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Episode 21: Double Trouble Duel - Part III (Black Demons Dragon)

The Gate Guardian's attack is hurtling towards Joey's Flame Swordsman. Joey tells Yugi if he has any bright ideas, now's the time! But Yugi only grimaces at the approaching attack. Joey turns away, unable to look. Para gloats that their Gate Guardian conquers all!

But Yugi says, not this turn, and activates his trap card, Mirror Force, which reflects the Gate Guardian's attack back on itself. Para activates Gate Guardian's Squall Barricade effect to repel the attack, but Yugi points out that the attack was deflected onto Para's Monster Tamer. (Japanese Yugi says that Gate Guardian might be protected, but their other monsters on the field aren't.) It's destroyed, and Para's life points are reduced to 900. Téa congratulates Yugi and Joey, saying that if they keep this up, they'll be out of these caves in no time.

Meanwhile, back at the dungeon, Pegasus's goons have searched everywhere for Kaiba, but they can't find any trace of him. He couldn't have escaped, they decide, so they go to stand guard over Mokuba's cell, knowing Kaiba will show up there eventually. As they run off, Kaiba leaps down from where he's been hiding somewhere high on the wall, and takes off after them.

It's Joey's turn, but Yugi tells him not to make his move just yet. Yugi points out that the Gate Guardian was created by combining three different monsters, and that might be the key to defeating it. (This shot of Gate Guardian's legs and lower body, showing Suijin's nasty sharp teeth hanging down between his legs, is cut from the US version. The pan up Gate Guardian's three-part body starts from farther up and proceeds a little slower.)

Joey orders Flame Swordsman to use Salamandra to attack the midsection of the Gate Guardian, but the other sections rise to defend it, and Joey's attack fails. Dox tells Joey he wasted his turn.

Dox calls forth Gate Guardian's Tidal Surge attack, and water streams from its lower section to rush through the labyrinth. Bakura exclaims that Dox is using Gate Guardian's water elemental to flush out the entire maze—everything in its path will be attacked. The Magical Hats protect the Dark Magician, but Joey's Flame Swordsman is washed away in the surging waters. (Japanese Bakura also explains that Suijin's water attack reduces Flame Swordsman's attack by 300 points.) Para and Dox do their somersaults again (and, again, this is added back in the US version—it's not in the Japanese), and Dox says they've taken the lead. Joey says, for now. The score stands at Para 900, Dox 1600, Joey 1300, and Yugi 800.(Japanese Jounouchi says they almost made it.)

Yugi says the Gate Guardian may have dampened the field, but not their spirits! (Japanese Yugi tells Jounouchi that, no, this turn hasn't determined their loss. This shot of Yugi in the Japanese version is replaced by a shot of the maze, with Gate Guardian standing at the end.)

For his turn, Yugi sets a card face-down, and plays Summoned Skull (Demon Summon) (2500 ATK), saying that Joey's Flame Swordsman set the stage for Summoned Skull's attack. Tristan realizes that Yugi's planning to use the water as a conductor for an electrical attack. Para and Dox look on in horror as Summoned Skull's Lightning Strike attack sparks through floodwaters towards the Gate Guardian. (Another close-up of Gate Guardian's nether regions is cut from the US version.)

Dox attempts to activate the Gate Guardian's defenses, but Yugi flips over his trap card, Spellbinding Circle (Hexagram Curse), which he says was activated when the Gate Guardian's tidal surge attack reached Yugi's Magical Hats. Spellbinding Circle immobilizes the Gate Guardian, leaving it powerless to defend against Summoned Skull's attack, and reducing its attack by 700 points. Suijin is destroyed, and Dox's life points are down to 900. With the water elemental destroyed, the floodwaters dry up.

Para is sweating, but he insists that the Gate Guardian is only damaged, not beaten. He plays the magic card, Remove Trap, to destroy Spellbinding Circle, freeing Gate Guardian.

It's Joey's turn, and as he draws, Yugi smiles at him, thinking that Gate Guardian may be unbeatable by any monster, but not by their teamwork. Joey summons his Red-Eyes Black Dragon (2400 ATK), and Yugi activates Polymerization to combine the Red-Eyes with his Summoned Skull, forming the Black Skull Dragon (Black Demons Dragon) (3200 ATK). Joey says Gate Guardian isn't so unbeatable now, and Yugi says, let's see the labyrinth stop him!

