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Episode 180: A Duel with Dartz, Part 4 (Oreikalkos' Third Seal)

Holding a card aloft, Dartz says it's time to reinforce the Seal with its most powerful layer yet—Orichalcos Tritos! A third layer forms around the Seal of Orichalcos, as Yami asks, how could the Seal possibly get any stronger? Dartz says they're dealing with a force greater than the darkest shadows, and older than time itself. His life points increase to 18,500 due to the effect of Orichalcos Deuteros. The gang gasp, Téa saying that his life points are out of control.

Then, Dartz uses Orichalcos Malevolence's special effect to switch Kaiba's Different Dimension Dragon into attack mode. He tells Kaiba he's afraid it's goodbye. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the gang, with Anzu saying that once Orichalcos Diabolos attacks, and Mokuba continuing, his brother's life points will be...)

As Dartz is about to attack, Kaiba activates his set magic card, Shrink, to cut Orichalcos Malevolence's attack in half. But the third layer of the Seal destroys Kaiba's magic card, and Dartz tells them that, thanks to Orichalcos Tritos, magic and trap cards are useless against him. (Japanese Dartz says that magic and trap cards are useless against his monsters, which is not quite the same thing.) Yami thinks, Dartz is right—each layer of the Seal is more powerful than the last. If they don't think of something soon, Kaiba will lose the duel—and his soul.

Dartz continues his attack. But Yami activates his Ambush trap card, allowing him to sacrifice Big Shield Gardna and transfer its defense points to Different Dimension Dragon's attack points. Téa says that the Pharaoh sacrificed his own monster to save Kaiba, and Tristan adds that rich boy owes him big time. (Japanese Anzu says Twilight Zone Dragon's attack has increased, and Honda says it's greater than Dartz's monster.) Different Dimension Dragon's attack is raised to 4000, and Orichalcos Malevolence is destroyed. But the damage is absorbed by Kyutora. Yami thinks that no matter how powerful their monsters are, Dartz's life points are safe, as long as Kyutora's on the field.

Dartz asks Yami if his dueling partner is really worth that much to him—he just gave up his only defense to save him, leaving his life points wide open to a direct attack. (Japanese Dartz says, so, the Pharaoh sacrificed his monster to save Seto—is this the power of their bond? But because he used his trap card, there are no monsters on the field to protect him. So Dartz will organize a reunion for him with his friends.) Dartz attacks Yami with the Mirror Knights (Japanese Dartz says that because of the third Seal of Orichalcos, the Mirror Knights cannot defy him), and Yami is struck by Yugi, then Mai, then Joey. Dartz asks how it feels—they're on his side now. Yami grimaces in pain. Finally, Mirror Knight Pegasus attacks. Yami raises his Duel Disk as a shield to intercept Pegasus' sword, and the Mirror Knight pauses before him.

Then, to Yami's surprise, Pegasus leans in and speaks, asking Yami to please tell him that he has the card Pegasus gave to him. (Japanese Pegasus asks Yami if he can hear him. Cut from the US version is this bit where Pegasus tells Yami to use the Nameless Card he gave him, and Yami says, Nameless Card?)

Yami remembers Pegasus' hologram telling him he's created an exclusive card just for him, and Tristan retrieving the card from the pot in Pegasus' game room. (This snip of the flashback showing Honda going to pick up the pot, and Haga and Ryuuzaki flying past him as they go for it, is cut from the US version.)

The card turned out to be completely blank, and Kaiba said it was worthless, but Yami wasn't so sure. (The bit where Tristan turns to the others to tell them the card is blank, Kaiba says it's worthless, and Yami says, not necessarily, is added to the US version.)

Now, Pegasus tells Yami that the card unlocks the secret of the Legendary Dragons.

Dartz shouts at Pegasus to attack, and Pegasus does. The gang watch as Yami is sent to his knees by the attack, and Kaiba orders Yami to get up. Yami struggles to his feet, telling Kaiba he'll be fine—and thanks for asking. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Yugi!" and Yami says he's all right.) Yami's life points go down to 1500.

