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Episode 179: A Duel with Dartz, Part 3 (Captive Mirror Knights)

On Dartz's island, Rafael is riding his motorcycle up the circular steps towards the temple. The Kaiba Corp helicopter is still standing outside the temple's entrance. Roland, beside the helicopter, looks at his watch.

Inside, Dartz asks Yami and Kaiba what they think of his newest soldiers—the Mirror Knights, with the captured souls of Yugi, Joey, Mai, and Pegasus inside. Yami says that's not funny, and Kaiba tells Dartz to drop the magic act and duel. Dartz says they are dueling—they're just doing it by his rules. (Japanese Dartz doesn't speak here. Yami says, "Aibou," and Kaiba asks, what is the meaning of this?) Since he now controls the souls of their former friends, Dartz thought it would be fun to let them play along. Téa and Tristan both shout at Dartz to leave their friends alone, but he ignores them, telling Yami and Kaiba they should be thanking him for giving them one last chance to see the souls of their companions before they're gone forever. Yami says he'll never let Dartz take them away, but Dartz encourages Yami's anger, telling him to let his it consume him, and feel the darkness spread within him. The stronger his rage, the more powerful the Great Leviathan will be when it absorbs his soul.

Then, Dartz orders Mirror Knight Yugi to attack Yami. Yami tells Yugi to fight it, and Mirror Knight Yugi struggles against raising his sword. Dartz thinks it's touching that Yugi is still loyal to Yami, even though Yami turned his back on him. He says that will soon change. Dartz sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Kaiba draws, thinking he's not going to be intimidated just because Dartz put a few familiar faces on his soldiers. He plays Pot of Greed, drawing two more cards, then plays Cost Down to lower the level of a monster in his hand so he can summon it without a sacrifice. Discarding one card (the cost of activating Cost Down, although he doesn't say so in the US version), he summons Different Dimension Dragon (Twilight Zone Dragon) (1400 ATK on the show, although the real card's attack is 1200), pointing out that its special effect is that it can't be destroyed by any monster with less than 1900 attack points. Then he reminds Dartz that Kaiser Glider can't be destroyed by Dartz's Knights, either.

Kaiba orders Kaiser Glider to attack Knight Number Three—Mai (Japanese Kaiba orders the attack on Mai by name). The gang gasp, and Mokuba asks Kaiba to please stop. Yami starts to add his protest, but Kaiba tells him to be quiet—he's not going to let some mind trick stop him from winning this duel. That lunatic siezed control of his company, and he's prepared to do whatever it takes to get it back. (Japanese Kaiba tells Dartz that if this is a trap set to deal with him, he'll counterattack. He says it doesn't matter who it is, he'll destroy anyone who stands in his way.) Yami again pleads with Kaiba to stop, but Kaiba insists Dartz is just trying to stall them, and it won't work on him. (Japanese Kaiba says it's just a trick of Dartz's.) Yami backs off, wondering to himself what they're supposed to do—if they let Dartz win, they'll be captured, and the whole planet will suffer. But if they fight back, their friends will be lost forever.

Kaiba asks if he's supposed to be too afraid to attack. Shrugging, Dartz says, only if destroying an innocent soul disturbs him. Kaiba says that, as the president of a major corporation, he has to do that every day. (Japanese Kaiba asks Dartz where the Mirror Knights will go after they're destroyed. Dartz says he doesn't know, and it wouldn't be any use to Kaiba even if he knew. Kaiba says, if that's so, he won't stand on ceremony.) Kaiba continues his attack, and Mai's mirror shield is destroyed. One more attack, and she's gone. Kaiba then orders Different Dimension Dragon to attack Mai. But when the smoke clears, Joey's standing in front of Mai, his own shield destroyed in the attack. (Japanese Dartz laughs, saying that Jounouchi saved Mai without knowing what he was doing. Their friendship has helped him.)

