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Episode 167: Flight of Fear, Part 2 (Air Fortress Ziggurat - Part 1)

[Note: Episodes 167 and 168 were shown together in Japan as a one-hour special episode.]

The airplane continues to plummet toward a mountain, as Mokuba calls for help on his cell phone. Thankfully, Roland answers, and a distraught Mokuba tells him he doesn't have time to explain, just tell him how to fly a plane! Roland nervously tells him to hold on, and hands off the phone to his associate.

Meanwhile, on top of the plane, Alister tells Kaiba he's going down, and plays the magic card, Junk Dealer, which allows him to bring back any two of his monsters from the graveyard with half their original attack points. He brings back Science Soldier and Cyber Soldier of Dark World (now 400 and 700 ATK, respectively). Then he summons Kinetic Soldier (1350 ATK). The Seal of Orichalcos raises their attacks to 900, 1200, and 1850.

Meanwhile, Mokuba, with instructions from the man on his cell phone, is getting plane under control. At the Kaiba Corp offices, the man tells him to pull up, while Roland stands behind him, looking worried. (Cut from the US version is this short scene where Isono orders the helicopters, saying they have to save Seto-sama and Mokuba-sama, and a shot of the Kaiba Corp USA building.)

Next, Alister activates his trap card, Soldier Revolt, which only works when Science Soldier, Cyber Soldier of Dark World, and Kinetic Soldier are on the field together. He can send every card on Kaiba's side of the field to the graveyard, plus force him to discard his hand. (Japanese Amelda also explains that when he uses this card, he can't declare an attack in the same turn.) Kaiba's XYZ-Dragon Cannon is destroyed, along with his trap card. Next, Alister plays a magic card, Sky Union, which lets him sacrifice his three soldiers to summon his ultimate beast, the Air Fortress Ziggurat.

Mokuba manages to pull up just in time, as the airplane skims the top of the mountain. He relaxes in relief, then switches the autopilot back on, and runs back to the duel, telling his brother they're safe. He stands astonished, watching with his brother as the Air Fortress Ziggurat (2500 ATK, raised to 3000 by the Seal of Orichalcos) forms above them, looming over the plane.

Kaiba says he's seen this monster before, and Alister says that's because it's based on his brother's Dyna Dude action figure—the one he carries with him to remind him how Kaiba's father took his brother away from him. Now, he tells Kaiba, watch how it works. Every turn it releases a Robot Token to protect itself from attacks. (Japanese Amelda also says it's invulnerable to magic and trap cards. Cut from the US version is this bit where Mokuba exclaims over Amelda's monster, and stares up at it from behind his brother. Then Amelda says this monster is his trump card, as a shot of his hand holding his brother's toy is superimposed over the Ziggurat.)

Alister ends his turn, telling Kaiba that nothing he can do can save him now.

Kaiba has no intention of letting Alister's little toy stop him, and he's through playing around! Mokuba begs Kaiba to stop the duel. But Kaiba says he never backs down from a challenge, and he doesn't plan to start today. Mokuba protests that if he loses, Alister will get his soul. But Kaiba says the only thing Alister's going to get is the defeat of a lifetime. (Japanese Kaiba tells Mokuba that if he doesn't defeat this guy, their dream won't come true. Mokuba says their dream... Kaiba Land. Kaiba says he'll defeat anyone who gets in the way of his dreams, no matter what it takes.)

Kaiba plays the magic card, Pot of Greed, which allows him to draw two cards. He sets one card face down and ends his turn. Alister thinks Kaiba's plan to beat him just failed—he'll reduce him to dust with his Ziggurat. He tells Kaiba he's about to feel the agony that Alister's family felt at the hands of Kaiba's stepfather. Mokuba repeats that what happened to Alister had nothing to do with Seto—their stepfather was a jerk, and they never supported him. But Kaiba tells Mokuba to stop, they don't have to defend themselves to Alister. (Japanese Amelda says don't make him laugh. Kaiba Land? Anyone brought up by Gozaburo won't bring any happiness. Japanese Mokuba says that's wrong—Kaiba Land was their dream before they ever met Gozaburo. Kaiba tells Mokuba it's no use, Amelda will never understand.)

Alister agrees that there's no way Kaiba can defend himself from the Air Fortress Ziggurat. He attacks Kaiba directly. (Cut from the US version are a few shots of the Air Fortress Ziggurat's gun turrets zeroing in on Kaiba.)