Yami thinks, their life points are decreasing, while Dartz continues to grow stronger. He wonders what Pegasus meant by his card unlocking the secret of the Legendary Dragons. Could the card be the secret to defeating Dartz?

Dartz sets one card face down and ends his turn, telling Kaiba to go ahead and make his final move—with only 600 life points left, his time is just about up.

Kaiba knows that if he doesn't think of something quick, Dartz is going to win. (These shots of Kaiba looking at his deck are cut from the US version.)

He can't let that happen—not after everything that lunatic's put him through. He looks at Alister's carving on the wall, and remembers Alister telling him that his father, Gozaburo, took Alister's brother away from him. Then he remembers Dartz explaining that it was he, not Gozaburo, who was responsible for Alister's loss. (The flashback is changed in the US version. In the Japanese flashback, Kaiba remembers Amelda asking if he can really save his brother, and himself saying that he can, so Amelda says, then show him.)

Convincing Alister that Kaiba's family ruined his life was one thing, Kaiba thinks. But when Dartz bought out Kaiba's company, he crossed the line. He tells Dartz he refuses to end up like Alister. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that the future entrusted to him by Amelda, and his own path of glory, must not be destroyed here. He tells Amelda to open his eyes and observe what he does here.) Kaiba draws, then holds up his card, laughing. Whenever he's about to lose, he says, he draws exactly what he needs. And this time's no different.

Kaiba's Legendary Dragon appears on the field. It's Critius, Dartz says. Kaiba says that if he knows Yami's gaming strategies as well as he thinks he does, Yami's face-down card is Mirror Force. Yami agrees that it is, so Kaiba reveals Yami's trap, and merges the Fang of Critius with Mirror Force to form Mirror Force Dragon (2800 ATK). Yami asks what Kaiba plans to attack, and Kaiba says Yami knows as well as he does that there's no way they can win with those Mirror Knights on the field. Yami tells him no, but Kaiba insists they're just holograms. Dartz made them look like Yami's friends so he'd be afraid to attack, but Kaiba's not. (Japanese Kaiba tells Yami that if Yami's not able to cut off his relationship with the Mirror Knights, let him do it.) He orders Mirror Force Dragon to attack the Pegasus Knight.

Tristan wonders why Kaiba would attack the one Knight who still has his mirror shield, but Mokuba says Seto wanted the Knight to reflect his attack. Kaiba activates his dragon's special effect, absorbing the reflected attack, intending to send it back to destroy all four of the Mirror Knights. Yami tells him not to do it, and Téa wonders, if the four Knights are destroyed, will their souls be lost forever? Dartz says they're about to find out. (Japanese Dartz asks Kaiba how he can destroy his companions. Cut from the US version is this bit where Kaiba says he and Mokuba have already overcome the darkness at the bottom of their hearts, and arrived here.)

Kaiba insists he's not as gullible as the rest of these dorks. Dartz can't fool him with a couple of reprogrammed holograms—he invented this technology. (Japanese Kaiba says that now all there is in their hearts is the brightness of building their future. That's the only thing they need. He says if the Mirror Knights are true duelists, they won't mind vanishing here.) Kaiba orders Mirror Force Dragon to use its effect to attack Dartz's monsters. Yami steps forward, but Kaiba holds him back, telling him to relax. Yami calls out to Yugi, who smiles at him, telling him they'll be fine. Pegasus smiles at Kaiba, telling him he did it. (Japanese Pegasus says, "Kaiba-boy, thanks!" in English.)

The Mirror Knights are destroyed. But Dartz says he'll be fine. His Kyutora is able to absorb all the damage before it, too, is destroyed. Yugi sighs that at least his friends are safe. Kaiba says that Dartz has no monsters to protect him, but Dartz begs to differ. His Kyutora has another ability, he says. Whenever it's destroyed, it evolves.

