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Episode 20: Double Trouble Duel - Part II (Three God Combination! Gate Guardian)

Kaiba is on his way to Pegasus' castle to rescue Mokuba. He thinks that he's got to be on guard—Pegasus' goons are everywhere. But they won't stop him. He pulls out his locket again to look at Mokuba's picture. Mokuba's life's at stake, he thinks, and nothing's more important than his little brother. He recalls how, after their parents died, he promised always to take care of Mokuba, and he will. Mokuba's always looked up to him, and he won't disappoint him. Now now, not ever. (Japanese Kaiba says only, "Wait for me, Mokuba.")

The he hears a voice saying that it's the famous Seto Kaiba, searching for his little brother. (Japanese Saruwatari says, "It's been a long time, Seto-sama." According to the manga, Saruwatari was a spy sent to work for Kaiba Corp by Pegasus.) Kaiba turns, and sees Kemo stepping out from behind a tree. (Saruwatari is holding a gun in the Japanese version.)

(Cut from the US version is this scene in which Saruwatari walks over to Kaiba and puts his gun to Kaiba's head, saying it's too bad they have to meet again like this.)

(Kaiba drops his locket and puts up his hands, concealing a card in his palm. Saruwatari says he'll take Kaiba to Mr. Pegasus now, and Kaiba asks if he thinks he'll go with him.)

(Saruwatari says if Kaiba refuses, he'll have to use force. Kaiba tells him to try it, and grinning, Saruwatari says, "Die, then.")

(He's about to pull the trigger when Kaiba flips the card he's holding into the gun's cocking mechanism so that it can't fire. The card is Gyakutenno Megami, which means "Goddess of Reversal.")

(Kaiba twists the gun out of Saruwatari's hand, leaving him clutching his fingers in pain.)

(Then Kaiba retrieves his card, complaining that Saruwatari made him scar his rare card, and tosses the gun away.)

Kemo attacks, saying Kaiba's coming with him, but Kaiba elbows him in the gut, then flips him over his shoulder to the ground. He grabs Kemo by the collar and pulls him up, saying that, actually, Kemo's coming with him. Kaiba says Kemo's going to help him find Mokuba, and he'll start by getting Kaiba into the castle. (Japanese Kaiba tells Saruwatari if he tries anything like that again, he won't let him off so easily. Then he orders Saruwatari to take him to Mokuba.)

Back at the duel, Para and Dox acknowledge that Yugi and Joey stopped their Wall Shadow, but say that they're still ahead on life points. Joey says they're just getting started. (There's no dialog in the Japanese. The shots of the Paradox Brothers are changed to show them talking in the US version. In the Japanese, they're just standing there looking fierce.)

It's Joey's turn, and he draws, thinking that Axe Raider is the only monster he has on the field, and he needs to bolster their forces. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that Axe Raider alone isn't good enough to help Yugi.) So he summons his Flame Swordsman (1800 ATK), and moves him forward four of his allowed five spaces, and moves Axe Raider four spaces to join him. They stand with Yugi's Celtic Guardian, already on the field. Joey has already used Kunai with Chain's trap effect, but its equip effect is still working, so he uses it to power up Axe Raider by 500 attack points, to 2200.

Dox moves Labyrinth Tank forward seven more spaces, telling them that its futuristic weaponry will be too much for their archaic warriors. Soon it will be in range to attack. Para also reminds them of the trap still lurking on the field.

It's Yugi's turn, and he summons Dark Magician (2500 ATK), moving him forward five spaces to protect the other warriors. Dark Magician does an impressive flip through the air to land in front of the other monsters. Coooool, Joey says. Now the gang's all here. Their monsters are a team, Joey says, just like he and Yugi. Yugi agrees, saying that there's strength in numbers.

Para draws a card that pleases him, and the brothers do their own little celebratory acrobatic leaps. (Again, this sequence is added back to the US version.) The card is a magic card, Magical Labyrinth, which causes the walls of the labyrinth to shift. A wall comes up and separates Yugi's Dark Magician and Celtic Guardian from Joey's Flame Swordsman and Axe Raider. Para smiles, thinking that this should weaken his opponents. Dox adds that tag teams are only as strong as their weakest link—and the link that's about to break is Joey.

Worrying that now their strategy is blown, Joey draws. Yugi cautions Joey not to let them rattle him, and Joey agrees that he's got to keep calm. He moves his Axe Raider and Flame Swordsman four spaces through the maze toward the exit. But Axe Raider steps on the wrong space, activating the trap. (In the US, a spidery graphic was added to the square Axe Raider steps on.)

Para's landmine spider, Jirai Gumo, attacks Axe Raider. Joey calls out to him to fight back, but Para explains that the trap reduces Axe Raider to its original attack strength, 1700 points, so that Jirai Gumo's 2100 points are enough to destroy it. Joey loses 400 life points, taking him down to 1600. The brothers laugh and congratulate each other, while Tristan says Joey walked right into that one.