Kaiba activates his trap card (Magic Mirror). Alister says trap cards can't stop his Ziggurat, but Kaiba tells him not to be so sure. His is no ordinary trap—it lets him use a magic card from Alister's graveyard. He plays Alister's Junk Dealer to bring back Judge Man (2200 ATK, reduced to 1100 by Junk Dealer's effect) from the graveyard in defense mode to protect his life points. (Okay, he says he's playing it in defense, but he's really not. The points shown are attack points, and Kaiba loses life points in the attack, so Judge Man has to have been in attack position.) Judge Man is destroyed, and Kaiba's down to 100 life points.

Alister's not impressed. He gets another Robot Token, and Kaiba's nearly out of life points. But then, four helicopters fly overhead—Kaiba's rescue team has arrived.

Mokuba says they should split. But Kaiba says not yet. (Japanese Mokuba calls out, "Isono!" Kaiba doesn't say anything.) One of the helicopters hovers nearby, Roland pressed against the window. Alister thinks grimly that those are Gozaburo's copters—Kaiba is just like his old man. (Cut from the US version is a flashback showing Amelda's refugee camp being attacked by helicopters.)

He screams Kaiba's name in anger, and the Seal's energies swirl about, shattering the glass in the plane's windows, and tossing furniture around inside. Roland orders the copter's pilots to drop the ladders now—but the plane is out of control again, falling through the sky. It disappears into a cloud bank, and the helicopter pilot says they're off the radar. Roland demands that they find the plane. (The Japanese pilot doesn't say anything. Isono calls out, "Seto-sama! Mokuba-sama!")

Inside the plane, Mokuba holds onto the bulkhead to keep from being sucked out of the airplane, and calls out to his brother. Alister insists that he was right about Kaiba all along—Kaiba's nothing but a heartless tyrant. Why else would he use Gozaburo's private air force to protect himself?

But Kaiba just asks him if he's done yet, and says he has just the card to take him down. (Japanese Kaiba says wearily, "My turn," and reminds Amelda that they're still dueling.) He plays Soul Exchange, allowing each of them to choose a monster on his opponent's side of the field to sacrifice. (In the Japanese, only the person who plays the card can sacrifice the opponent's monsters. This is how it's worked whenever Kaiba's used it before.) Alister says it won't work on his Ziggurat, and Kaiba says that's why he's using it on Alister's Robot Tokens. He sacrifices the two Robot Tokens to summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000 ATK). (The real card only allows you to sacrifice one of your opponent's monsters.)

Roland watches from the helicopter as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon rises out of the clouds. Alister says it looks like they're even now, but Kaiba says looks can be deceiving. Alister says there's no way Kaiba can win. Their monsters have equal attack strengths, but his Ziggurat can't be destroyed.

Alister draws (it's Emergency Provisions) and sets a card face down. He ends his turn, receiving one more Robot Token to protect his Ziggurat.

Kaiba draws, then attacks and destroys the Robot Token with his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Alister draws, telling Kaiba that was his last chance. It's time to end this duel and complete his brother's vengeance. Telling Mikey this is for him, he plays the magic card, Toy Robot Box, discarding three cards to summon three more Robots. (He actually only discards one card. Geez, who's doing the translations for this episode? This is the third time they've gotten the card play wrong.) Then he sacrifices one of them to summon Spell Canceller (1800 ATK, increased to 2300 by the Seal of Orichalcos). As long as Spell Canceller is on the field, Kaiba can't use any magic cards.

Alister tells Kaiba that soon everyone like him will be erased from the world. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Amelda says that Kaiba's soul will be offered and the world will be reborn. It's replaced by a shot of the plane flying through the clouds.)

Kaiba says he thought Alister hated violence, but it seems he and his army of rejects plan to destroy every person who doesn't share the same lame ideas they do! Alister insists they're saving Earth. If people like Kaiba continue to exist, the whole world will crumble. Kaiba smirks. How nice of Alister! But what if his brother was still by his side? Would he still try to wipe out mankind if it meant hurting him? (Japanese Kaiba asks if Amelda will destroy everyone. Amelda says yes. Kaiba asks, you'd kill your little brother, your parents, everyone in the world? Amelda says that's not how it is. The world will be reset and everything will start over, so there will be a war-free world. Kaiba asks if he'd still do it if his brother were alive.)