But the Paradox brothers laugh, suddenly coming up with a rule they hadn't gotten around to mentioning before: the labyrinth is a no-flying zone. And since Black Skull Dragon can only move by flying, it's trapped on the other side of the maze where it can't reach the Gate Guardian. Yugi says not to worry, he has a plan. Joey was hoping Yugi'd say that! (Japanese Jounouchi says, "I made a mistake! What do we do?" and Yugi says, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." Jounouchi is quite relieved, and thanks Yugi.)

Dox draws, and says that with this next card he'll trash Yugi and Joey's team. The brothers spin around some more (not in the Japanese), then Dox plays Riryoku (Force), a magic card which allows him to take half of his opponents' life points and add them to his creature's attack points. (The real card allows the player to decrease one monster's attack points by half, while increasing another monster's attack by the same amount.) Yugi's life points go down to 400 and Joey's to 650, while the Gate Guardian's two remaining sections' attack points rise to 3050 and 3000. Tristan says that's like cutting their chances of winning in half! Luckily for them, Dox says, using this card ends his turn. But next turn, they'll use Gate Guardian's new powers to win once and for all!

Joey clenches his fist and growls in frustration, but Yugi reassures him that he still has his plan. Yugi draws, then brings his Dark Magician out of the Magical Hats and back into the maze, moving him six spaces forward and out of the labyrinth. Para calls Yugi a fool, saying Gate Guardian is right there waiting to attack. Joey's worried, but Yugi says to trust him. Then Yugi plays Reborn the Monster.

Dox says it doesn't matter which of his monsters Yugi revives, it won't do him any good. Para orders Gate Guardian to attack the Dark Magician without waiting to see what monster Yugi has revived (or for Yugi to end his turn, for that matter, which is not only rude but against the rules). Turns out Yugi has resurrected Suijin, and uses its tidal shield to protect the Dark Magician. The brothers are stunned to see their monster standing on Yugi and Joey's side of the field. Joey tells Yugi that that was the play of the game, and Tristan heaves a sigh of relief, saying that was a close one. Bakura says that now the question is, can they follow through?

Para and Dox say Yugi's luck's about to run out. Yugi says that's fine, but in the meantime, it's Joey's turn. Joey thinks that Yugi started their comeback, but now Joey's got to keep it going. And Yugi thinks that Suijin bought them some time, but not a lot of it. It's up to Joey to keep them in the duel, and Yugi knows he won't let them down.

Joey draws Copycat (Mimic Illusionist), a monster that copies one of the opponent's cards. He stares at it for a moment, then gets an idea. Quite pleased with himself, he uses it to copy Riryoku, and steals half of the brothers' life points to power up the Black Skull Dragon. (The real Copycat takes on the attack and defense points of one of the opponent's monsters. Its own attack and defense are zero, not zero and 100 as shown on the card, and its level is 1, not 5. It hasn't been released in the US except in the videogames.)

The brothers' life points both go down to 450, while Black Skull Dragon's attack rises to 4000. Yugi congratulates Joey on a great move. But Dox says there was no point in powering up the dragon, since it's still forbidden to fly, and can't move in the maze. If Joey were smart, he'd have used it to power up Suijin—that's what Dox is attacking.

Dox orders the Gate Guardian to attack Suijin. Suijin's tidal wave defense saves it once, but the Gate Guardian attacks separately with each of its sections, and the second attack destroys Suijin. Téa wonders what happened, and Bakura explains that Suijin is only allowed to use its Tidal Wave defense once per turn.

But Yugi says he planned all along for them to destroy Suijin, to distract them while he uses his Monster Replace magic card to switch the Dark Magician with the Black Skull Dragon. (The real card is Shift, and it's a trap card that changes the target of the opponent's effect or attack to another monster on your own side of the field.) Now the Black Skull Dragon stands outside the labyrinth, with enough power to destroy the Gate Guardian. Yugi orders it to attack, and its Molten Fireball attack destroys the Gate Guardian, wiping out both Para and Dox's life points, and winning the duel.