Then Dox moves the Labyrinth Tank forward seven more spaces, and sets a monster face-down in defense. Joey asks if he's going to tell them what it is, but Dox says Joey's got enough to worry about—the Labyrinth Tank is now in striking distance. It will be all over for Flame Swordsman next turn. (Note that in this shot of Dox's cards, the dubbers apparently forgot to change the Labyrinth Tank card to its US form—the attribute symbol and level stars are at the top, and the image is bordered all around by the purple background.)

(Compare the earlier shot from when Dox first sets Dungeon Worm. Also note that the Labyrinth Tank has a purple background in the Japanese version as well, even though it wasn't played as a fusion monster.)

Bakura says it doesn't look good, and Tristan agrees, it's a good thing Yugi's up next.

Yugi draws, and smiles. He plays the magic card, Mystic Box (Magic Box of Death). (The card has a slightly different image in the US version.)

Dark Magician is sealed in one of the boxes, and swords rain down on it, piercing the box. Dox thinks Yugi's gone mad, sacrificing his own monster, but Para tells him to look—another box has formed around Jirai Gumo. The sword-pierced box opens—and now it's Jirai Gumo inside. (This shot is changed in the US version to show the Jirai Gumo card being pierced by swords, rather than the monster itself.)

Dark Magician has changed places with Jirai Gumo, and is unharmed inside the second box, while Jirai Gumo is destroyed. Now Dark Magician is in place to attack and destroy Labyrinth Tank, and Dox is down to 1900 life points. Yugi says that together, he and Joey will overcome any obstacles in their way.

Meanwhile, Kaiba and Kemo have reached the entrance to the castle. Kaiba says that Kemo's got security clearance, and orders him to open the door. Kemo jokes that they should ring the bell, and Kaiba tells him to shut up and open the door now. Chuckling that nobody takes Pegasus by surprise, Kemo opens the door by placing his palm on a sensor. In his hall, Pegasus sips his wine, er, fruit juice, as his Millennium Eye glows gold.

In the dungeon, Mokuba looks at his locket with its picture of his brother, and asks Big Brother where he is.

Para draw and smiles. He holds Sanga of the Thunder, one of three elemental gods that control water, wind, and thunder. The other two are Suijin, god of water, and Kazejin, god of wind. These three cards can be combined to form the powerful Gate Guardian. Para plays the card face down, where it turns into a mysterious box, and ends his turn. (He appears to put his monster face down in attack position, which you can't do in the real game.)

Yugi wonders what could be in the box. Joey doesn't know, but says their guys will bust it open when they get there. Joey draws, then moves Flame Swordsman forward five spaces and ends his turn.

Thinking that he can't let them reach the end of the maze before he and Para have assembled all the pieces of the Guardian, Dox draws. He's in luck—it's Suijin, the water god. He plays it face down, and it also turns into a box on the field. Téa exclaims that it's another Chinese box, and Bakura wonders what the boxes could be.

Yugi has a bad feeling about those boxes. He senses something ancient and evil. The Millennium symbol on his forehead glows, as he thinks that he can feel a powerful, dangerous energy pulsing inside them. (Japanese Yugi thinks that the atmosphere is growing heavy. It's not the labyrinth—it's coming from those boxes.)

Dox thinks that they can't summon the gatekeeper yet, but they can still slow their enemy's advance. He flip summons the monster he'd previously placed in defense, Dungeon Worm (1800 ATK), and powers it up with Invigoration, raising its attack by 400 points, to 2200. The Dungeon Worm can burrow under the labyrinth, and it comes up under Yugi's Celtic Guardian and destroys it. (Joey says "No! My Celtic Guardian!" even though it's Yugi's monster.) Yugi's down to 800 life points.

Tristan protests that it's not fair—that monster can pop up anyplace. Téa says it's true, this field gives the Paradox Brothers' monsters all the advantage. The brothers agree. No one escapes their labyrinth.

Joey tells Yugi it's up to him. He's going to have to pull a winner out of his hat. Yugi says it's a great idea, and plays Magical Hats, hiding Dark Magician and Flame Swordsman so that the Dungeon Worm can't find them. Joey says that should confuse that slimy Dungeon Worm. Yugi agrees—since Dungeon Worm's attack is only 2200, while the Dark Magician's is 2500, if the Dungeon Worm chooses the wrong hat, it will destroy itself. With the Dark Magician lying in wait, they won't dare to attack.

Para says Yugi's plan isn't as foolproof as he thinks, and plays Monster Tamer (1800 ATK), which allows him to power up Dox's Dungeon worm by 600 points, to 2800, and control it during his turn. Now Dungeon Worm's attack is greater than Dark Magician's. Para uses Monster Tamer to command the Dungeon Worm to attack one of the Magical Hats, but fortunately for Yugi and Joey, it attacks an empty hat. Yugi knows that next turn, Dungeon Worm will attack again, and with only one empty hat left, the odds will be against them.