Alister is furious, telling Kaiba it's his fault Mikey is gone. But Kaiba says that, as a brother, it was Alister's duty to protect him at all costs, and he failed. Alister's little brother was captured because of Alister.

Enraged, Alister orders the Air Fortress Ziggurat to attack the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. But Kaiba says that, unlike Alister, he plans to save his little brother, by winning this battle no matter what. He activates his trap card, Tyrant Wing, which increases Blue-Eyes' attack by 400 points, to 3400. (Japanese Kaiba also explains that the trap allows the Blue-Eyes to attack twice on its next turn.) Saying he won't let Alister endanger his brother's life, he orders the Blue-Eyes to counterattack. The Air Fortress Ziggurat is destroyed, and it falls into the clouds, where it explodes in a burst of light. (Cut from the US version are a few shots of the Ziggurat exploding.)

The stunned Alister is down to 1000 life points.

But Alister says, who needs monsters? He's got the power of the Orichalcos on his side, and once it destroys the plane, the Seal of Orichalcos will absorb all three of them. The plane's engines begin to fail, and more pieces of the plane fall from its sides. (Japanese Amelda says the plane is still falling. Kaiba will go to hell along with him.)

Kaiba calls Alister a coward for giving up when he knows he can't win. Alister says he's doing it to save humanity, but Kaiba says he's doing it because he's too scared to face the truth. Mokuba tells Alister to stop, asking what his little brother would think if he could see Alister acting like this. Alister sees his brother's face in Mokuba's, and remembers Mikey showing him his Dyna Dude action figure, and giving his locket to Mikey. But he shakes it off, as Kaiba says Alister's just mad at himself for letting his brother down.

Alister tells Kaiba he can't save his brother, either. Even if he wins, the plane is going down. But he's got three monsters on the field, while Kaiba's only got one. Kaiba will never be able to win before the plane crashes. Kaiba says, let's duel! All he needs is one more turn. He'll take Alister down and save Mokuba. So Alister says the duel is on, and ends his turn.

Kaiba stares at his deck, knowing this is his last shot. He draws—and plays the Fang of Critius, fusing it with his Tyrant Wing trap card to form Tyrant Burst Dragon. (Japanese Kaiba explains that Tyrant Burst Dragon can attack all the monsters on the opponent's side of the field.) Then he fuses his new dragon with his Blue-Eyes to form Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon (3400 ATK), and uses it to destroy all three of Alister's monsters.

The helicopters hover overhead as the light from the attacks bursts through the clouds. Alister's monsters are destroyed, and Kaiba wins the duel. The Seal of Orichalcos shrinks around Alister, and Mokuba runs to him, saying they have to do something quick, or that thing will take his soul. Alister looks at Mokuba, seeing his own brother, Mikey. Alister greets his brother, returning his Dyna Dude to him. Then Alister falls to the floor as the Seal of Orichalcos takes his soul. Mokuba kneels beside him, holding the Dyna Dude action figure.

The plane shudders as it continues to fall. Kaiba tells Mokuba to wait there, then runs to the cockpit, where he grabs the controls, determined to save Mokuba, no matter what. As he pulls up the plane, his dueling deck begins to glow, and on the ground far below, Yami's deck glows in response, and so does Joey's. Their dragons fly up, joining Kaiba's Critius, to carry the plane safely down. It lands in a field near the gang, who see the insignia on the side of the plane and realize it's one of Kaiba's.

The plane's door opens, and Kaiba stands in the doorway, holding the soulless Alister in his arms. He jumps down, muttering about the dweeb patrol, as Mokuba calls out to Roland in the approaching helicopters. Joey asks if Kaiba dueled Alister on top of his plane, and Kaiba says maybe he did. Then Kaiba asks if they don't have someone else to annoy. (Japanese Jounouchi asks if Kaiba won, and he says of course he did, then he asks what they're doing there.)

Yami says they can't do this without Kaiba, and asks him to accept his destiny and help them stop this evil. Kaiba says if he had a dime for every time Yami used the word "destiny," he'd be even richer. (Japanese Yami says the three dragons led them there. It looks like they're destined to fight together. Kaiba says he doesn't believe in destiny.)

Roland runs to Kaiba and Mokuba, relieved to find that they're not hurt, but bringing terrible news.

In his downtown headquarters, Dartz receives word from his business division that the takeover was a success—Kaiba Corp now belongs to him.

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