Kaiba grumbles that it figures Wheeler would mess things up. He sets one card face down and ends his turn. As Yami draws, Kaiba tells him he knows what he has to do to win—crush Wheeler and Mai. But Yami thinks, he can't endanger them. He stares at his cards, remembering Joey and Tristan saving him in the fire, and Joey unlocking the cuff to save him from drowning after Marik forced them to duel. He remembers Mai congratulating him for winning after their duel in the Duelist Kingdom semi-finals, and then Mai's duel with Marik, when he jumped onto the field to intercept Ra's attack. He remembers Pegasus' hologram telling him he's their only hope against Dartz. (In the Japanese Pegasus flashback, Yami remembers defeating Pegasus at Duelist Kingdom, and Pegasus briefly seeing Cyndia when he first gained the Millennium Eye.)

Finally, he remembers Yugi pushing him out of the Seal of Orichalcos, so that his own soul would be taken instead. (The Japanese flashbacks have no dialog. Over the final flashback, Yami thinks that everyone here is a companion who cannot be replaced.) Refusing to put his friends in harm's way, Yami reluctantly ends his turn. Kaiba protests angrily, while Téa says that if Yugi doesn't attack, Dartz will win. Tristan tells her not to worry—Yugi will think of something. He always does. (Japanese Anzu asks, how can the other Yugi attack everyone? Honda says it's despicable, and rails at Dartz.)

Dartz tells Yami that he had his chance. He draws, gaining another 2500 life points due to the effect of Orichalcos Deuteros, bringing him up to 12,500. Then he plays the magic card, Twin Bow Centaur, placing a double-ended Centaur on the field, with an arrow pointing towards each side of the field. (The rather suggestive-looking muscles at the base of the centaur's torso have been removed in the US version.)

Dartz will choose two monsters, one on each side of the field, and his Centaur will randomly remove one of them from the game. He chooses Kaiba's Kaiser Glider, and his Mirror Knight Joey. Tristan says, if the arrow chooses Joey, they'll never get him back! And Mokuba adds that if it chooses Kaiser Glider, Kaiba will lose most of his life points. Dartz snaps his fingers, and the arrow pointing at Kaiba bursts into flame. Kaiser Glider is destroyed, and Kaiba loses 2400 life points, bringing him down to 600. (This shot of the Centaur's burning arrow hitting Kaiba after it destroys Kaiser Glider is cut from the US version.)

But Dartz tells Kaiba there's an up side—his card requires him to end his turn.

Now, Kaiba says, he can do what Dartz's Siamese donkey twins should have done last turn. He orders Different Dimension Dragon to attack Joey, saying that second-rate chump has held him back for the last time. (Japanese Kaiba tells Jounouchi, if he still has the pride of a duelist, then fight!)

But this time, Yugi jumps in front of Joey, sacrificing his mirror shield to save his friend. Dartz laughs, saying maybe friendship does conquer all. And, thanks to their friends' loyalty to one another, Dartz will be able to conquer Yami and Kaiba. Yami draws, then plays Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Twin Bow Centaur. Then he ends his turn.

Dartz draws, telling Yami he wasted his turn destroying a creature Dartz no longer needs. Then he summons Orichalcos Malevolence (Orichalcos Diabolos) (1500 ATK, raised to 2000 by the Seal of Orichalcos), a huge beast of fire. Dartz receives another 3000 life points from Orichalcos Deuteros, raising him to 15,500. Mokuba says his brother's only got 600 life points—one more attack, and he's toast. Dartz tells Kaiba he'll make sure his soul is put to good use. Then he attacks Kaiba's Different Dimension Dragon with Orichalcos Malevolence. (This shot of Mokuba calling out to his brother is cut from the US version.)

Meanwhile, Rafael has finally reached the temple, and speeds his motorcycle past an astonished Roland and the pilot, who yell at him as he zooms up the temple steps.

Kaiba activates his trap card, Attack Guidance Barrier, which allows him to switch Dartz's attack to another monster, while raising its defense by 600 points. He switches it to Yami's Big Shield Gardna, whose defense rises to 3200. (This shot of Honda and Anzu cheering is cut from the US version.)

Dartz's attack fails, but his Kyutora absorbs the damage so that he's unharmed, and Big Shield Gardna's effect forces it into attack mode, with an attack of only 100. But Yami points out that, thanks to Kaiba's trap card, Dartz's turn is over. Kaiba says Yami had better hope nothing happens to him, because Yami can't do this alone. (Japanese Kaiba tells Yami he owes him one.)