Joey has a plan. To everyone's surprise, he moves his Flame Swordsman out of his hat. Tristan wonders if Joey's gone nuts, but Joey says this time he knows what he's doing. He plays Salamandra, powering up Flame Swordsman's attack by 700 points, to 2500. Then he uses Flame Swordsman to attack the Dungeon Worm. Bakura points out that, not only does Salamandra power up Flame Swordsman, it negates the power-up Dungeon Worm got from Monster Tamer, so it's back down to 2200. Dungeon Worm is destroyed, and Dox is down to 1600 life points. Yugi congratulates Joey on a great move, while Téa and Tristan cheer.

Para warns Dox that he must draw the card they need, and Dox does indeed draw the third piece of the Gate Guardian, Kazejin. They do some more somersaulting and rhyming (but not in the Japanese), and Dox plays Kazejin. A third box forms on the field, and all three begin to rumble and shake. Joey asks what's happening, and Yugi says that this monster is in the class of Exodia. Everyone watches in awe as the huge monster, Gate Guardian, forms on the field.

The Paradox brothers say that Yugi and Joey can't possibly win against Gate Guardian. Yugi says that it has the strength of three monsters, and Joey says they'll never get out of this maze. Téa asks, now what can they do? Bakura says he doesn't know—this looks bad. But Tristan tells Bakura not to be so downbeat. If Yugi and Joey don't win, they'll never get out of this labyrinth. Bakura thanks him for cheering him up.

Joey says they're not giving up, but the Paradox Brothers say no one's ever gotten past the Gate Guardian. The gang will wander the labyrinth for all eternity! Joey says he and Yugi will take on anything they've got, and Yugi adds that he and Joey are a team, and nothing can beat them! (Japanese Yugi says that if the Meikyuu brothers can combine their power together, so can he and Jounouchi.)

Meanwhile, Kaiba's following Kemo through Pegasus's dungeons. Kaiba grumbles that he told Kemo to take him to Mokuba, not on a tour. Kemo says these tunnels are honeycombed throughout the entire island. Without him, Kaiba could get lost down here for years. Kaiba warns him not to get any ideas, but Kemo says he's much bigger and stronger than Kaiba. Kaiba only got the jump on him because he took him by surprise. (Japanese Saruwatari taunts Kaiba, saying Kaiba worries so much about Mokuba—he must really love his brother. Kaiba tells him to cut it out, but Saruwatari continues, saying that Seto and Mokuba always support each other, since their parents died when they were little. It's so touching....) So Kaiba grabs him by the collar and warns him not to try anything, or he'll drop him where he stands. Unworried, Kemo says since Kaiba puts it that way, nothing would please him more than to reunite Kaiba with his brother.

In his cell, Mokuba reminds Seto that he promised nothing would ever separate them. He remembers the orphanage, and how lots of families wanted to adopt Seto because he was a genius, but Seto refused to go without Mokuba. He promised Mokuba that nothing would ever split them up. Now Mokuba wonders if Pegasus will be too much for his brother. What if Pegasus has Seto, too? (Japanese Mokuba remembers Seto promising that they'd never be separated. He tells himself it will be all right, his brother will keep his promise. He and his brother won't be separated.)

Kemo stops, telling Kaiba this is as far as he goes. He steps on a switch in the floor that sets off an alarm, saying that if Kaiba wants to find his brother before reinforcements arrive, he'd better hurry. Kaiba pushes past Kemo and runs down the tunnel to find Mokuba.

Croquet comes to tell Pegasus that Kemo has reported that Seto Kaiba is in the tunnels. Pegasus says that once again, Croquet reports what Pegasus already knows. (Japanese Pegasus merely says he knows. It was all to be expected.) Croquet begs his pardon. Rising from the table, Pegasus says he can beg later, when he's punished. (Japanese Crocketts says he'll capture Kaiba and bring him to Pegasus. Pegasus says there's no need, and tells Crocketts to turn off the alarm, it's too noisy.) Then he walks away, saying that having Kaiba on the island wasn't his original plan, but perhaps he can turn this to his advantage—and his amusement. (Japanese Pegasus says he'll greet Kaiba personally.)

Mokuba hears Kaiba calling to him, and struggles to his feet. His brother his here! (Japanese Mokuba hears the alarm, and wonders if his brother is there.)

Téa and Tristan call out encouragement to Yugi, but Yugi doesn't have any monsters in his deck strong enough to attack the Gate Guardian. He plays two cards face down and ends his turn.

Para taunts Yugi, telling him he's wasted his turn. Then he orders Gate Guardian to attack Flame Swordsman. Joey says, this is it! (Japanese Jounouchi says there's nowhere to hide, and asks Yugi what to do.) Yugi braces himself for the attack.

To Be Continued

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