Kyutora disappears in a bright blast of energy, and in its place a gigantic new monster arises, Orichalcos Shunoros. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Yami looks at Shunoros, and Dartz explains that Shunoros' attack strength is determined by the damage absorbed by Kyutora.)

Shunoros has an attack of 20,000! It can wipe them out in one strike, Yami says, and Dartz says he's absolutely right. But he has some more bad news. (Japanese Dartz asks why they're so surprised—it was their hatred that created Orichalcos Shunoros. Its attack strength will drop when it attacks.) Dartz activates Shunoros' special ability, and its right arm detaches, becoming Orichalcos Dexia. Its left arm likewise becomes Orichalcos Aristeros. Dartz explains that Dexia's attack is always 300 points higher than the monster it's attacking, making it the perfect sword. And Aristeros will intercept any of their attacks, returning it with a force 300 points greater than theirs, making it the perfect shield.

Yami thinks, not only is Dartz's monster more powerful than Kaiba's dragon, with Dexia and Aristeros on the front line, their attacks won't even get through.

Dartz activates his trap card, Martyr Curse, forcing one of his opponent's monsters to battle with one of his, canceling out any special effects his opponent's monster might have. With Mirror Force Dragon the only monster on Kaiba and Yami's side of the field, Dartz has only one choice. And, without its reflecting ability, Kaiba's dragon is defenseless. Dartz orders Orichalcos Shunoros to attack with its Photon Ring, and Mirror Force Dragon is sliced to pieces. (As usual, the scenes of the dragon being cut in half are obscured in the US version.)

Then the Photon Ring strikes Kaiba. As the gang watch in horror, Kaiba is thrown back against the Seal, then staggers forward as his life points are drained to zero.

Yami calls out to Kaiba, who weakly says that he's not done. He activates his trap card, Wish of Final Effort (Death Hope), transferring Mirror Force Dragon's attack points to Yami's life points, raising them to 4300. Then Kaiba falls to his knees, and Yami runs to him, holding him up, telling him to hold on. Mokuba tries to run to his brother, pounding on the Seal. Kaiba tells Yami not to screw up—he's fought too hard, so Yami can't lose this. Now win! he demands, and Yami promises that he will. (Japanese Kaiba says now he's repaid Yami what he owes him, and tells Yami to take revenge for him.) Then the Seal of Orichalcos contracts around Kaiba, and his soul flashes out, darting around the room to land on one of the blank carvings on the wall, where Kaiba's form appears.

Dartz laughs, telling Yami he's the "soul" survivor. Yami says Dartz disgusts him. (These shots of Dartz flicking his finger and Kaiba beginning to rise out of Yami's arms are cut from the US version.)

Then Dartz says he has what he needs, so they can have the rest of him, and Kaiba's soulless body is tossed out of the Seal to land on the floor beside the gang. (This shot of Kaiba's body sparking as it hits the Seal is cut from the US version.)

Mokuba kneels at his brother's side, begging him to open his eyes, his tears falling on his brother's cheek. Dartz tells him he's talking to an empty shell. His brother has donated his life force to the Great Beast. Weeping, Mokuba tells Dartz to give him back, but Dartz doesn't answer. (Japanese Dartz laughs.)

Then the temple begins to shake, and pieces fall from the ceiling. Yami asks, what's going on? Outside, Roland and the pilot also wonder as the island shakes.

A great darkness begins to engulf the entire Earth. Lightning flashes in New York, and in the desert, where Duke, Rebecca, and Professor Hawkins stand in the road beside the trailer. And under the ocean, the Great Leviathan roars.

Dartz asks if they hear that—due to Kaiba's generous donation, the Great Leviathan is almost ready. Mokuba demands that Dartz tell his lizard to spit out his brother, but Dartz orders him to silence. Behind him, an eye appears in the Seal, and waves of force flow from it, knocking everyone back. Yami shouts to his friends, who all lie unconscious on the floor. Dartz laughs, telling Yami he's all alone now.