Kaiba draws, thinking that he only has 600 life points left, and no monsters in his hand he can summon. He switches Different Dimension Dragon into defense mode (1500 DEF), sets two cards face down, and ends his turn. It's up to Yami now, and Kaiba warns him that if he wants to win this duel, he's going to have to attack those Mirror Knights. But Yami thinks, he can't turn his back on Yugi again.

Then Mirror Knight Yugi tells Yami that he has to attack—it's the only way. Everyone stares in astonishment at Yugi, as he continues, saying that they'll be fine, and if Yami doesn't attack, he'll lose. Yami protests that if any of the Mirror Knights are attacked, their souls might be lost forever. Yugi just says, trust me. (Japanese Yugi tells "the other me" not to worry about him. He says Yami has a more important mission. Yami says, "Aibou." Yugi doesn't say anything more.) Kaiba says this is ridiculous—does Yami realize he's talking to a hologram with his head on it? Yami tells Kaiba he's clueless. (Japanese Kaiba tells Yami to look—the Mirror Knights accept that they'll disappear. But Yami thinks he has to save his partner.) Dartz tells Yami to get going—everyone is waiting.

Yami switches Big Shield Gardna back into defense mode, sets one card face down, then ends his turn. Kaiba is not pleased, and Dartz laughs, saying there's nothing either of them can do to stop him. (Japanese Dartz tells them they're controlled by destiny, anyway, and tells them to be good and accept their fate.)

Just then, Rafael drives into the hall on his motorcycle, and confronts Dartz, saying Dartz doesn't look happy to see him—where's the love? Then he tells Dartz not to answer that—he's heard enough of Dartz's lies. The Pharaoh opened him up to the truth. Thanks to Yami, Rafael was able to escape the Seal of Orichalcos with his soul intact—unlike the souls in the Mirror Knights and everyone else Dartz has used. Now, Rafael demands that Dartz set them all free. (Japanese Rafael speaks respectfully to Dartz, calling him "Dartz-sama," and asking him to please stop, saying that this is meaningless. Cut from the US version is this scene where Rafael says that they were wrong—there is indeed darkness in people's hearts, but it can be overcome. Dartz says he never thought he'd hear this from Rafael.)

(Rafael says he conquered the darkness in his heart because of the Nameless Pharaoh. He begs Dartz to set free the souls of the Mirror Knights, and Valon and Amelda.)

Dartz says it looks like the Orichalcos took what was left of Rafael's brain—he's more gullible than ever. Does Rafael honestly think that the darkness that once controlled him is gone? Rafael says yes, the Pharaoh set him free. Dartz asks, did he? Or did he just trick Rafael, the way Rafael thinks Dartz did. Dartz tells Rafael to look around him—he's no different from anyone else. All of these people gave in to their dark side, and were taken by the Seal of Orichalcos. They're evil, just like all humans, which is why Dartz was chosen to wipe them out. Rafael's no different. He can't just walk away from darkness, it's part of who he is. That's why Dartz hired him—his rage made him a perfect candidate to carry out Dartz's plan. (Japanese Dartz asks if Rafael really thinks he's been freed from the darkness in his heart. Rafael asks what he means, and Dartz says that hatred, sorrow, despair—these can certainly dispel the darkness of the heart. Rafael asks, in that case, why is Dartz doing this? Dartz says, because that's not the true nature of humanity. The darkness in man will disappear only temporarily. He tells Rafael to take a look at this room. These are strong people who tried to show that they could dispel the darkness from their hearts. But they showed that humanity can only dispel the darkness temporarily. Humans are weak, and they still can't do it. These shots of Dartz with images of people from the past behind him are replaced in the US version with more scenes of the wall of souls.)

Rafael says he's through with being angry with the world. The Pharaoh and his friends reminded him what loyalty and trust are all about. Rafael says he used to be like them, before Dartz came into his life and poisoned him with the Orichalcos. (Japanese Rafael says Dartz is wrong. The Pharaoh and his friends showed him with their tenacity, and his heart will never be taken to the dark side again. Cut from the US version is this scene where Honda tells Rafael, well said! This way, it's worth it for Yugi to stake his life.)

