack on Y-Dragon Head brought Kaiba down to 2000 life points. Then he sets a card face down, telling Kaiba that with his tank army to protect him, Kaiba's as good as gone. Next turn, Alister says, he's going to destroy Kaiba, just like Kaiba's father destroyed his life.

With visions of Aaron playing across his mind, Kaiba grimly tells Alister he's going down. He plays Monster Reborn to bring back his Y-Dragon Head, then summons Z-Metal Tank (Z-Metal Caterpillar) (1500 ATK), and combines his three monsters together to form the XYZ-Dragon Cannon (2800 ATK). He discards a card from his hand to activate its effect, destroying one of Alister's cards on the field—his trap card, Tank Corp. Without the trap, Alister's three extra tanks are destroyed, and his main tank goes back to 2000 attack points. Kaiba attacks with XYZ-Dragon Cannon and destroys the KC-1 Crayton, reducing Alister's life points to 1400. The vision of the destroyed city dissolves, and they're back on top of the plane inside the Seal of Orichalcos.

Alister says he should have expected such violence from the son of Gozaburo Kaiba. Kaiba insists he's nothing like his stepfather, but Alister says they're more alike than he thinks. And so's the rest of the world, full of nothing but hatred and greed. There's a little bit of it in everyone, but that's all going to change, thanks to Alister's new family. They're going to do away with all the evil ones and rebuild the earth into the paradise it once was. (Japanese Amelda tells Kaiba that the anger and sorrow he feels is just part of the play of the battlefield. Kaiba says he's just doing his best to fight each turn—this is a duel. Amelda says that for him, that is reality. He prays that weapons will vanish from the world. He prays for a world free of war. But that isn't possible, because there are people like Gozaburo Kaiba everywhere. The weapons won't vanish, and people won't stop fighting, so why doesn't the world just perish? Then they can establish a new one without war. For that purpose, he needs Kaiba's soul.)

The plane tilts, careening in the sky. Alister tells Kaiba not to worry about the plane—it's his soul he should be worrying about. (Japanese Amelda doesn't say anything.) But Kaiba stares down into the plane, knowing that Mokuba's in there.

Mokuba's still in the cockpit, fighting with the controls, still trying to raise help on the radio. Then he thinks of his cell phone, and pulls it out to call for help. They'll need it soon—the plane is heading straight for the top of a mountain.

Kaiba calls for Mokuba, but Alister reminds him he's not through with him. If Kaiba thought the Seal of Orichalcos was bad, wait until he sees what Alister has for him next! (Japanese Amelda says their duel isn't over.)

The plane plummets toward the mountain. Mokuba screams as he pulls on the controls.

Alister draws, telling Kaiba the plane's out of control, and he's playing the last duel of his career. (Japanese Amelda says, "My turn. Draw!")

To Be Continued

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