Then Dartz tells Yami not to worry, his friends are fine. Dartz doesn't need weak souls. He just wanted to spend some quality time with the Pharaoh, one on one. Yami doesn't appreciate it, but Dartz goes on to say that he and Yami met five thousand years ago, when Yami was king of Egypt.

When the Battle of Atlantis ended, Dartz says, he thought the Great Leviathan was gone forever—until he met Yami. Yami asks, what does that evil creature have to do with him? (Japanese Dartz tells Yami that he's the reason the world will end. Yami asks if Dartz knows that he's lost his memory.)

Yami finds himself hovering over an ancient Egyptian city with Dartz on the Seal of Orichalcos. Dartz says it's the palace of the Pharaoh in the year three thousand, BC Inside the palace, Yami sees himself, with the priest who looks like Kaiba, facing a huge serpentine, winged monster. The priest steps forward, asking the Pharaoh to allow him to vanquish this intruder. (Japanese Priest Seto says this is the evil snake that destroyed the temple.) But the Pharaoh says he'll deal with it, and invokes his own beast—Obelisk the Tormentor! The god monster arises, and attacks the opposing monster with its Fist of Fury.

Yami asks why they're watching this, and Dartz says that it was on this very day that he first realized that the Great Leviathan would rise again, all because of Yami and the magic that he weaved. Once Atlantis was destroyed and the Leviathan was laid to rest, Dartz was forced to wander the world and wait. He couldn't destroy the world on his own—he needed power. That's where Yami came in. (Japanese Yami says, this duel... Dartz says, three thousand years ago, in ancient Egypt, the Duel Monsters were unsealed, brought out from the darkness within people. If people are trapped in darkness again, it will be like Atlantis ten thousand years ago, and allow the god of Orichalcos to rise and destroy the world.)

Now, the vision shows them the winged monster fleeing the palace, with the Pharaoh following him on horseback. Then Slifer the Sky Dragon appears behind him, to follow the intruder. People scatter as the Pharaoh rides through the streets—and one of them is Dartz, who observes the Pharaoh with interest. Dartz says that he sensed immediately that the Pharaoh's life energy was exactly what he needed. But the time wasn't right, so his wait continued.

Yami asks why Dartz didn't confront him back then, and Dartz explains that there was another individual then threatening to destroy the planet, and he was in Dartz's way. The vision now shows the Egyptian city smoldering in ruins, and Dartz continues that he knew his day would come—and it did. (Japanese Yami says that he's seen this vision through the Millennium Puzzle. Dartz continues that back then, those who were encompassed by darkness fought one another and destroyed everything. Then, three thousand years later, something shocking happened.)

The vision changes to the present day—to Yugi's bedroom, where he sits at his desk, putting together the Millennium Puzzle. Dartz says, five thousand years later, a naive young man unlocked the dark magic, and brought the return of the Shadow Games, and the rebirth of the Pharaoh and his rivals—Kaiba and Bakura. (Japanese Dartz says that Yami's cursed soul was resurrected.)

Yami says, so that's why Dartz has been targeting his friends. Dartz says that's right. Never before has he encountered such a powerful group of souls. Yami tells him he's sick, but Dartz says it was Yami who ushered in the age of the Shadow Games five thousand years ago, and nearly wiped out his whole kingdom. Yami says it's a lie, but Dartz says he saw it all—the way the Pharaoh conjured up creatures to do his bidding. Yami is evil, and there's no denying it. And soon he'll get what he deserves—when Dartz feeds his soul to the Great Leviathan, and completes the plan he started centuries ago! (Japanese Dartz asks Yami, why must he live again? There's only one answer. Yami must be the one who will put an end to human history. That's the destiny he bears. Yami says, what? Dartz says, Nameless Pharaoh, you are the source of the darkness within. Ten thousand years of history will end when the Pharaoh is sacrificed.)

To Be Continued

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