Dartz laughs. The Orichalcos didn't poison Rafael's mind, it exposed who he truly is on the inside—a corrupt human being full of anger, just like everyone else in this room. Téa asks, what does that make him? Dartz says he's a pioneer, chosen by the Orichalcos to carve out a new world. And his task is nearly done. Soon he'll have enough power to awaken the Great Leviathan and rebuild civilization. (Japanese Dartz says that the darkness in the heart is actually about unfairness. He asks, is humanity fair? Anzu says, isn't it? Dartz says, generally, yes, but some have a good life and some suffer; some are talented and some are loathed—that's unfair.)

Dartz goes on to say that for ten thousand years he'd been gathering souls to amass enough energy to awaken the great beast—but time was running out, and he needed help. Rafael adds, so Dartz found him and the others. Dartz says he required three subordinates to carry out his plan, and they needed to be filled with enough anger to tap the full power of the Orichalcos. And they needed to hate the people of this world as much as Dartz does. As soon as he encountered Alister, Valon, and Rafael, he know he'd found exactly what he'd been searching for. But it was necessary to influence certain events in their lives. (Japanese Dartz says that this unfairness is why there is darkness in the heart, and people can't overcome that fact. Rafael says, "Dartz-sama," and Dartz goes on, that's why he must save the world. He must create humans who can conquer their darkness. He says that Rafael, Valon, and Amelda were born in a world of darkness. They have powerful souls, and were blessed with this fate because of Dartz.)

Starting with Alister, Dartz says that his family was captured by Gozaburo Kaiba's tanks during his effort to take over their township. (Japanese Dartz says that Amelda lost a beloved brother due to the Kaiba family.) Téa asks Mokuba if it's true, and Mokuba replies that, unfortunately, it is. But then Dartz says that Kaiba's father didn't do a thing—it was Dartz all along, pretending to be Gozaburo. Kaiba and Rafael react in shock, as Dartz goes on to Valon, who practically grew up in a juvenile detention center—thanks, once again, to Dartz, who framed Valon for his first crime at the age of nine. (Japanese Dartz says that Valon's orphanage was burned to the ground. Cut from the US version is a flashback of young Valon watching the church where he lived burn, with Dartz standing in the background watching.)

And, of course, there's Rafael. Dartz says that the captain of the cruise ship didn't take Rafael's family into that typhoon—it was Dartz who led the ship astray. In horror, Rafael demands to know why. Dartz says that he watched Rafael master Duel Monsters at a young age, but he needed to unlock Rafael's inner fury. It was the only way to make sure he was strong enough—after all, he had the three Legendary Dragons to contend with. And frankly, Rafael's life was just too perfect. So Dartz made some adjustments. (Japanese Dartz tells Rafael that his destiny was decided from the start—Dartz just pushed it along a bit. He needed all of them, pawns to match the Legendary Dragons and the chosen duelists.)

Yami warns Rafael not to listen to Dartz (Japanese Yami shouts at Dartz, asking him what he's done), but Rafael is furious, telling Dartz everything is his fault. Dartz took him from his family. Dartz says he needed Rafael's agony, and his thirst for revenge. (Japanese Dartz says Rafael's family is nothing compared to Doma's cause.)

Rafael screams in rage, activating his Duel Disk. Guardian Eatos rises behind him, and the Seal of Orichalcos appears in Rafael's forehead. Dartz laughs as the Seal forms around Rafael. Tristan exclaims, it's the Seal of Orichalcos! Téa says she didn't see anyone play that card. The Seal also appears on Eatos' forehead, and her sword glows. Yami tells Rafael to control his anger, but Dartz says the Orichalcos lives within him and can never be extinguished. There's no turning back now. Eatos' sword suddenly blasts forth streams of energy, and Rafael screams as the Seal shrinks around him. Then the Seal disappears, and he falls, his soul captured by the Orichalcos. Tristan, Téa, and Mokuba run to his fallen body, as his form appears in one of the stone carvings. (Soulless Rafael's eyes are closed in the US version.)

Another soul, another step closer to awakening the great beast, Dartz says, laughing. (Japanese Dartz says this is proof that the darkness in humanity's heart won't vanish.) Yami tells Dartz this ends now, and Dartz says he's right. Dartz draws, saying that once he plays this card, Yami and Kaiba's fate will be sealed. The Seal of Orichalcos is about to become even stronger. It's time to experience the third level of darkness. Dartz plays the card, Orichalcos Tritos!

To Be Continued

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