Tristan, Téa, and Bakura celebrate Yugi and Joey's victory. Now, they both have the ten Star Chips they need to enter Pegasus's castle.

But Para and Dox laugh. One more test remains before the gang can escape from the labyrinth.

Back in the dungeon, Kaiba sneaks up on Pegasus's goons, knocking them out with a few well-placed karate chops. (The keys, which Kaiba has taken from one of the goons, are removed from Kaiba's hand in the US version.)

He runs to Mokuba's cell, where Mokuba jumps to his feet, clutching his locket and saying that he always knew Seto would rescue him. (Cut from the US version is this flashback of young Mokuba and Seto playing chess together, with the voice-over of Seto promising that they'll always be together.)

Then Mokuba tries to reach Kaiba (Japanese Mokuba says he didn't give the key to anyone), only to be stopped by his chains. Kaiba tells Mokuba to stay still while he picks the locks, and he kneels before the cell door. (Japanese Kaiba starts to unlock the door with the keys he snatched from the guards.) But then he hears Pegasus' voice behind him, and turns to see Pegasus applauding his efforts to rescue his brother. (This scene continues on in the Japanese version, with Pegasus saying that if he'd known Kaiba was coming, he'd have prepared a better welcome for him, and Kaiba saying that Pegasus doesn't need to worry about him. Some of these shots are moved to later in the US episode.)

Para and Dox remind Yugi and Joey that they still must choose a door to get out of the labyrinth. Yugi asks which one of them is guarding the door that leads out of the tunnels, and they both say that theirs is the way out. Téa asks why they can't just give them a straight answer, but both brothers insist they are telling the truth. Yugi says they can't believe either one of them, and Tristan wonders if anyone has any bright ideas. Joey says he does, but no one takes him seriously. (Japanese Honda asks Jounouchi what he thinks. Jounouchi asks if they think he'd know anything about it, and everyone shakes their heads. Jounouchi asks Yugi what they can do.)

Yugi holds up two coins, each marked with the symbol for one of the two doors. He holds one coin in each hand, and says that the coin he keeps in his fist will be the door that he chooses.

In the dungeon, Kaiba faces Pegasus, who says he knew that Kaiba would come for Mokuba eventually. Kaiba asks if Pegasus also foresaw what he's going to do to him for harming his little brother. But Pegasus isn't worried, predicting that Kaiba won't lay a finger on him. He looks at Kaiba through his long hair, his Millennium Eye glowing.

Yugi holds up his hands, looking back and forth from fist to fist. Then he opens one hand, and shows the coin with Dox's door marked on it. The other coin is the one he's chosen. The brothers laugh, drawing out the suspense, then finally say that Yugi's choice is wrong. Dox's was the right one.

But Yugi says if he'd picked Dox's door, then Para's door would be the right one. The brothers can change which door leads to which path, insuring that he'll choose the wrong one. (This shot of Yugi from over Para and Dox's shoulders is overlaid with a sparkly shot of the maze in the US version.)

Joey protests that they cheated, but they say too bad. Yugi's already chosen a way. But then Yugi shows them the coin in his other hand, also marked with Dox's symbol. He'd marked the second coin with both symbols, so he couldn't lose. Dox's door opens, and they're off to Pegasus' castle.

Meanwhile, Kaiba says he should take Pegasus down right now. Pegasus says not to be ridiculous—he's the only one who makes threats in his own dungeon. (These are the shots that were moved here from earlier in the Japanese episode.) His Millennium Eye shines out, and Mokuba is left lying senseless on the floor of his cell. (Cut from the US version is this close-up of blank-eyed Mokuba lying on the floor.)

Kaiba demands to know what Pegasus has done, and Pegasus holds up a card with Mokuba's picture on it, explaining that he's sealed Mokuba's soul in a prison where the locks can't be picked. (The writing on the card in the Japanese version says Tamashii no Rougoku, the Soul's Prison.)

In order to win Mokuba back, Kaiba must beat him in a duel. Kaiba is willing to duel right on the spot, but Pegasus says Kaiba must first earn the privilege of challenging him by beating Yugi in a duel. If Kaiba can't win against Yugi, Mokuba's soul will remain imprisoned forever!

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